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This turned out way longer than a drabble. Sorry! D:

TW: None~
Pairing: SetoSolace!

Seto thinks his life kind of resembles a teen musical. In the very least, that tv show… joy or glee or whatever. It just doesn’t seem like something that would happen in real life!

His group of friends - majority of which are guys in the football team - want him to go to the rival school to spy on their practice sessions. Which, in hindsight, I shouldn’t have taken seriously, Seto thinks. His friends are also notorious jokesters, but… with a deep exhale, he goes with it anyway. Not much to lose, he can just magick his way out of any trouble. The thought makes him seize up and start listing all the different spells he can use to get out of his situation, it makes him freeze so much that he’s probably already bumped into a few people because of it.

“You alright?” someone asks him, and he remembers where he is now. He’s not in M. Notch Academy. He’s in St. Zoya’s. He’s not wearing navy blue and bright red, he’s wearing deep violet and grey-green. Must blend in, it repeats over and over in his head like a mantra.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay,” he murmurs, though the person who asked him must have left ages ago now. The magic-user closes in on himself, head down, the only thing on his mind the directions to the football field.

When Seto arrives, practice hasn’t started yet. There are already people stretching or jogging or whatever athletic thing it is athletes do before these kinds of things, and he tries to keep himself hidden in their stands. It just feels so wrong being somewhere he isn’t allowed to be, but at the same time, there’s some small part of him that’s saying that he needs to be here. Right here, right now. Sounds a bit like a cliche movie line, now, he snorts. 

As the minutes tick on, the temperature rises along with the sun in the sky, causing him to shrug off the borrowed blazer onto the bleacher below him. Speaking of the sky, he thinks of his friends now. Maybe they’re wondering where he is, or they’re laughing because they couldn’t believe how gullible he is. His once-peaceful expression twists into a frown. Too caught up in his thoughts, Seto doesn’t notice the new person sitting beside him.

“So,” the intrusion of a new voice makes him nearly jump a foot in the air, a deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression on his face. “I haven’t seen you around here before,” because Seto’s been looking at his lap, at his twiddling fingers the whole time, he sees the person from bottom to top. Tan skin, thin shirt soaked with sweat, the mostfuckingbeautiful clear blue eyes he’s ever seen, a friendly face, and tousled blonde hair on top.

Seto has to open and close his mouth a few more times before his voice decides to make itself known. “Um, I-I-we just moved here…?” it comes off more like a question than a statement, and it makes the stranger laugh. “I mean, we just moved here, and my parents wanted me to see what all the schools had to offer. By myself… yeah.”

The stranger’s eyebrows raise. “Interesting,” because he’s paying more attention, he can recognise the foreign accent - British? Australian? - and he’s paying more attention to the other parts of him as well. “Well, if you need any help, you can just look for me,” stranger smiles, and tilts his head to the direction of the field. “Or my brother, if you can notice the difference.”

“Difference?” Seto asks with a furrowed brow.

“Wow, you really are new here,” the guy says. “I’m Brice, I’m in the lacrosse team, and my twin, Kynan’s on the football team,” at the word, the magic-user’s eyes widen. Twins. Wow.

He nods, slowly accepting the fact. “Um, okay… I guess I can do that. Yeah,” he directs his eyes on the field. He doesn’t want to seem to obvious, but he’s also seeing nothing as his brain is still trying to accept the fact- oh, there’s his twin. Okay. That… that’s a thing.

“So what brings you to our side of Minecraftia, stranger?” blonde guy- no, Brice asks.



“Sorry, forgot to introduce myself, my name’s Seto.”

Seto swears he isn’t looking, but Brice huffs amusedly and he sort of melts at that. “Okay then, what brings you to our side of Minecraftia, Seto?” It gives him barely enough time to remember his supposed backstory, but he manages.

“Dad’s business. We move around a lot,” short, clipped, to the point, don’t give too much away.

“Ah. We know the feeling.”

They stay there like that for a while, with Brice asking him questions, Seto answering, and sometimes it’s the other way around, but Brice is looking at Seto and Seto is pretending to watch the team play. It continues for an hour or so, until his phone rudely rings and interrupts them.

“Oh, crap,” Seto says once he reads out the text. “I’m sorry, I have to leave,” he’s standing up and giving Brice a half-smile - is that a disappointed look in the blonde’s face? holy crap - and taking his bag and his blazer and cleaning up to leave. He doesn’t know when he’s coming back, but he won’t mind a second time.

“It was nice meeting you,” he says after the longest period of silence he’s had the displeasure of having. He gives a polite nod out of habit and walks out of the field.

“It was nice meeting you too, Seto!”

And there’s that warm fuzzy feeling in his chest again. Damn, and he thought he was rid of those butterflies already.

Left out

Very rarely do I hear setos name, I mean seriously hes part of tc to yet when I see fanart on tc, again I rarely see Seto drawn. ;-; I think our ardorable little sorcerer deserves more subs and credit. I think hes a great person and really funny! He by far is my favoritest tc member in the whole fucking fandom, every seto fan should express more instead it seems like setos fanbase is hiding in the shadows. WELL I SAY YOU SHOULD COME OUT AND MAKE SETOS NAME HEARD! I KNOW MORE OF SETO FANS ARE OUT THERE! COME OUT AND GIVE SUPPORT TO OUR SORCERER


My snapchat is stoleatardis. You’re cute Skye, but not Mitch :(

This is to our beloved friends, Skye, also known as stoleatardis or ‘thecanadianone’ and to, Eva, who we didn’t get to talk to for very long but still enjoyed her just as much. If you didn’t know already, these two have left DTC for personal reasons we won’t share, and this is our goodbye post to them.

There are no ill feelings between us, we’re still friends with both Skye and Eva and that won’t change. They just won’t be posting on the blog anymore, that’s it. 

We love you Eva and Skye and wish you two the best of luck in your endeavors. <3

“You little fucker,” he could Brice murmur. Involuntary, he clutched the paper closer to himself, his eyes squeezed shut so hard that it actually hurt.

Brice’s footsteps echoed in the library, getting closer and closer, until he could feel the blond’s strong arms…

Hugging him?

His confused and blurred with tears eyes flew open. He blinked the tears away, a strangled, confused, noise coming out of his mouth.

“You little fucker,” Brice whispered again, squeezing the Sorcerer closer to his chest. “You had me fucking worried, you bastard.”

Seto sobbed again, his thin arms circling around Brice’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled out.

Mirror’s Edge- Chap. 5

For Kuru’s fic, I couldn’t resist the urge. It was so sweet and feelies… AH SORRY FOR THE COLORING I COULDN’T FIND MY COLOR PENCILS AND FINE-POINT MARKER SO ITS IN SHARPIE SO SORRY