kurtbastian week day one

The Corner, a Kurtbastian Fic

written for The Kurtbastian Project week four, day one: First Kiss

Title: The Corner
Words: 3,093
AO3: here
Summary: Kurt and Sebastian have a very specific place that they met, and became accidental best friends. Now, months later, Sebastian is coming to the realization that they’ve always been more, and has a string of idiotic behavior that follows.

Things had been going really well for Sebastian Smythe, lately.

His freshman year was flying by between managing a full course load in pre-law, and playing lacrosse everyday as a student athlete. Not that he needed the money, but getting that lacrosse scholarship to NYU had been the best thing that ever happened to him, besides that one threesome he was in a few weeks ago…or was its a few months ago?

Sebastian Smythe of 6 months ago would never forget such a tremendous sexual experience. He might have even taken complete notes the next day just so he could relive the memory, and brag about his prowess for the rest of eternity.

Well, that was the old Sebastian Smythe - the one that wasn’t friends with Kurt Hummel.

Yup - that Kurt Hummel; the boy whose existence he once loathed the year before. He had hated his hold on Blaine and his quick wit and his ability to match Sebastian insult to insult and his stupid, gorgeous, blue eyes-

Regardless, how Sebastian and Kurt were even friends had happened by accident. Twice.

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Cold Skin

Summary: Kurt is Sebastian’s new roommate. They don’t get along too well. For day one of Kurtbastian Week, Dalton AU.

Kurt tugs his bag up on his shoulder and tries to keep his chin up. The last thing he wants is to seem scared even though he feels terrified. He knows Dalton will be different than McKinley, but he already misses Mercedes.

Dalton looks like it can’t be real. It’s too neat, too nice. Everyone matches, and Kurt feels out of place now since he’s not yet in his uniform.

“And here’s your room. Your roommate is in class, so you’ll get to meet him in an hour or two,” the principal says, smiling warmly at Kurt.

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