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Avengers And X-men Reacting To Jump Scares.

Bruce Banner & Charles Xavier:

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Tony Stark, Darwin, & Hank McCoy:

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Clint Barton & Scott Summers:

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Wanda Maximoff & Ororo Munroe:

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Pietro maximoff, Sam Wilson & Peter Maximoff:

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Scott Lang & Raven Darkholme:

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Sean Cassidy & Jean Grey:

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Peter Parker & Kurt Wagner:

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Erik Lehnsherr & Alex Summers:

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Natasha Romanoff, Vision, & T’Challa:

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Rhodey & Bucky:

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Wade Wilson: 

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Little Kisses preference(?)

Peter Maximoffer!: cupping Peter’s face in your hands and smooshing his cheeks together before booping his nose making him go cross eyed with a smile

Kurt Wagner: always randomly wrapping your arms around Kurt’s shoulders to hug him but leaning up and kissing the tip of his nose making his eyes squeeze shut happily and his nose scrunch up while giggling at you

Peter Parker: locking your arms around Peter in a tight hug and peppering kisses all over his face until he can’t stop giggling, giving a squeal of your name and half heartedly attempting to push you off

Warren Birb: surprising Warren throughout the day by coming up behind him wrapping your arms around his chest and nuzzling into his neck and kissing his cheek before going on with whatever you were doing, leaving a red faced bird boy behind

Dating Kurt Wagner Would Include


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- Him asking you questions about everything and always attentively listening to your explanations

- You learning German phrases from him overtime

- Him being shy about kissing you, or holding you in front of the other students

- But him also grabbing your hand instantly at any sign of danger, on missions or otherwise, because he’s terrified to lose you

- Him always trying to plan cute and romantic dates

- Kurt randomly teleporting to where you are

- Reassuring him about the little things like how he looks, and how you love him

- You patiently listening to Kurt’s long rambles whenever he is nervous about something, which is usually often

- Him trying out all of his jokes on you first, and his face lighting up whenever he makes you laugh

- Him being able to teleport the two of you anywhere, which means not having to walk all the way to the kitchen for snacks, or being able to get away from everyone when the two of you want to be alone

- Cuddling, lots of it, all the time

- Kurt always surprising you with sweet gestures, like getting you your favorite flowers 

X-Men Guys Preference: Sex

A/N: I JUST noticed I forgot my poor bb Peter for these things so he’s now added to the list

Also I can elaborate on any of these… I definitely already have NSFW posts for some of them

Requested by: Anonymous

Alex: He’s playful and sweet, with just a bit of roughness. He likes sex to be fun for the both of you. Romance and seriousness don’t come as often but he likes you to laugh and smile the whole time.

Charles: he’s the true romantic. Mood lighting, music, massages before hand… all of that. I also think he’s super big on cuddling after and teasing before

Erik: Romantic but rough is the best way to describe him. He likes to worship you but he also likes to show off a bit and put some real muscle into it.

Hank: He’s a generous lover that likes to pretend he’s gentle but he’s got a secret kink side. Just picture all the fun the two of you could have in his lab and with safe lab equipment

Kurt: I like to imagine that he tries gonna super romantic and sweet but he and you get giggly and the romantic atmosphere is ruined by the laughter the two of you share. Role play is cool for him. He can also last forever.

Logan: He tries to be romantic with you, but he’s more fueled by passion than by love and the two of you can be found doing the do in a lot of odd location based on how the mood strikes the two of you

Peter:Playful and fun but really needy. Honestly he’s just so smitten with you that he wants you at all times. A lot of quickies and him rubbing up against you and teasing you in public.

Scott: He’s Playful and just the slightest bit kinky. He likes to try wild things but will usually just have a routine and relax with you. He loves morning sex.

Warren: He’s rough as hell and emotions drive how he acts in bed. He’s kinky AF. Will get it on anywhere


Request anything you’d like to see! My ask box is open!

GROUPCHAT - Xmen x Reader

I decided to try something new. This is going to be trash! I’m sorry for it being on your dash. I didn’t actually plan this, I just kept going. You can request a group chat, and be sure to tell me who you want in the group chat. -Thai💖

Hey guys! We should go to the mall.

Again?!? Jubilee no.

This is the 6th time this week!

