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Winter’s Witch {WORK IN PROGRESS} || Bucky Barnes had just escaped his captors, Hydra. He didn’t know where to go, or what to do. Somehow, he manages to stumble into a girl’s apartment who he’s met before. The twist is- she’s not your average girl.
 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10 Part 11

Of Course, Doll || The Avengers throw a little kick back in their facility- nothing too crazy, after a successful mission in taking down some Hydra agents. You’re still a new member to the avengers team, and have a similar skill set to Natasha, except your past is a little more gruesome to hers. The Avengers trust you, however some are still wary around you.

We’ve Got All Night || The Avengers throw a little kick back in their facility- nothing too crazy, after a successful mission in taking down some Hydra agents. You’re still a new member to the avengers team, and have a similar skill set to Natasha, except your past is a little more gruesome to hers. The Avengers trust you, however some are still wary around you.

I Thought I Lost You || Bucky and (Y/N) had been in a relationship for a long time now. They were both stupid and reckless, which is why Fury had made a bad decision sending the two lovers on a mission together.

Manners Maketh Man || Walking home at 1am wasn’t a smart move on your part, you should have known it would have eventually gotten you into trouble. Thank the heavens you had a protector who had been watching from a distance.

Don’t You Mind? || He never meant for it to happen, it kept him up at night. Bucky Barnes wanted to be with (Y/N) so badly, but the Winter Soldier had other ideas. || Best read with this song

Round Two || Getting captured and injected with the same super serum as Bucky Barnes was never something you had planned for. When Bucky finally gets you back, it’s high time you blow off some steam.

Are You Okay? || Yeah, so a bullet or a sharp blade could probably kill you. But what about self doubt? No one ever teaches you how to not let insecurities kill you on the inside.

Post Break-Up Sex || Break ups can lead to many things. For some, it calls for the best rom com and a bowl of ice cream to drown yourself in your own feelings. For others, it can mean shutting yourself down for a while, taking time for some well needed self care. For (Y/N), it meant going off the rails just a little. || Best read with this song

Yellow || Bucky wasn’t the same kid from Brooklyn like back in the 40′s, but he also wasn’t the soviet master assassin; The Winter Soldier, no. He was somewhere in between. You are the bright yellow in his life that always brings him back down to earth. (Artist!Reader AU)

Begin Again || Bucky Barnes did it- he got clean, and is now trying to make up for the horrors he’s caused by working for Shield alongside the Avengers. When he gets sent on a solo mission to bring in (Y/N); an ex avenger who’s gone rogue, someone particularly special from his past, things get heated.

Somewhere I Belong || Sometimes all the pain and the bullshit going on in your life is just one big shitty hurdle you have to pass to get to the bigger picture, to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Bucky was (Y/N)’s light.


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Life Of The Party || Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?


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The Bamfs || When your boyfriend gets dragged away in the middle of the night on a dangerous mission against his own father, causing him to miss your three year anniversary, he makes sure he comes back with a present. Or in this case, lots and lots of little, annoying, blue, presents. You always did say you wanted a pet, right?

Sparring || You and Kurt have a cheeky sort of friendship. Watch as your ‘friendship’ gets a little well… complicated, all because of one little sparring session.

Outcast At Last || Dating a mutant proves to be difficult with anti-mutant parents. Fortunately, you learn an important lesson that they do not define who you are, I suppose being an outcast isn’t such a bad thing in the end. || Best read with this song


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Innocence {COMPLETED} || Sirius Black gets charged with the murder of his best friends. He’s denied a fair trial, and gets thrown into Azkaban. You know for certain he’s innocent, so you take matters into your own hands.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Double Trouble {WORK IN PROGRESS} || They met each other while they were in school by a happy coincidence. Little do they know, death, pain and destruction is on the way for the two Gryffindor lovers.
Part 1

One Too Many || On a night out with the Marauders, James bets Sirius can’t down more than seven shots of Beetle Berry Whiskey. Sirius, never backing down from a challenge, accepts, and the effects are near catastrophic for the reader.

Strip || You agree to help Sirius study for his OWL’s, however what you failed to realise that tutoring the marauder was like babysitting. After various failed attempts, you finally find a way to keep Sirius somewhat focused and, interested.

Somebody To Love || “I did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face.”

Liquorlip Loaded Gun || “I wish I could disappear, So you would never see me in this mess I get in. However hard I try, keep on stumbling still. Once in a while I’ll show you who I am. When I can I’ll, Open up the oceans, jump on in.”

