Azula had been playing by the turtleduck pond.  The problem with water was that it had many meanings besides its literal form.  One of the things it could represent was a portal.  Considering how water meant change, that made sense.  Azula stood up when she heard her mother calling for her, but she tripped over her own feet and fell into the pond.  Unfortunately, when she hit the water, she fell not only through the surface of it but all the way through into the spirit world.  When she brought her head back above water and looked around again, she wasn’t in the palace gardens any more.  She was in a thick, scary looking jungle, thick with spirit energy.  Her eyes widened and she got out of the pond quickly, shivering as she looked around.

“Hello?  Can anybody hear me?  Where is this?  How do I get home?” she asked, trying (and failing) to not sound as frightened as she really was.