And this will be the 6th time getting kicked out…hmm I wonder why?

It was an accident! Not my fault my wings are huge. But you know what else is huge, ladies 😉

My love for god?

Kurt, never change.

Leave it Warren or Peter to make it inappropriate

You shouldn’t even get that reference! You’re a baby!


Anymore, back on a more important topic. Mall?

How about we just stay in and watch a movie? I like watching American films!

Me too! They are very interesting!

They are very boring, especially the romantic ones. They are so predictable!

I gotta agree with my bro. Romcoms are boring.

Now action movies on the other hand. Very fun to watch. There’s always a hot girl.

That’s true. May I add that the hot girls body is always amazing.

So is that why you have so many action movies? To watch the hot girls, Scott?

Damn Scott. Now be careful with your answer.

Well there goes the movie idea…how about camping?

Camping sounds fun.

Gross! Bugs everywhere! You’re sleeping on the ground! Bad wifi! May I add NO BATHROOMS!

I agree with Jubilee. Camping is a no.

I have never been camping before. Y/N we can go camping 😄

On second thought. I’ll go.

Someone’s jealous





Question is of tho☕️👌🏼

I hate all of you.

Minus one of us buts that none of my business

Ooo burn! Get it..because she’s all hot and firey and stuff?

Did you just call my girlfriend hot😡

At least I didn’t say she has an amazing body☕️👌🏼 She totally does though. Jean, you got some nice legs.


He’s not wrong.

He is not.

Not at all. If you think of it. All the females on the team have amazing bodies.

Not I, but all my team mates look amazing.

You have a nice ass🍑

What you say bird boy?

What? She has an amazing ass. All the girls do.

Warren had been removed by Speedy.

Speedy has left the chat.

I got to go save a team mate.

Wanda🔮 had left the chat.

He’s not wrong about Wanda’s ass but Y/N’s has the best ass. Hands down.

Why do you look upon our asses?

No one here can say they haven’t looked at Y/N ass. Maybe Kurt but I highly doubt it.

As much as I hate the fact we jumped off topic and is now talking about asses, Alex has a solid point.

Y/N, I’m not admitting that I look at your ass but you have a nice ass.

Thank you butterscott, you have…nice lips and hair.

I just want to state the fact that I can read thoughts. @Scott

Jean has left the chat


Scotty😎 has left the chat

Poor kid. So movie or camping?

And I’m going to end it right there. This was messy and sloppy but oh well.



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Winter’s Witch {WORK IN PROGRESS} || Bucky Barnes had just escaped his captors, Hydra. He didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Somehow, he manages to stumble into a girl’s apartment who he’s met before. The twist is- she’s not your average girl.
 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10 Part 11

Of Course, Doll || The Avengers throw a little kick back in their facility- nothing too crazy, after a successful mission in taking down some Hydra agents. You’re still a new member to the avengers team, and have a similar skill set to Natasha, except your past is a little more gruesome to hers. The Avengers trust you, however some are still wary around you.

We’ve Got All Night || The Avengers throw a little kick back in their facility- nothing too crazy, after a successful mission in taking down some Hydra agents. You’re still a new member to the avengers team, and have a similar skill set to Natasha, except your past is a little more gruesome to hers. The Avengers trust you, however some are still wary around you.

I Thought I Lost You || Bucky and (Y/N) had been in a relationship for a long time now. They were both stupid and reckless, which is why Fury had made a bad decision sending the two lovers on a mission together.

Manners Maketh Man || Walking home at 1am wasn’t a smart move on your part, you should have known it would have eventually gotten you into trouble. Thank the heavens you had a protector who had been watching from a distance.

Don’t You Mind? || He never meant for it to happen, it kept him up at night. Bucky Barnes wanted to be with (Y/N) so badly, but the Winter Soldier had other ideas. || Best read with this song

Round Two || Getting captured and injected with the same super serum as Bucky Barnes was never something you had planned for. When Bucky finally gets you back, it’s high time you blow off some steam.

Are You Okay? || Yeah, so a bullet or a sharp blade could probably kill you. But what about self doubt? No one ever teaches you how to not let insecurities kill you on the inside.

