10 things that makes me love Chris Colfer ( no particular order )

1. because his is genuine, humble & sweet


2. because he become inspiration to me & a lot of peoples 

3. because of his great achievement

4. because of his amazing talent in singing,acting, writing & etc.

5. because of his face 

6. because of his smile & his laugh

7. Because of his witty & smart comment add with his humor & sarcasm in every interview

8. his ass (im not even sorry stating that)

9. because of the way he dance

10. He is freaking Christopher Paul Colfer 

Just remember Kurt fans

Finn Hudson loved Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson respected Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson admired Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson made Kurt Hummel feel awesome:

Finn Hudson Was incredibly supportive of Kurt Hummel:

Finn Hudson was Kurt Hummel’s friend:

Finn Hudson was Kurt Hummel’s brother:

Finn Hudson was the only person to call Blaine out on his sh*t for hurting Kurt:

He also called Rachel out on her sh*t when she screwed things up for Kurt at the school election:

BTW he also chose Kurt Hummel over Rachel:

Finn Hudson thought Kurt Hummel was Awesome/Amazing/Perfect just the way he is:

And if he were still alive..:

..he would would stand by Kurt Hummel because he truly cared about him:

I am so sorry to all the Kurt fans going through so much crap with Glee’s destructive/unfortunate return. You all deserve better for a character you’ve all grown to love, respect and believe in more than anything. I see that you all feel so alone, sad and angry just as he seems but remember this…Kurt Hummel did have at least one friend in the end of it all. A terrible tragedy took that special friend away forever but never forget Finn Hudson was his friend and he had his back til the very end and now he is watching over his little brother. 

Here’s one last Furt hug from me to you.


anon asked: #19 with Klaine … having a wet dream and calling the other’s name during it (nc-17)

By the time Blaine gets his literature essay done, it’s well past three in the morning.

He wearily shuts down the library computer and flicks off the desk light. There are a couple of other students still up studying, but by now—a Sunday night—most of the other last-minuters have retreated to bed.

He blearily makes his way to his dorm room, rubbing his eyes hard and eternally grateful that he doesn’t live off-campus, especially in the craziness that is the last week before finals. There had been talk of him and Sam getting an place together somewhere, but then Sam had booked a gig which took him to Europe for five months and they gave up on that idea. The idea of living in a little shoebox apartment in the middle of busy New York City was only really an appealing one if there was someone else there with him.

He sneaks inside quietly, setting his bag down and stripping out of his jeans and sweater. He accidentally knocks a deodorant can off his desk, banging onto the wooden chair with a loud clang, but his roommate simply rolls over and smacks his lips a little, still asleep.

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au based off this post in which kurt and blaine have been best friends all their lives and now live as roommates in the nyc loft together (minus rachel). smut then a little bit of fluff. ~1.4k, NC-17

“Kurt, oh my God–”

Blaine squeals as Kurt’s long fingers attack his sides, falling onto his ass on the bed and squirming away from his best friend.

“You challenge me, Anderson, you get your ass whooped.”

Blaine bounces backwards away from him, trying to escape Kurt’s hands, but Kurt follows him onto the bed, hair flopping onto his forehead with a wide grin. Blaine laughs, grabbing a pillow and whacking Kurt’s shoulder with it, but Kurt easily wrestles it off him and throws it on the floor.

“No playing dirty,” he threatens, swinging a knee over Blaine’s wriggling legs and pinning them down, “or you’ll see what my fingers can really do.”

Blaine huffs out a laugh, but for a second there’s a charged moment between them, neither missing the undertone of what those words could really mean. Then Blaine giggles and tries to wriggle away again, shoving at Kurt’s thigh in an effort to throw him off.

Kurt raises an eyebrow dangerously and grabs Blaine’s wrist, smirking as he plants it on the sheets beside Blaine’s head. He tries to writhe away, but Kurt’s got him pinned down too hard, biting his lip with a teasing smile as the fingers of his other hand continue to dance down Blaine’s ribcage.

“Aaah, Kurt!” Blaine laughs, swatting at his hand, but then Kurt grabs that one too, pushing it down onto the bed on the other side of his head.

Blaine stops wriggling, his heartbeat speeding up. Kurt is propped up directly over him, straddling his thighs, chest still heaving from the effort of their tickle fight. He catches Blaine’s gaze and smirks at him. “You asked for it, Anderson.”

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It’s been months since Kurt and Blaine have managed to go on a date. 1.6k, NC-17. Vaguely 6x13 reaction fic.

“Are you sure you put enough diapers in?”

“I gave her a new boxful. They can keep any left over at theirs for the future.”

“You fed her before taking her over, right?”

“Yes, Blaine. And I gave Rachel the schedule you printed out. Hopefully she’ll have her down by seven.”

“Does she know about burping her?”

“She came to the parenting classes with us, Blaine. And I’ve written a list.”

“What about bathing her?”

“Also on the list. I took the tub over too so she doesn’t have to do it in the sink.”

