The look-at-these-two-lesbians edition

I-can’t-stop-fangirling: rachberry ; ah so much dianna: larissa ; kristen to my bell: forest ; darling: billie ; nic to my nac: nicole ; lol bieber fever: raina ; amy’s other half: sara ;  jesse to my rachel: taylor ; just click seriously ; this wonderful lady: shaye ; the gaspard to my mélanie: bree ; her GRAPHICS: louise ; this wonderful girl: isabela ; my carrie buddy: cat ; hero in training: allysa ; I-wouldn’t-want-to-quit-my-gay-job: troy ; that’s a bingo! marilyn ; lorelai to my rory: elizabeth ; too-hot-to-handle: heath ; fellow klaine shipper: kate ; lovely: gemma ; tag QUEEN: camille ; omg this crazy son of a bitch: ariel ; fútbol buddy: emily ; a rose by any other name would smell as sweet: rosa ; THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON NOT TO CLICK THIS ; this fucker: amanda ; wife: mia ; ahhh: audrey ; lovely: michelina ; I-just-really-adore-you: sam ; just everything you post: lucy ; my gold star: rachel ; cause girl you’re amazing just the way you aarreee: erin ; quality: britta ; your GIFS: chez ; lamb to my gron: alyssa ; her url says it all: cathryn ; got me to download true blood: erika