Post Break-Up Sex || Break ups can lead to many things. For some, it calls for the best rom com and a bowl of ice cream to drown yourself in your own feelings. For others, it can mean shutting yourself down for a while, taking time for some well needed self care. For (Y/N), it meant going off the rails just a little. || Best read with this song

Yellow || Bucky wasn’t the same kid from Brooklyn like back in the 40′s, but he also wasn’t the soviet master assassin; The Winter Soldier, no. He was somewhere in between. You are the bright yellow in his life that always brings him back down to earth. (Artist!Reader AU)

Begin Again || Bucky Barnes did it- he got clean, and is now trying to make up for the horrors he’s caused by working for Shield alongside the Avengers. When he gets sent on a solo mission to bring in (Y/N); an ex avenger who’s gone rogue, someone particularly special from his past, things get heated.

Somewhere I Belong || Sometimes all the pain and the bullshit going on in your life is just one big shitty hurdle you have to pass to get to the bigger picture, to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Bucky was (Y/N)’s light.


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Life Of The Party || Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?


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The Bamfs || When your boyfriend gets dragged away in the middle of the night on a dangerous mission against his own father, causing him to miss your three year anniversary, he makes sure he comes back with a present. Or in this case, lots and lots of little, annoying, blue, presents. You always did say you wanted a pet, right?

Sparring || You and Kurt have a cheeky sort of friendship. Watch as your ‘friendship’ gets a little well… complicated, all because of one little sparring session.

Outcast At Last || Dating a mutant proves to be difficult with anti-mutant parents. Fortunately, you learn an important lesson that they do not define who you are, I suppose being an outcast isn’t such a bad thing in the end. || Best read with this song


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Innocence {COMPLETED} || Sirius Black gets charged with the murder of his best friends. He’s denied a fair trial, and gets thrown into Azkaban. You know for certain he’s innocent, so you take matters into your own hands.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Double Trouble {WORK IN PROGRESS} || They met each other while they were in school by a happy coincidence. Little do they know, death, pain and destruction is on the way for the two Gryffindor lovers.
Part 1

One Too Many || On a night out with the Marauders, James bets Sirius can’t down more than seven shots of Beetle Berry Whiskey. Sirius, never backing down from a challenge, accepts, and the effects are near catastrophic for the reader.

Strip || You agree to help Sirius study for his OWL’s, however what you failed to realise that tutoring the marauder was like babysitting. After various failed attempts, you finally find a way to keep Sirius somewhat focused and, interested.

Somebody To Love || “I did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face.”

Liquorlip Loaded Gun || “I wish I could disappear, So you would never see me in this mess I get in. However hard I try, keep on stumbling still. Once in a while I’ll show you who I am. When I can I’ll, Open up the oceans, jump on in.”

Do I Wanna Know? || Reader works as a barista in a busy cafe, right in the heart of London, completely oblivious that there are such things as Wizards, magic, and most of all; a deadly war waging on within the magical community. Reader is blissfully ignorant to the wizarding world, just as any muggle should- that is until Sirius Black shows up in her life.


X-Men Preferences: Discovering Your Hobbies

Fandom: X-Men

Warning(s): just one word 😇😇😇

A/N: I should really work with other fandoms too but for some reason I just can’t get enough of my X-Men boys soo yeah…Perhaps another time! I am so tired today, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some work done. I hope you liked it! (currently working on some requests on Charles and Hank) 😊

Charles: At first, Charles liked to admire you as you took care of your plants. He couldn’t help but gaze at you, how perfect you looked surrounded by all that greenery. You treated them all with so much love and care that it was a precious image to behold. Soon enough, you got him to join in too as a way to rewind from all the things he had in his mind.

Erik:  When he found out about your love for solving puzzles, he was shocked to say the least. He wouldn’t stop teasing you, “And I thought I was the old one in this relationship.” or “So you hide an 80-year-old inside you. Good to know.” You bugged him so much about actually giving a try that he finally gave in, but let’s just say Erik is not one for things requiring patience. 

Hank: That giant furball has two left feet so when he walked in on you dancing ballet so gracefully, he just froze on the spot. Ever since, he won’t stop grinning like an idiot every time you even put on your pointe shoes because according to him; “You…um…You look even more beautiful when you’re dancing and I didn’t even think that was…ahem…possible.”