Do I Wanna Know? || Reader works as a barista in a busy cafe, right in the heart of London, completely oblivious that there are such things as Wizards, magic, and most of all; a deadly war waging on within the magical community. Reader is blissfully ignorant to the wizarding world, just as any muggle should- that is until Sirius Black shows up in her life.


Title: Doubt
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 1,220
Characters: Kurt Wagner x Reader, Warren Worthington III, Jubilation Lee
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Assumptions of infidelity, a bit of self-deprecation
Notes: Request from @multipotens for “idk if I already sent you this (if I did oops) but could you maybe write a Kurt X reader where he’s jealous of warren cause the reader and him are best friends (both the badass leather jacket people at Xavier’s) and when people hear that Kurt is crying in his room the reader comforts him and flufffff? ugh nervous and insecure Kurt is my life! thank you so so much I love ur account!!!!” // Thank you!!

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When you know someone extremely well, it’s easy to tell when something is bothering them. They may never intentionally give any indication that something’s wrong, but nevertheless, you can still tell. And that was how you knew that something was up with Kurt.

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Out Of The Blue | Kurt Wagner

Words: 905

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Warning(s): too much fluff, you have been warned😭

Requested by anonymous:  Hi!! if requests are still open, maybe a Kurt Wagner x reader fic? I love your work!!

A/N: I’m finally catching up with my queue, hurray! I really hope this writer’s block doesn’t last long ‘cause I’m having such a hard time keeping up with all the requests yet at the same time I don’t want to close them ‘cause I love beings sent ideas too much! Don’t worry though, I’m never giving up on queue. I’ll make it! I hope you liked this one, Kurt is such a little blueberry and I love him so much! 😍

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You were wandering through the school’s gardens with a friend, listening to them go on and on about their most recent crush. You tried to pay attention, you really did but your mind couldn’t help but drift off to a million other little things.

You smelled the fresh air around you, a pleasant change from the mundane smell of cleaning products that filled every classroom. Looking around, your eyes fell on the flowers that had been tight buds only days ago had begun to open, they already had a deeper blush of pink. The winter should still be in force but already spring had pushed it back to moderate temperatures and the a gentle breeze was messing with your hair but you couldn’t care less.

Then your eyes flicked around the green trees until you spotted a familiar figure resting under the big oak tree and you immediately smiled to yourself at the sight. You knew how much Kurt loved spending time outside and you often liked to join him, which often resulted in hours spent laying on the soft grass as you chatted endlessly. Other times he’d ask you to read to him because he loved your voice and you could never resist his adorable pleas.

Your gaze remained on him, looking to see that toothy grin he always wore when he saw you but instead he remained in the same position, curled into a ball with his head buried in his legs. You suddenly felt concern wash over you, something was wrong and you could feel it.

Before your friend even got a chance to finish what they were saying, you excused yourself and ran over to Kurt. At first, he didn’t seem to notice your presence but you stepped on a twig that snapped and alerted him. 

Startled, he whipped his head up and took in your form through his blurry vision. The sunlight was hitting your back so gracefully, adorning your form and illuminating your white wings so perfectly he swore he had never witnessed such a beautiful sight before.

Blinking twice to fight the tears that kept coming, he watched silently as you took a seat next to him - your sweet smile quickly replaced by a look of concern. He wiped the remainder tears on his sleeves, his cheeks turning a light shade of lilac at the way your thighs touched while you inched closer.

“Kurt? What’s wrong, why are you crying?” you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear to take a better look at his eyes, puffy and swollen. You hated seeing him like that.

“It’s nothing, really.” he sniffed a little and your heart broke at the thought that he didn’t trust you enough to share his problem. But you weren’t giving up so easily.

“Sweetie, please tell me what’s wrong. Perhaps I can help you.”

His cheeks flushed an even darker color at your use of nickname. It was hard for him to concentrate on anything else when you were around.

“Ze other students, zey make fun of me.” he sniffled again, fighting more tears.

“Why?” you tilted your head in genuine confusion, which caused a small smile to tug on his lips.

He could never get enough of how you treated him like he was perfectly normal. God, he had fallen so hard for you, it honestly scared him at times. He had never felt that way before but it was so blissful. Your mere presence gave him such serenity.

“Because I’m different.” he answered in a broken whisper and your face dropped at the insecurity behind his words. How could anyone make fun of someone as unique and special as Kurt?

“Well, all of us are different - that’s why we’re here.” 

