kurtofsky or gtfo

Maybe it's just me, but...

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how truly monumental this is because I’ve been so heavily steeped in fanfiction that I kind of feel like all Dave’s feelings and motivations were already canon. Like… He loves Kurt. Duh. Didn’t we all already know that?


Now I want to write angsty Kurtofsky fic where Kurt is having personal issues and he starts sleeping with Dave, knowing Dave is in love with him, even though he doesn’t return the feelings. God, Buffy gives me so many feels.

Although, knowing me, it wouldn’t be possible for me to write without including a happy ending, which sort of ruins the whole “angsty” thing. Damn me and my boundless optimism! *slaps self*

I’ve only successfully written angst like three times. And it was hard. And by force. :/