I really don’t understand how someone who loves Kurt so much wants him and Karofsky together; this is wishing the WORST to Kurt. The worst.
Kurt is so happy right now with another person. Do you want Kurt’s happiness, right? Right. Interesting. So I really don’t understand this.

Oh and I don’t want to argue about that ‘cause the post is under read more and this is on MY personal blog, so, I have the right to think whatever I want and I won’t give explanations or have a fight with someone.
So, please, if you don’t agree scroll your dash like I do with you. Thank you.

i feel like i should put this out there for people who don’t know

i ship kurtofsky. like i really ship them. i just love them a whole fucking lot and will talk about them on my blog. i’ll tag all my posts with kurtofsky annnd then their new otp tag, otp: i think i love you

blacklist away

but yes. i love them. i just. i love them okay. that’s all

Stole You Away - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Do yourself a favor and don’t make the same mistake that I did by imagining Kurt leaving B. and asking Dave to meet up somewhere and doing certain things while listening to this song.

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