Alex: Summers is all about sports and when he found out about your skills when it came to playing volleyball, he loved the idea immediately. It’s pretty much become a habit for the two of you to play together at least once a week. (Spoiler alert, it’s more like you playing and him losing because he’s constantly just staring at you because “Damn, you’re so hot in those shorts. Please wear them everyday.”)

Warren: Coming from a rich family, Angel learnt how to play the piano from a very young age but now he simply hates the idea, probably because in his mind it’s connected to so many unpleasant memories. But when you play your guitar, you are so passionate about it that he can’t help but be taken away.

Kurt: Your little blueberry was ecstatic to discover your love for finger painting and you didn’t even have to ask him before he joined in and you both looked like toddlers covered in paint. Your masterpieces always end up looking like a bomb of colors has exploded on them and they are so bad but you made them together and that’s enough to make you want to hang them everywhere.

aaaAHHHHH he’s such a cutie, I wish I could have him 😪
Enjoy some nightcrawler headcannons.

Kurt Wagner headcannons:

-Plays the innocent card, but behind doors is the COMPLETE opposite.

-Like dead serious, this man has worked wonders on you.

-The cutest little bean to exist.

-Sometimes feels ashamed because of his different looks, so you’ll have to step in and reassure him that his looks don’t matter.

-Will stay up for you as late as you need if you’re upset.

-Like really, if you’re depressed, he’ll bring you anything you want/ need.

-Hates to see you cry.

-Tbh he probably cries with you, because seeing you cry makes him cry.

-This man has a heart of gold.

-Will give the shirt off his back to make sure you’re okay.

-He may seem like he won’t do much, but if you ever hurt anyone he loves, he’ll make you think twice about him.

-Loves playing with your hair, it’s really soothing to him.

-10/10 innocently asks for you to do the same.

-Loves to tell you tales of the circus and all of his travels.

-Accidentally tells you the same stories over and over again, but you don’t have the heart to tell him.

-Loves singing German lullabies to you, it reminds him of his happy days.

-Cuddling for Kurt is like therapy to him, especially when he’s had a tough day.

-Always looks for your opinion. He takes every single one seriously.

-This relationship is built on a VERY strong bond, there is so much trust its scary.

-Keeps most of his emotions to himself because he’s afraid that he’ll annoy you.

-You later find this out and gently scold him for not trusting you enough.

-Sex with him is a big thing. It makes him feel so vulnerable, so being able to open himself that much shows how much he trusts you.

-Speaking of which, if you ever tell a lie to him it hurts him so much. Like he’d never do that to you, so why would you ever do it to him.

-This will hinder your relationship causing major trust issues for him.

-Really wants kids, but knows that it would never happen because you’re two different species.

-This thought depresses him because he loves you so damn much that he craves a family with you.

-If you guys do get to that level, you’d adopt.

-Would move to Germany so his child can experience where he’s lived.

-If you don’t feel comfortable moving to a whole new country, be prepared for traveling, because you’re definitely going to his motherland.

-He really wants to teach you the basics of German. This makes him excited because he’ll be able to have a conversation in a language he’s so used to.

-10/10 the cutest person you’ve ever dated.


Pairing: Reader x Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
Warnings: !SMUT! Swearing
A/N: I never specify which version of Kurt this is about. For me it felt more like comic!verse Kurt, but you can just use your imagination on which ever one you prefer ~~~~
Your mutation: Healing factors 

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X-Men Preferences: Kisses

Fandom: X-Men

Warning(s): Not yet, honey 😉 Perhaps another time!

Request(s): Nope, just feeling creative today

A/N: Okay, let’s just talk about Hank for a minute, can we? I wanna marry that teddy bear for God’s sake, he’s so precious my heart is melting, someone plz help me…

Charles: The professor enjoys slow but passionate kisses, hiding feelings could never even begin to explain. He likes to takes his time while cherishing your taste and always kisses you like it’s the last time he’s ever going to see you.

Erik: His kisses are always heated and passionate, he kisses the life out of you until you’re both out of breath. He wants to be in complete control, so don’t expect his grip on you to be loose. (you don’t really mind, ahem!)

