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I mean the answers for the routes, as in a walkthrough, please.

I didn’t write down my choices but I found this walkthrough online. It’s in Japanese but very straightforward. Follow the【恋愛】choices to get to the Love Ends and follow the【宿命】choices to get the Fate Ends. Hope this helps :)

Meaning of where you kiss

Kiss on the hand = I adore you.

Kiss on the cheek = I just want to be friends.

Kiss on the chin or on nose = You are cute!

Kiss on the neck = I want you.

Kiss on the lips = I love you.

Kiss on the ears = Let’s have some fun.

Kiss on the arm = falling in love

Wrist = desire “I want to hold you recklessly”

Back of the hand = respect and affection

Palm = plead

Fingers = admiration

Stomach = return to you

Kiss anywhere else means… You’re the best.

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*whispers*.... you were under the mistletoe... so I must kiss you... now accept it.... accept my love.... *kiss*...... Merry Christmas anime nerd

Merry Xmas !
*kiss and hug*

(First time an anonymous send something, thanks)