“It’s not ze same wiz me. Zey say I’m weird.” his eyes fell on the scales that decorated his blue skin.

You snorted a little in response. “Don’t be silly. This is place where we don’t have to hide our individuality. There’s not a student in here that’s ‘normal’. We all have something that makes us unique.”

“Yes, but my mutation is not beautiful like yours. You have your wings and zey are great.” he pointed at the angel-like wings that decorated your back. “I’m just blue…” his voice trailed off with a loud sigh.

“Well, blue is a lovely color. I love blue!” you perked up and a bright smile tugged at your lips as he stared back at you in disbelief. “Do you need a hug?” you suggested in a singsong voice and you could swear you had never seen him blush so hard.

“Um…I…” seeing how he was struggling with his answer, you wrapped your arms around his waist quickly and he froze for a while but you felt his own arms snake around your shoulders as you snuggled deeper in his embrace.

“Thank you.” you heard him whisper in your hair.

“Oh, don’t mention it.” you pulled back to peck his cheek sweetly before you stood up and fixed the wrinkles on your skirt. “I should get going before class begins, but I’ll see you later, right?” you smiled down at him but all he could do was gaze at you dreamily and how the sunlight falling on your back made you look.

‘Like an angel from Heaven’ he couldn’t help but think as you walked away and he could feel the butterflies in his stomach.


I hope you enjoy my work so far. Requests are always open, and as always, have a great day and be safe.

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Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

A/n: This is really short, but I liked the ending so I figured I’d end it there! Let me know if you want a part two. This is also the first X-Men fic I’ve written so. Hopefully, it’s enough to test the waters and see how you guys like it-G

(Also if you haven’t heard the song I got the title from 10/10 would recommend just don’t listen with your parents… or at work)

Pairing: Kurt x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Swearing

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“That movie fucking sucked” you exclaimed as you and your friends walked out of the movie theater. Jubilee had convinced you all to go see Gymkata. You had no idea why she even wanted to see the film, but you figured you’d all chill at the mall for awhile. Meaning spending the money that was burning a hole in your pocket.

“While I totally agree with you Y/n, you have to remember not to swear cause Kurt’s here,” Jean said to you

“Sorry,” you said turning to the blue boy beside you “it’s a good thing though, it means I’m getting more comfortable around you.”

“It’s alright,” Kurt shrugged “I’m not a child I can handle it.”

“Well in that case” you smirked

“Mein Gott, what have I gotten myself into” Kurt muttered as you walked through the mall.

Your group had walked through about half of the mall before Jean and Scott split off and went to do their own thing, leaving you, Kurt, Jubilee, and Peter. It wasn’t long before you and Jubilee had convinced the boys to go into one of your favorite clothing stores. After picking out a few things for each other you and Jubi put together an outfit for each of the boys.

“I am not putting that on,” Peter exclaimed as your friend handed him his clothes

“Kurt is going to put his on,” you said putting on your best puppy dog eyes

“If Kurt jumped off a bridge I wouldn’t follow him,” the speedster countered

“For fuck’s sake put the damn clothes on,” you said giving up your innocent facade

“Why don’t you make me?” he smirked

“You do know she can right?” Jubilee chimed in

“Fine,” Peter pouted walking into a changing room, Kurt did the same. Both boys returned shortly in their outfits you were surprised at how well they actually pulled off the ridiculous outfits.

“Damn Kurt you look fine,” you whistled

“What about me?” Peter whined

“You look ok” Jubilee grinned

Peter huffed and zoomed to get changed again as you adjusted the clothes Kurt was wearing.

“I think I did a pretty good job,” you said looking at Kurt in the mirror

“I think that I’m going to beat your ass at Paperboy after I get out of these clothes,” Kurt said

“OMG Kurt,” Jubilee exclaimed

“Did you just swear?” you laughed

“Did I do it right?” Kurt asked

“You did perfect” you smiled “I'm proud.”


A/n: I hope you guys liked it! Again let me know if you want a part two, love you all! -G

A Special Pair of Gloves

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day Five

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Request: “could I request knitting Kurt a special pair of gloves because he was sad he couldn’t wear any?”

Warnings: None

You ran through the thick layer of snow to the front of Xavier’s mansion, Kurt right beside you. The two of you had just gotten back from a snowball fight with Scott and Jean, and you were both covered with snow.

As you opened the doors to allow you and Kurt in, you noticed Kurt’s hands were shaking and covered with ice and bits of snow.