Hank: Even after dating for so long, Hank remains hesitant about kissing you, mostly because he’s afraid of hurting you. In his eyes, you’re fragile just like every precious thing and he can’t help but worry. The kisses you share are always sweet and gentle, mostly initiated by you and you just adore how every time you pull away, his glasses are always foggy and he has that goofy grin you fell in love with. (but just picture it 😍)

Alex: As a couple, you take playful to a whole other level and it’s pretty hard to kiss without one of you bursting into laughter for some reason (usually you). But honestly, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Warren: Your blonde-haired angel can be surprisingly sweet with his kisses, especially when he’s missed you. At other times, his kisses are needy because he needs to make sure you know you belong to him, and only him.

Kurt: Most of the time, he’ll be too shy to actually initiate the kissing so you have to step in. Nothing is rushed; you take your time to savor one another and he slowly gains more confidence as time progresses and he grows needier.

Guardian Angel

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Request:  Hey could i request a warren x reader? where he doesn’t die and instead comes back with them to the school and ends up falling in love with the reader but she don’t know only their friends & its just cute cause he kinda hates everyone lmao

Pairing: Warren Worthington x reader

Summary:  Reader has the power to create force fields and to teleport. During the fight with Apocalypse the reader saves Warren’s life. Ever since then the winged bad boy follows you around like a bodyguard, protecting you from even the smallest inconveniences. Along the way Warren starts to fall for you and everyone knows… except you.

Words Count: 1,684

Genre:  fluffy

Notes: YASS WARREN MY BB FLUFF BURB. But for real, I’m a big warren girl. This is set during Apocalypse

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{Some NSFW Kurt because I am a happily nasty person. Ahem,}

I think I’ve mentioned this somewhere else before but I’ve always thought rubbing/touching the tip of Kurt’s tail would make him all affectionate (as if he isn’t always) and purry but the base would make him nut and almost overstimulate

Sitting next to Kurt while he’s curled up on a couch reading very common for you two, sometimes he’ll read to you happily, in English or German but this time you were just growing bored.
his tail had just sent down his tea cup, you gently grab it, not really alerting him yet since it’s not something unusual for you to do. Without much force you guide his tail towards you, Kurt still not taking his attention from his book.

You start placing light kisses along the spade like tip, Kurt stiffens as soon as you start.
You can tell he’s getting flustered already by how he raises his book higher and closer to his face, still not relaxing but you can definitely hear faint purrs like he’s trying to hide them.

 You smirk, placing one last kiss on it before nibbling on the edge lightly, very curious to what will happen.
Kurt squeaks, dropping his book and looking at you wide eyed, you can now see just how lavender his face is before a puff of blue smoke and your suddenly back in his dorm on the bed with a very flustered Kurt now shyly looking to the side
“Oh? Kurt I thought you wanted to read?” his tail starts swaying, tugging slightly as you still have your hand around near the tip. Kurt swallows, looking back and you, panting slightly and looking back and forth from you to his tail.
You smile coyly “did you like that?” Kurt nods rapidly, his breath hitching went your lips meet his tail once more, feeling your teeth glide against the increasingly sensitive tip.

and, Bonus: Kurt would love it if you grabbed his ass and started kneading it, and if he was on your lap when you started it? he’d almost collapse on top of you, purring into your neck, his tail swishing back and forth (if you keep it up his eyes will roll back and he will start unconsciously grinding against your leg


Authors note: This was requested! Feel free to send me more! Up next should be my Sleepover part two😚💕tagging @tana-summers

“Jean, stay out my head!” You yell at your younger sister before throwing a pillow at her, causing her to chuckle. “Why are you even looking in there?”

“You’re so whipped.” Jean said before giggling. You eyed her weirdly. “Alex! You’re so in love with him!”

“I am not in love with Alex!” You lied as you rolled your eyes. It’s true, you have fallen for the older summers kid. He stolen you heart without even trying. It’s the cute little smiles he throw you, the winks he send you, sarcastic little remarks, and the flirtatious touches. All those things made you feel butterflies in your stomach.

“He’s in love with you too, you know?” Jean said while smiling at you. You rolled your eyes, not believing her. “I’m just saying, You might be Mrs.Summers soon.”

“I could be saying the same thing to you.” You argued back while laughing. Jean blushed as you stood up and walked towards the open door. “I be right back. I have to go tell my boyfriend I’m in love with him.”

“I would say good luck but you don’t need it!” Jean called to you with a wave.

