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Bitter Kurtofsky Shipper

The moment when you’re reading a Kurtofsky fic and you think “what the fuck is wrong in this world for people not realizing how much potential these two had? How beautiful their story could be and how helpful and moving?” I guess cheating and hair gel are more appealing but I still can’t understand how.

The Bitter Gleek Meme

It’s been two years since Glee ended, but maybe there’s still some feelings that you have all pent up inside. The last four seasons probably weren’t what you wanted them to be. Well now’s your time to put it out there and get those feelings off your chest.

  • Take your time - memes like this normally take some time, so if you’re gonna commit, prepare yourself for a few weeks, if not months to complete it. You can always break off early, or take a break for a bit.
  • Do it at your own speed.
  • Use any means you wish - text/fic/commentary, screencaps, picspams, gifs, art, videos, audio, etc.
  • If you do this meme, it’d be pretty cool if you could tag it with ‘BitterGleekMeme’, as I’ll be tracking that and keeping an eye out for anyone making things. But you don’t have to.
  • Reblog this post, so that others may become aware and join in if they want.
  • One break up that didn’t make sense at all
  • Two characters that vanished without a trace, never to be seen again
  • Three topics that RIB felt responsible to cover, but were covered horribly
  • Four relationships that deserved better (and what made it bittersweet)
  • Five outfits that didn’t fit the character wearing them (not including performance costumes)
  • Six plot points that ended abruptly without point or purpose
  • Seven songs that should’ve been cut shorter
  • Eight major character personality changes that were confusing and stupid
  • Nine songs that made no sense to the scene involved
  • Ten outfits that were ridiculous for a high school student to wear

We Can Be Heroes - Chapter V

Author: Camunki

Word Count: 6,393/27,292
SummaryMcKinleyopolis has always had two sides. Porcelain’s a Good Guy and The Fury is his arch nemesis. It’s that simple… right? [Superhero AU]

So…three years later, I update this fic? I was randomly inspired so I ended up finishing the next chapter. And as an apolpgy, there’s a bit of smut? 

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it’s laughable when some klainers actually think that people ship kurt with other characters that aren’t blaine only because they aren’t blaine

i ship kurtbastian because the chemistry between chris and grant is amazing. i ship kurtbastian because they’re a perfect representation of how you could go from mutual dislike to friendship and love

i ship kadam because they could be a mature adult relationship and i liked how nice adam was to kurt

i ship puckurt because i love the possibility of them becoming friends and puck realizing that even though he never considered dating guys he somehow fell for kurt

i ship kurtofsky because in the hands of amazing writers the two of them could truly be a groundbreaking relationship so many young gay men could relate to. they would go from bully and his victim to slowly becoming friends if the writers actually let kurt to help david and let them become friends

so don’t tell me i ship kurt with other men because i hate blaine. i don’t like blaine. i don’t like his relationship with kurt but me liking other kurt ships has nothing to do with blaine

it has everything to do with kurt. kurt and the chemistry and possibility between him and other characters

elsacriss-deactivated20150101  asked:

hi, klainer here. i can understand why ppl would be upset about blaine's pushing kurt in the car after scandals, but the fact is that he did apologize. just because you won't accept it as an "actual" apology doesn't erase that it was there. also, i'd like to point out that that incident didn't haunt kurt, but karofsky's bullying clearly did (until he forgave him finally, of course). i don't mean to come off as rude or trying to pick a fight, so i apologize if i did. :/

Blaine did not just push Kurt in the car, he tried to have sex with Kurt in the car without his consent. He didn’t even stop when Kurt said no multiple times. What if Kurt didn’t have enough strength to physically push himself away from Blaine? Blaine could have raped Kurt right there.

Last time I checked, Blaine did not apologize to Kurt. He admitted that he was drunk, but he did not apologize. It seemed that he blamed his behaviour on alcohol. Being drunk is not a valid excuse for him to be an inconsiderate and disrespectful ass even if he regretted his behaviour later on. I don’t care how drunk Blaine was, no means no. Blaine couldn’t even offer a proper and sincere apology, even simple apologies like ‘I’m sorry Kurt. There’s no excuse for my behaviour’ or ‘I’m sorry Kurt. I know I was wrong’, is it that too hard to say? 

Maybe the incident didn’t haunt Kurt but a sexual assault is a sexual assault. In the end, I would choose someone who is honest and never attempts to justify and tone down his actions. So between Blaine and Dave, I’d choose Dave.