“Are you okay?” you asked, motioning to his hands. Kurt nodded.

“I’m fine. It’s just I can’t wear gloves, so my hands get cold,” Kurt said sheepishly, a note of sadness to his voice.

Your eyes suddenly got wide, an idea coming to you as Kurt walked ahead of you into the mansion. You yelled a quick good bye, running down the hall to your room. You hurried into your room, stopping at your desk. You pulled some yarn from a drawer, along with some knitting needles. You then began to put your idea together string by string. It was hard work, figuring out how to make the fingers and what size to make them. You had to measure Kurt’s fingers at one point, the young blue mutant giving you a strange look the entire time. You had barely made it out without him figuring what you were doing.

But in a couple days, you had the final product. You held them out in front of you proudly. It was a pair of gloves with only three fingers, made perfectly for Kurt’s hands.

You tucked them into the sweater you were wearing, heading downstairs where Kurt, Jean, and Scott were waiting for you. You all had planned another snowball fight since a heavy snowfall had taken place the night before, the snow just the perfect temperature to form snowballs.

“Ready?” Scott asked when he saw you. You nodded, letting Jean and Scott walk out of the door first.

“Wait, Kurt,” you said before Kurt followed them. He stopped, giving you a puzzled look. You drew the gloves out carefully, presenting them to him with a smile. He reached forward slowly, picking them up.

“You- made gloves?” He asked, his eyes wide as he turned them over in his hands.

You nodded. “Ones that will fit you. So your hands won’t get cold.”

You watched nervously as Kurt pulled one on, worried they wouldn’t fit. But the glove fit perfectly, his fingers fitting comfortably in the soft knitted yarn.

He held his hands out in front of him, his mouth parted with surprise.

“Danke,” he breathed, giving you a grateful look.

You grinned grabbing one of his hands and pulling him toward the door. “Let’s go try them out.”

Outcast at Last

Anon asked: I’m not sure if you take requests, but if you do, i have one! Could you possibly do a Apocolypse! Kurt x Reader where he befriends the reader at the mall, but her parents are anti-mutant? And they hear so much about him that they tell her to invite him for dinner, but minor problem cause he’s blue and obviously a mutant. Ending is up to you! Hugs and kisses, Anon xoxo <if you don’t take requests, ignore this please!>

Kind of based off this song. I’m pretty drunk rn so this is probably trash. Let me know what you think xxxxxx

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Peter Maximoff Headcanons:

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-Soft speedy boy

-If Peter noticed you were down he’d zip outside and grab as many flowers from the garden as he could (much to Charles dislike) and hand you them

-If you wanted food….at 3:00. Late night runs to the store

-PiGGy bACk RIdes

-Honestly would probably fight anyone who talked shit to or about you

- “1v1 me bRo!” 

-Kurt and Scott being wingmen

-Fast nose kisses are his JAM (come on and slam and welcome to the jam)

-Jamming out to music. Top volume

-Pink Floyd for days

-wearing his band tees

-cuddling when he gets back from missions

-Making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid

-”Yo (Y/n) Scott dared me to see if I could fit my hand inside my mouth so watch me win 20 bucks!” 


-On the rare chance he’s actually tired or calm you wrap him up in a blanket and cuddle while watching movies

Nightmares (Kurt Wagner x reader)

Summary: Reader suprises Jonathan at NYU

Warnings: Its kinda sad? i guess

Word Count [NEW!] : 240

Request: Could you do like sweet cuddly headcanons and maybe ones about how he’d be with an S/o that has nightmares? -Kurt request anon Thank you!

  • Kurt was used to nightmares, so he never minded helping you with yours
  • he was a light sleeper so the second your nightmare started he could always tell
  • he’d first wake you up so you didn’t have to suffer any longer
  • he would first try to lead you in some breathing exercises
  • those never worked to calm you down, they just made you laugh because of how ridiculous he looked doing them
  • you two would just lay together and he’d rub your back using his tail
  • “Do you vant to talk about it?” for him it always helped if he talked about his nightmares, so if it worked for you he was willing to try it
  • he’d stay up with you all night if it made you feel better
  • if you guys stayed up, be prepared to go on a movie marathon and be exhausted the next day because neither of you slept
  • 3am trips to the kitchen are a must. you bake cookies and go through an entire tub of ice cream together
  • you guys would put on some music and sing as loud as you could, and there’s a good chance you’d piss off everyone trying to sleep
  • by the next morning you totally forgot about the nightmare because you had so much fun


Sorry this is kinda short! I don’t really know too much about nightmares, don’t get them often. I might do a part two, maybe with other xmen characters. If you want to be added to the tag list feel free to dm me! Requests are open, feel free to drop a request in my ask box. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine. Feedback is welcome and very wanted! Idk whats next im tired lol



AU #2: Telepathy Isn’t Special (2)

would you look at that, another soulmate au. man. y’know. like i should chill out. 

