kurtofsky fic rec

This is starting to become one of my favorite fics.

It’s so easy to think of glee club as life. All these different people coming together, everyone yelling and scratching at each other but in the end one big dysfunctional family all the same, where Kurt’s being gay was just as unimportant as Rachel having a big nose.

When he realizes that a boy can still be thrown out of his home just for being gay, it feels like he just stepped back in time ten years. He wants to grab Paul Karofsky and shake him, and tell him that they dealt with this issue already, it's fine now, and how did he miss that memo?

Maybe, he thinks to himself, staring down the quiet hallway leading back to Dave’s room, maybe Kurt is just too naive for his own good.


“I’m tired of pretending that Blaine was this Prince Charming who swept me off my feet. I chased him. I waited for him to acknowledge my existence. I stepped out of the limelight to allow him to shine.”

Kurt took a sip of his now cold coffee and continued.

“I did everything I shouldn’t have done. I allowed myself to not matter so that he could. I did exactly what you told me not to do, Dad. I don’t mean I threw myself around, but I allowed someone to make me the lesser half in something that should have been special.”


(x) i think i’m going to direct klainers to this fic from now on.

Kurt suddenly realizing just how toxic his relationship with Blaine was, really makes me feel for him. It’s almost painful to read. But also I wish so much he would do it in canon.

I’m only on chapter 2 but I already love this fic.