kuru draws


I’ve had some sketches for the magical girl project laying around on my desktop for months and taking space. Since it looks like the project won’t be going anywhere any more I thought I’d just slap some colour on them and call it a day. There’s also some Kazumi Magica and Precure characters but they’ll be their own post.

Sailor Mercury, Amulet Heart & Kuru Kuru Hime. Pose ref from Anastasia-berry.

“What have you done to X-Ray, you maniac?!” Vav cries.
The Mad King’s responce is a heavy laugh, one tinted deeply with sadistical enjoyment. “I didn’t do anything. Only pushed the boy in the right direction.” There’s a dangerous glint to his eyes and he calls out, “Rose, why don’t you show Vav what he did to you?”
From the shadows steps out a figure, almost unindentifyable in the new costume. X-Ray is done up in a tuxedo and the wind makes his new, red cape flutter. His x-ray googles are nowhere to be found, either.
“X- X-Ray?” Vav stutters out. He refuses to believe this is X-Ray. The man is looking at him with apathetic eyes, yet a fire burns somewhere deep down, one of pure hate.
“I am not X-Ray. Not anymore.”

have you heard?