“So you can read the minds of those around you, as well as telekinesis, as it’s known?” You marvel, admiring the half embarrassed red haired girl before you. You’d forgiven her for the kidnapping, she just so happened to be the easiest way to get you here. The fact that they kidnapped you instead of just inviting you was infuriating, but then again, if you’d been invited to the X-Mansion under the pretence of translation you wouldn’t have believed it.

You’d have thought it was a trap to capture a new mutant, even if you knew they were good to your shared kind.

“Yeah, among other things… I sort of don’t know the limits of my powers right now.” She admits, embarrassment in the words and you can’t help feeling for her. “I mean, I’m seventeen and I can’t control myself like I’m ten.”

You sigh, empathising with the girl. Leaning forward, you set your elbows on your knees and meet her eyes with a forced mischievous sparkle. “What about your soulmate, though? How do you tell the difference between them and those around you?”

She bites her lip, a smile quirking her lips as she leans forward too.

“That’s just the thing, it’s like telling my own mind from a strangers. Sure, it’s hard sometimes to know what I’m thinking is me or if it’s being or been persuaded by an outsider in my head, but more often than not it’s a clear line.” She explains, holding her two hands out flat. “Mutants aren’t born mutants, you know.”

“Of course, it’s like growing boobs.” You agree instantly and she snickers, nodding happily.

“Right, but we’re all born with a soulmate. That’s what makes the soulmate phenomenon, don’t you agree? It’s not that there’s a random person out there that you’ve never met and knows nothing about you who is your perfect match. It’s that there’s a person out there who you might never have met, but they know you better than they know themselves. They’re there for every moment, every lesson and thought and fear.” Your eyes follow as she gestures, the movements small but still filled with her words. You beam, watching her lit up expression and pure happiness. You’d always loved that most about soulmates, not the perfect match or the innate best friend or even the worry free future love life, you loved the fact that every person lit up when they spoke of soulmates and the lore. “And that’s beautiful. It also sets him apart from every other thought in my mind. He’s been with me since I was born, and we don’t communicate the same way I hear the voices.” She pauses, glancing down at her hands before meeting your eyes excitedly. “Want to hear something amazing?”

“Always.” You answer instantly, suddenly itching to know exactly what she’ll say.

“We don’t speak to our soulmates in a known language.” She whispers, glancing around and you stare at her, frowning.


“See, unless you’re a telepath like the Professor and I, you’d never know. But say your soulmate is Japanese and he grew up in Japan, learned to speak Japanese and French but never English. Would you have trouble communicating with him?” She asks and you blink at her, your lips parting in surprise. “Exactly. You wouldn’t. It’s crazy but… I like to think it’s the first language. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before, like all the languages at once. And the fact that we’re all born with it? It’s just amazing.”

“Woah.” You whisper, staring at her with open amazement. “Wait, can I test a few older languages on you? A few of them are incomplete- though you probably wouldn’t know if I hadn’t said that. Just tell me which is closest to the one in our heads.”

“Yes.” She blurts, excitement in her eyes before she forcibly calms and attempts acting natural. You giggle at her, but start speaking anyway. As the words flow from your lips, you watch her reactions. Surprise, amazement, delight, focus, joy. “None of them sound any more like it than all the other languages I’ve heard.”

“Damn.” You grin and she laughs softly, only for her smile to steady and her expression to smooth.


“I’m here to give our Translator a tour. Show her her new office if she decides to stay, and of course return her to the Professor by six.” Alex answers, and your eyes travel his body slowly before coming to rest on his face and your breath catches. His eyes glow, like a midday sky and you can’t help the flutter in your chest as the sunlight catches on his hair. “We could use a languages teacher. Logan’s just not cutting it.”

The presence pushes at you roughly and you smile toward your knee.

I’m yours and you’re mine, you agree, softly possessive and you feel it warm at the sentiment.

“I’d love a tour, you coming Jean?” You ask, only for her eyes to light up and dart toward the doorway. A brunette boy passes through, shooting a smile to your companion before settling beside your new friend.