“Oh God. What if–”

“Blaine.” Kurt stops at a traffic light and turns to look at his husband. Blaine is bouncing up and down in his seat, fingers tight around his phone as Kurt’s sure he’s resisting the urge to call or text Rachel to make sure everything is okay. “Rachel is Hep’s mother. She knows what she’s doing. Relax.”

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Summary: Blaine wakes up before Kurt. In more ways than one.

A/N: because ems wanted early!klaine getting off together *u*

Perhaps it was a bit lame to tell Mercedes and Tina that they couldn’t go to the mall after school because they were going to nap.

It’s just that after a long week of classes and dancing and singing, all he really wants to do is curl up beside Kurt and wake up beside Kurt.

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Fic: Attracted

anon prompted:  K and B are strangers and one day they keep stumbling upon each other during their journey: lending an umbrella, keeping the elevator door open for the other, both in line for coffee at the same cafè, etc. It might seem like one is suspiciously following the other, but actually they have the same destination, an audition, only one of them is the casting director and the other is the person auditioning :):)

~1400 words, PG (minus an f-bomb), fluffy as hell.

The words just slipped out as Kurt glanced up at the sky, feeling a raindrop pelt him square in the eye.

“Oh, fuck.”

“Not expecting the storm?” an unfamiliar voice asked. Kurt turned his focus back to the street to see a cute, kind-looking man in a green cardigan and fitted slacks smiling at him sympathetically.

“No, and I don’t even have an umbrella back in my apartment,” Kurt said, rolling his eyes at his own stupidity. “It’s been on my list of things to purchase, but somehow, something else always takes precedence.”

“I know how that goes,” the man said, large hazel eyes sparkling with understanding. “Here.”

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megan prompted “DOCTOR BLAINE” and then ems added “blaine first getting his doctor’s coat and having to get it professionally tailored because he’s far too tiny” so that’s basically what this is

They’re just starting on the ninth episode of season four of The Vampire Diaries—which Blaine will never admit he let Kurt seduce him into watching, and subsequently got him addicted to, thank you very much—when there’s a knock on the door.

He glances at his husband, bemused, before reaching forward to pause the show. “Are we expecting anything?” he asks.

Kurt shrugs and glances at the empty pizza boxes on the nightstand. “Unless they forget to bring us extra garlic sauce, I don’t think so.”

Blaine extricates himself from Kurt’s legs and shuffles off the bed, sliding on his slippers. “No watching without me,” he warns, and goes to open the door.

Their visitor is an unassuming delivery man, burdened with Fedex cap, clipboard, and a black plastic package. “Uh—Hummel-Anderson residence?” he asks, checking his list.

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Can I just say something?

If Chris Colfer, a beautiful, strong, gay man, will be silenced for the second year in a row, on the Trevor Project I’ll be very very pissed.

“Adam Shankman (who is directing the show), hasn’t decided exactly how he wants to weave Chris into the show. So he asked we list him as appearing. He may perform but he didn’t want to guarantee it just yet.”

Now, I won’t get my hopes up for Chris singing anymore, but just two simple things :

- If someone is put between the performers for a show it means someone have asked that performer to perform and that performer replied “yes”. Nobody put on advertisment something they don’t know about for sure. 
So stop saying bullshits as “Chris doesn’t want to perform”
It’s the same as saying “Chris doesn’t want to be shirtless” : we all have seen how much that wasn’t true (and we know it even on TFT);
- Chris is talking about singing, Broadway, albums etc for quite a big time now, so even if we haven’t seen him perform as Colfer yet, it doesn’t mean he is not ready or he doesn’t want to.

This isn’t about a big conspiracy, but really there are some strange coincidences in Chris Colfer’s life I really don’t like at all.
If Chris Colfer isn’t doing something for himself, or his fans aren’t supporting him, strangely the beloved media turns a deaf ear on him…

So if you are a Chris Colfer fan I really hope you’ll vote for him for PCA, because as you can easily see, we are all his strenght and his success.
I’ll vote on PCA for him , as a big fuck you to all this treatment and to thank him for all his hard work.

EDIT : This post is about Chris Colfer AND gay media.
Nothing else, nothing less.
If you want to read something else behind my words, please read the post again or go on scrolling your dashboard, because I assure you, you are wrong. Thank you for your time, your kindness and your cooperation :)

One hand, one heart

This was a huge day in Blaine’s life. He was getting married. He and Kurt had spent the previous night apart, Kurt had gone to his parent’s house and Blaine stayed in the apartment with Cooper. Blaine was incredibly happy but he did feel like something was missing. He knew that his parents weren’t going to come and he knew that Cooper had told them. His mother had texted him asking about it and he simply confirmed it. He didn’t really want them there because he knew that they were going to cause problems. He didn’t want that at all. Blaine wanted this day to be perfect for Kurt and for himself. He’d gotten dressed in the suit Kurt had made for him and he smiled, actually liking how he looked in it. He had been having issues recently because of his baby bump but in that suit, he felt comfortable. Everything was going so fast that he honestly didn’t remember even going to the court house at all but there he was, standing there holding Kurt’s hands in his own, waiting for Kurt to say his vows that he knew he’d been working on.