With You || Kadam fic rec

Title: With You

Author: Ladydreamer

Pair: Kurt/Adam

Word Count: 888

Includes: A few unfair thoughts to Blaine (although Kurt admits they are unfair), male pregnancy, a legal surgical procedure that some people feel morally against, emotional Kurt

Summary: Post 4x14. Shortly after Kurt gets together with Adam, he discovers that he’s pregnant, and doesn’t know who the father is.

anonymous asked:

I know you're having doubts but whatever you choose to do Blaine will support you, and I will too even though this is the first time I have any contact with you :)

Thank you, honey. I know he will and I’m just not sure how we’re going to get through this but I know, I just know we’re going to be fine at the end. I’m really mad right now but it’ll pass.