“I’m good.” She smiles, her gaze settling on you for barely a second before she’s focused on the boy beside her and you can’t help your jealously.

“C’mon.” Alex murmurs, more subdued than before and you eye him carefully.

“You haven’t met yours?” You ask gently and he sighs, smiling at you weakly before shrugging.

“We agreed to hold off for a while. You know, see if it happens naturally.” He explains and you nod, leaning toward the connection in your mind.

“They’re flirting with someone.” Kurt grits softly, frustration soaking the words and his tail whips agitatedly.

“Dude, it’s nothing.” Peter laughs, sharing a grin with Ororo.

“Truly, Kurt. They’re your soulmate.” She affirms, an affectionate look in her eye as she watches him pace. He glances up, looking for anything, a distraction so he won’t keep pushing at them for details. He doesn’t want to take them from their life, he just wants them to be his. All his, only his.

I’m yours, and you’re mine, the words bubble through his mind unbidden, drizzled in possession and affection and he smiles despite his mood. Ororo snickers and Peter sighs, rising and clapping him on the shoulder.

“See? You just can’t lose with soulmates.” He grins and Kurt beams, letting himself be pushed toward the couch, only for his bitterness to rise again. Alone. They’re alone with the person they were flirting with? He feels their frustration at him, that it wasn’t even flirting just admiration of a fine figure and he cringes. What would they think of his figure? A blue boy, eyes as bright as highlighter pen and with only three fingers.

“Perhaps you could.” He mumbles, eyes going to the window where he spots Alex with the translator they’d brought in. His stomach jerks at the sight of her and without thinking, he teleports himself toward them, not hearing Ororos words.

“Hello.” He pipes up, only for the new girl to plow straight into him.

“Oh no!” She yelps as they crash to the ground, her ending up sprawled over him. His mouth goes dry at the feeling and she scrambles off of him. “I’m so sorry!”

“All Kurts fault.” Alex says and she cringes, shooting the blonde haired man a sour look.


Read To Me

Kurt Wagner x Reader

Prompt : “You are ridiculously comfortable…”

A/N : Part of my writing challenge! Enjoy! 

Warning : Fluff. and lots of it! 

Originally posted by castello-branco

You were exhausted from training today with Jean. And all you wanted to do was run to your room and sleep. But as you walked passed the living room, you saw Kurt laying on the couch, alone. 

“Hey blue.” You muttered, walking over to him. 

He glanced up at you, his mind flustering, creating him to drop the tea he held with his tail. But before it could fall over him, creating a mess, you froze it with your powers. 

He flashed you a nervous grin, sitting straight, and placed his cup down onto the table. “T-Thank you.” He exhaled.

You shrugged your shoulders, and plopped down beside him. “No problem. So, what’re you reading?” 

By being so close, Kurt’s heart began to pound profusely. “T-The O-outsiders.” He hesitated. “P-Professor Xavier thought I-I Vould like it.”

“Oh! I love that book. Pony boy and Soda Pop. Right?” You chuckled. Making yourself comfortable, you decided to lay on him. Your head pressed against his chest. 

Kurt fell still, his breath shaking in the back of his throat. He wasn’t sure what to do or how to react. Especially around you. 

“You are ridiculously comfortable…” You exhaled, feeling your eyes grow heavy. 

Your words made him smile, knowing that you saw him for him and not some creature. It made him feel wanted. 

“Read to me.” You whispered. 

Kurt glanced down at you, a smile playing on his lips as he watched your head slightly move up every time he breathed. “O-Okay.” He muttered. 

As he began to read, you felt yourself give in to sleep. Your arm draped over him. Being with him, you felt safe. And hearing him soothed you. 

But before drifting into complete slumber, you whispered one last thing. 

“You’re pretty amazing.” You mumbled. 

In that moment, Kurt felt everything fall into place. As he looked down at you, his heart was now whole. And every bad thing that had happened, ceased to exist when he looked at you. 

As you lost the battle, and you were now lost in slumber, Kurt pushed the strand of hair out of your face, and smiled. 

“And you are the most beautiful girl in the world.” He whispered.


Jealous Kurt

Kurt x reader


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The pair of you often received looks when you were out together, varying from, curiosity to pity all the way through to disgust, it wasn’t something that really bothered Kurt too much anymore, after all he had lived his entire life this way, it wasn’t exactly a new thing for him, but it never failed to break his heart a little, each time they were aimed at y/n. She certainly didn’t deserve such treatment, but after months of reassurance y/n had managed to convince him that the occasional stare could never dampen the joy that she felt when she was with him.