You walked into the main room only to find Alex sitting with Peter and Scott. You walked right in front of him before pausing. You opened your mouth to say something but you froze. The three boys were looking at you curiously.

“Babe are yo-” Before Alex could finish you cut him off.

“IM IN LOVE WITH YOU AND UH..YEAH!” You yell really loudly catching the attention of everyone in the room. Alex just stared at you, mouth slightly opened and shocked written all over his face.
‘okay, maybe Jean was wrong for once.’

Alex stood up and wrapped his arms around your waist. He kissed you slow and passionately. You were on cloud nice kissing him, his lips were incredibly soft and they tasted like candy. He pulled away to your dismay a smile clearly shown on his face.

“I’m in love with you too babe.” Alex said before Peter and Scott started clapping.

'Y/N, I’m always right. Never forget that.’ Jean sent you causing you to chuckle.

A Special Pair of Gloves

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day Five

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Request: “could I request knitting Kurt a special pair of gloves because he was sad he couldn’t wear any?”

Warnings: None

You ran through the thick layer of snow to the front of Xavier’s mansion, Kurt right beside you. The two of you had just gotten back from a snowball fight with Scott and Jean, and you were both covered with snow.

As you opened the doors to allow you and Kurt in, you noticed Kurt’s hands were shaking and covered with ice and bits of snow.

“Are you okay?” you asked, motioning to his hands. Kurt nodded.

“I’m fine. It’s just I can’t wear gloves, so my hands get cold,” Kurt said sheepishly, a note of sadness to his voice.

Your eyes suddenly got wide, an idea coming to you as Kurt walked ahead of you into the mansion. You yelled a quick good bye, running down the hall to your room. You hurried into your room, stopping at your desk. You pulled some yarn from a drawer, along with some knitting needles. You then began to put your idea together string by string. It was hard work, figuring out how to make the fingers and what size to make them. You had to measure Kurt’s fingers at one point, the young blue mutant giving you a strange look the entire time. You had barely made it out without him figuring what you were doing.

But in a couple days, you had the final product. You held them out in front of you proudly. It was a pair of gloves with only three fingers, made perfectly for Kurt’s hands.

You tucked them into the sweater you were wearing, heading downstairs where Kurt, Jean, and Scott were waiting for you. You all had planned another snowball fight since a heavy snowfall had taken place the night before, the snow just the perfect temperature to form snowballs.

“Ready?” Scott asked when he saw you. You nodded, letting Jean and Scott walk out of the door first.

“Wait, Kurt,” you said before Kurt followed them. He stopped, giving you a puzzled look. You drew the gloves out carefully, presenting them to him with a smile. He reached forward slowly, picking them up.

“You- made gloves?” He asked, his eyes wide as he turned them over in his hands.

You nodded. “Ones that will fit you. So your hands won’t get cold.”

You watched nervously as Kurt pulled one on, worried they wouldn’t fit. But the glove fit perfectly, his fingers fitting comfortably in the soft knitted yarn.

He held his hands out in front of him, his mouth parted with surprise.

“Danke,” he breathed, giving you a grateful look.

You grinned grabbing one of his hands and pulling him toward the door. “Let’s go try them out.”

X-Men Preferences: How You Sleep Together

Fandom: X-Men

Request(s): None

Warning(s): None

A/N: I just want to cuddle with them, is that so much to ask? I think I’m investing emotionally a little too much in imaginary characters…Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one too! I’ll be back tomorrow with more exciting surprises! Have a fantastic night! (if it’s night where you live, xoxo)

Charles: He always falls asleep long after you do, just because he loves to gaze at your sleeping form. Cuddles are a total must, even when going to bed, because he just can’t get enough of the little time he can get you all to himself. He always takes you in his arms, with your head resting against his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around you, melting you into his soothing embrace. Another plus about that position is he can leave sweet kisses on your forehead and caress your hair until you fall asleep, which of course you love.

Erik: He sees you as the most precious thing in his life and since you are so important to him, he can’t help but fear losing you too. And so it comes off more as an instinct that he needs to protect you all the time. Therefore, when it comes to sleeping, he’s always the big spoon and somehow manages to curl his much taller form towards your own so that you fit perfectly – like a missing piece of the puzzle.

