kurts coat

Imagine Charlie falling for you...

Imagine you’d been asked to guest star by Kurt Sutter in Sons of Anarchy.

You’d been looking forward to this day for months. Today’s the day you film for SOA with the ‘bikers of Charming.’ You’d watched the first season and you loved it so much already. It was an honour to be asked personally by Kurt, to be a guest star in a few episodes. 

You got onto the Teller-Morrow set and was greeted by Kim, Ron, Tommy and Theo. You chatted to them about how much you loved them and the show. They mentioned that a few of the main cast were delayed in traffic, such as Charlie, Ryan and Mark. But you didn’t mind you were enjoying yourself talking to them all.

A black Mercedes pulled up an hour later. You watched as Mark stumbled out of the car followed by Ryan then Charlie. You glared over at Charlie realising he is much more handsome in person. You giggled to yourself. You stood up as Mark strongly shook your hand, followed by Ryan. Charlie was left stood in front of you. “Hi”, you quietly greeted him. “A fellow British person on the show, I see.” he responded after hearing your accent. “Oh yes!” you chuckled. “Well, I’m Charlie pleasure to meet you.” he took your hand. “& I’m y/n. It’s an honour”. you respond with a posh British accent, jokingly. 

Your first scene was about to begin. You had a very emotional monologue to say. You had been practising for months to perfect your performance. You were ready for this. “Okay Y/N, are you ready?” the director looks your way. “I am indeed.” you replied with confidence. Behind the cameras in your view was Charlie and Kim. This scene consisted of you and Gemma as you had both been taken and raped by AJ Weston. You began acting. Your words flowed out so naturally and believable. Tears began to cascade down your face as you got further into your monologue. You caught eye contact with Charlie who was sat in a daze due to your performance. *gif* 

You were sat chatting to Katey about the scenes you’d just filmed, then she got onto the subject of Charlie. “Charlie was talking to Kim earlier about you. I don’t mean to spread any gossip but I am sure he likes you.” she merely whispers to you. You laugh at her obscure comment. “You are joking right? Why on earth would THE Charlie Hunnam like me?” “Well, I do..” a voice making you jump from behind. You swiftly turned your head to face him. “Do you fancy going out for dinner tonight?” he asked. “Erm, okay.” you answered beginning to blush. Was this really happening to you? Charlie Hunnam inviting you to dinner? With him?


Klaine one-shot - “Cozy Little Secret” (Rated PG13)

Kurt decides to take Blaine up on an offer to move in with him, but when Kurt shows up the next morning with his bags, Blaine starts acting more than a little suspicious.

What could he be hiding? (1865 words)

So, this AU assumes that Kurt and Blaine didn’t meet in high school, but when they were a little older and already in New York. I’d like to think this Blaine is more “Dalton Blaine if he didn’t switch to McKinley”. It is a re-write of another fic I wrote (for full disclosure).

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When Blaine opens the door to his apartment and sees Kurt standing in the hallway with his suitcase, he looks like he’s just seen his mother naked …

… which is not the welcome that Kurt was expecting.

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  • Reade, Tasha and Patterson scramble out of Kurt's apartment and make it downstairs. They stand on the sidewalk outside the building.
  • Tasha: I can't believe those two are finally gonna do it.
  • Reade: hopefully that will make things at the office more bearable. The UST was making it very uncomfortable.
  • Patterson: this is just amazing, you guys! Did you know they were totally making out two nights ago in Roman's cell before Secret Service picked Weller up?
  • Tasha: WHAT?! How do you know that?!
  • Patterson: I was rewatching the tapes, trying to find something on Shepherd.
  • Reade: and you watched them-
  • Patterson: it's not like there anything indecent in that!
  • Tasha: but still! It's Jane and Weller!
  • Patterson: *puts hands in pockets of coat* what the... *pulls out something* this isn't my coat.
  • Tasha: I was gonna say it looks a little too big on you... and masculine.
  • Patterson: this is Kurt's coat. I better take it back up to him.
  • Reade: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
  • Patterson: but it has his wallet in it.
  • Reade: they're probably naked by now.
  • Patterson: I can't just keep it...
  • Tasha: weeeeeeell...
  • Reade: well what?
  • Tasha: well, she did say his wallet was in there and technically he was supposed to have us over for drinks and dinner...
  • Patterson: Tasha we can't. It's not right.
  • Tasha: he was gonna pay for tonight anyway, were just making sure he keeps his word.
  • Reade: Tasha no.
  • Tasha: Tasha yes.
  • Reade: Tasha. No.
  • Tasha: Tasha. Yes! *grabs wallet from Patterson and runs down sidewalk*
  • Patterson: I mean she does make a valid point.

Tommy’s in just about every shot of this.

He’s everybody’s best friend.

Two-shot Fic: The Catch (Part 2 to The Chase)

PG-13 | Humor | Romance | Skank!Kurt | College AU

So, after The Chase, comes The Catch. Which is my clever way of saying this is the sequel to @notthetoothfairy‘s B-day fic some of you guys requested. Find part one on AO3 as well.

I hope you enjoy! This is quite possible the fluffiest ball of fluff I’ve ever written.

The Catch

Blaine tries not to show any external signs of nerves while he waits. He keeps his hands from wrangling, his feet from tapping, and his teeth from chewing on his lip. But he can’t stop his eyes from darting towards every vehicle that drives by or turns the corner. Kurt is so torturing him. He’s late. Okay, so he’s two minutes late, but it feels like it’s twenty, and Blaine is still a little afraid that he hallucinated Kurt’s declarations the morning before.

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