holding you closer than most / drabble

i’m holding you closer than most because you are my heaven

“I’m tired and exhausted and I just want to go home,” Blaine whispers, his chest falling and rising, and it seems that it’s working slower than the beat of the heart monitor beside his bed. His hand feels coarse, cold and rough in Kurt’s, and Kurt’s regretting his decision not to bring Blaine’s favorite lotion with him to the hospital today because he knows Blaine misses it.

It’s not the only thing he thinks Blaine is missing, though. He knows his boyfriend misses the comfort of his own bed, his own shower, real food, real hugs and everything under the sun. Kurt moves a stray curl out Blaine’s eyes–those beautiful, green eyes–and nods, fighting the urge to let the tears forming in his eyes fall. “You’ll be home soon, baby,” Kurt replies, his voice thick. “You’ll be home, and this’ll all be over in a flash.” His voice falters at ‘flash,’ his tone slightly piquing towards 'unsure’. But Blaine doesn’t catch it.

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