Hank: Look, this giant fur ball A-D-O-R-E-S you and wants to be as close to you as possible, even when you’re sleeping. He pretty much always locks you in a bear hug even in bed and you bury your head in his chest. You can spend hours like that until you both fall asleep, tangled with each other and sharing sweet kisses wherever you can reach without moving too much.

Alex: Before Vietnam, you never slept very close together. Even when you fell asleep close, he slowly drifted apart from you because he always got so hot during the night. He still missed the contact though and draped his arm lazily over your waist or hip. After coming back though, things have changed a lot. He missed you so much those three years, he’s still making up for all the lost time and never wants to be away from you for too long. It’s almost become a ritual for him to wake up in the middle of the night by horrible nightmares, and all you can do is just hold him so you end up being the big spoon for him when he needs it.

Warren: He also loves being the big spoon, but unlike Erik, he keeps a slight distance from you and wraps his wings around you instead, guarding you from the outside world because that’s how he feels safe.

Kurt: You have no idea how that happens, but you and Kurt always end up in the weirdest positions in the morning. Somehow Kurt manages to drift down the mattress every night and ends up with his face in your stomach and clinging on your hips. Most times his tail also ends up curled around you and although the scaly feeling can be a bit annoying when you sleep, you don’t have the heart to tell him.

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“I’m coming in! You love birds have to be decent in two seconds!” Peter opened the closet door, Letting light shine through the small room. 

“Awe, I vas hoping ve vould have more time!” Kurt sighed. 

“Are you two….. Making friendship bracelets?” Jean asked. Kurt gave a confused look, Not knowing what else you would do in Seven minutes in heaven.

‘Don’t ask’ You mouthed.

248, 303, 310, 348 with charles xavier

hi guys, i’m so sorry i haven’t been doing all the drabbles you guys have sent me, i’ve been having a hard time at home theyre still open btw guys love u x

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(For this Charles isn’t in his wheelchair)

No.” Charles voice was firm, startling you. “You’re staying here, Y/N.”

“But-But-But.” You wanted to join the x men on a mission, one that was dangerous. Plus you believed your mutation could help them out tons. “Charles do I need to remind you that I can see and walk through objects, and control things with my mind? You guys need me on this mission!” You yelled angrily.

“My god. Y/N just drop it, you’re not going. And that’s final.” Charles said, turning to leave the room.

You growled, done being treated like a child. You focused your eyes on the rug your boyfriend was walking on, pulling it from under him. Charles fell with a humph.

“Y/N! What the hell was that for?” He growled, standing up and walking towards you.

“I’m not a child, I’m going with you Charles. And you can’t stop me.”

“I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!” He screamed, his breath hitting your flushed cheeks.

“I’m strong enough to fight!”

Charles laughed bitterly. “No you’re not. You can barely control your mutation. In fact if anything you let your emotions control your mutation. Do I need to remind you why the hell you came to this school in the first place? You set your parents’ house on fire!”

“Technically it wasn’t on fire.” You shot back.

“Of course it wasn’t on fire! You completely blew it up!” Charles threw his hands in the air, voice raw from arguing for so long.

“I’ve come a hell of a way since then, I deserve a chance. I deserve to help.” You didn’t back down, not breaking your intense gaze.

His eyes softened and he looked at you sadly. “My love… just.. please stay.” His voice was no higher than a whisper.

“Why won’t you let me go? Why won’t you give me a chance.”

“Because I’m scared. I’m scared ill lose you. And you’re all I have, all I want and I can’t lose you.”

The Boys Being Flustered (Preference)

Warren: his face heats up like fire, he’s a cheeks, the tips of his ears and chest blusher who just stands there frozen to the spot, his wings fluttering behind him while he turns his head away from you (as if that could his red face)

Kurt: his cheeks and the  tip of tail blush light lavender, very bashful and trying to hide his face, a small shy smile as he looks up at you

Peter M.: bright cherry red cheeks, he can’t stop smiling and giggling at you

Peter P.: bright red cheeks and the tips of his ears, he starts stuttering out nonsense while waving hands frantically in wild gestures

Sean: he’s a full body blusher, that can’t speak. Words just don’t form while he attempts to figure out a flirty comeback

The best way to handle all of these though, is to gently grab his face and press a sweet kiss to his lips