Kurt reminded himself of this as the pair continued their peaceful stroll to the cosy restaurant, not too far from their home. Sensing his unease, y/n gave his three fingered hand a light squeeze, he offered her a slight smirk in return, before opening the door for her.

“table for two?’ the greeter asked as they approached the waiting area, ‘yes, thank you’ Kurt answered politely, before they were lead to a table, where a waiter pulled out y/n’s chair, as Kurt was going to the same. Kurt shook off his slight twinge of annoyance, settling himself down, and offering his lovely date a smile, allowing the points of his teeth to poke free, from his full blue lips, over the top of his menu.

The waiter soon returned, placing a long fingered hand on y/n’s shoulder while she placed her order, that same spark of annoyance mixed with a drop of putrid green jealously grew in kurts chest, as the undeniably attractive waiter flirted shamelessly with his partner, despite y/n reaching her delicate hand out to find kurts on top of the table, placing her hand over his.

Eventually he took his leave, sending a wink over his shoulder, which only added to the foul potion currently brewing in kurts chest. Y/n began stroking patterns on his hand, ‘are you alright sweetheart?’ he asked, his thick accent full of concern, at the sadness in her usual bright eyes. “oh, sorry, that waiter just made me feel a bit uncomfortable, I know I’m being silly.’ She murmured, Kurt furrowed his brow, ‘you’ve got nothing to apologize for darling, he was being inappropriate.’ He exclaimed slightly louder than he had intended, a light lavender blush spreading across his cheeks, as he checked over his shoulder to see if anybody else heard. Thankfully the members of staff were either chattering amongst themselves or bustling about, clearing tables.

Y/n gave him a light giggle at his actions, a welcome sound to kurts pointed ears. The pair chatted amicably, their hands still together, as they waited for their food.

The food arrived without much incident, aside from a slightly husky ‘enjoy’ from the waiter. The food was mouth-watering, perfectly prepared pasta carbonara, with deliciously creamy sauce.

After the couple had just about licked their plates clean, the waiter rather quickly reappeared asking a little too suggestively for kurts liking if y/n would like anything else, or if she was ready to go home.

Kurt desperately tried to push his jealousy down, gritting his teeth as he ground out a ‘no thank you, just the bill please.’ The waiter seemed to have finally pieced together that the pair were a couple when he came back to give them their bill, noticing kurts blue hand clasping y/n’s.

“you could do so much better, a pretty little thing like you with a freak like him’ he snorted maliciously, Kurt just about leapt out of his seat, drawing himself up to his full height, barring his pointed teeth and letting out a low growl, only for y/n to step between them, after calmly placing the money on the table.

“theirs nobody better than this gentleman, thank you for the meal, it was lovely, though I think you could improve on the treatment of your customers.’ Her voice was deadly calm, and was uttered with a threatening smirk on her beautiful face, before she took kurts hand, and walked proudly out of the restaurant together.


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Snowed In

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day Three

Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader

Request: “ Getting snowed in somewhere with Kurt Wagner and ending up cuddling in blankets by a fireplace would be really cute if you don’t mind :)”

Warnings: None

A/N: This is kind of short, I’m sorry!

You sighed, curling up in a large, stuffed chair in the library of Xavier’s. The windows were completely white, flurries of snow blocking any view. You shivered, tucking your arms around yourself. The mansion was quite cold, even with the burning fireplace right in front of you. The blizzard outside had come up without warning, trapping you and a few other mutants inside of the mansion. Luckily, most of the students had gone home for the holidays.

You craned your neck when you heard the library door open, revealing the young mutant Kurt. He held two steaming mugs in one of his hands, carefully balanced on his three fingers. IN his other arm, he held a ball of blankets. You smiled widely as he stepped in, setting down the mugs slowly on the table in front of you.

“You looked kind of cold,” Kurt said softly. You nodded, tucking your knees into your chest.

“It is quite freezing,” you said, rubbing your fingers together. You glanced out of the windows, a couple gusts of snow whipping past the window. Another shiver ran up your spine when you thought of the relentless cold that threatened to seep into the mansion at any moment, the wind rattling the windowpanes and making the very walls creak.

“I brought some hot chocolate,” Kurt said shyly, motioning toward the mugs. You leaned forward, picking one up. You wrapped your fingers around it, conserving every bit of possible warmth from the cup. You took a careful sip, the hot liquid sweet and filling your stomach pleasantly.

You scooted aside, allowing Kurt to sit beside you. He fluffed out the blankets he had brought, tucking them behind the two of you. You grasped the corner of one, wrapping the soft material around you. Kurt took his own mug, settling back into the chair. Once he had gotten comfortable, you scooched into his side, curling under his arm. His side was warm against your cheek, your eyes half-shut lazily. You could faintly hear his heartbeat, the rhythmic thuds lulling you into a drowsy state.

The flames in the fireplace crackled and popped, sending bright orange sparks into the air. You took another sip of the hot chocolate, savoring every drop of the drink. Kurt sighed, snaking an arm around your shoulders and pulling you even closer. He made sure the blanket remained tucked around you, protecting you from the relentless cold from the blustery winter storm that raged on outside.

“Thank you, Kurt,” you said quietly.

Kurt pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head, a gentle thumb rubbing absent minded circles on your shoulder as he did so. “Of course.”

Sweet Escape

Summery: An AU where Kurt’s foster mother has passed, leaving him with little to stand between him and the cruel, greedy plots of the circus manager. However, when you go to the circus and see him being mistreated, you know you have to intervene.

A.N: This is officially the longest fanfic I have written in a long, long time. I was reading Kurt’s updated origin comic with the phantom of the opera soundtrack fresh in my mind, which gave birth to this AU. I just got really inspired and had to write it! I don’t know if this idea appeals to anyone else but if you do like it please let me know if your interested in more! I may make it into a mini series if others take a shine to it <33

Warnings: Verbal abuse and mentions of physical/emotional abuse

You were surprised at how nervous you were, you supposed it was mostly the over excitement. You had never been to anything like a circus before, but when you heard they’d be in town you purposefully saved what little money you could to go. The colorful tents, the exotic animals, the eccentric people, it all fascinated you to no end.

You had spent the last of your extra money on seeing the trapeze act in the big tent so you were searching for something free to do before you left. The act had amazed you, though as you left you over heard two men saying it wasn’t as good as it used to be. Something about a blue devil who used to make the act the most unique of all. You shrugged the comment off however, when you saw a group of eager patrons heading towards a specific tent.

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Funkytown (Kurt Wagner x reader)

Summary: Kurt finds out what disco is, and falls in love with the genre.

Warnings: None I can think of.

Request: Ok, so I recently discovered your blog, and I love it. I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a kurt wagner story thingymabober, were its set in x men: apocalypse. It can be any prompt, you decide.

Kurt loved America. The food, the people, the fashion, the larger than reality malls. But what he loved the most was the music. Granted, the first time he heard the American pop, he didn’t understand the lyrics. However now he bops his head with the music, singing along under his breath.

He wasn’t picky with his music, and the 80s had no shortage of fun music. Kurt would listen to practically everything on the radio, even the occasional country music. He loved listening to the upbeat 50s classics about love; from Doris Day, to Nat Cole King. But what intrigued the blue mutant the most was disco.

The first time he heard the genre was at the mall, it played over the loudspeakers, and most people payed no mind to the music. But Kurt had never heard anything like that before.

“Ah! (Y/n), vhat is zhis song? I’ve never heard anyzhing like it before!” you had never seen Kurt so intrigued by a song. He bopped his head along with the fast beat, and his tail swayed too. Standing in the crowded foodcourt, he received a few looks, but he payed no mind. A soft giggle escaped your lips as you stared at your boyfriend.

“I think the song’s called Funkytown, not sure who it’s by though, I know it’s disco, but I just can’t remember who it’s by!” you stood there trying to remember who sang the song, when you felt Kurt grab your hand and pull you away. “Kurt? Where are we going?”

“To find more disco!”

The two of you ended up outside the music store, Kurt looking more excited than ever before. He pulled you through the aisles where boxes filled with records and cassette tapes, to the aisle labeled “Disco”. He started pulling out records haphazardly, not even looking at who it was by, just grabbing whatever he could.

“Whoa Kurt, slow down for a second. Let’s choose wisely, records aren’t cheap,” gently grabbing his hand, you directed him to carefully look through the records, and you helped him choose a few records from Earth Wind and Fire, The Jackson 5, and Whitney Houston. You two payed for the records and headed out, Kurt ever so excited to listen to some more disco.


Thank you for reading! Requests are open, feel free to drop a request in our ask box. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine. Feedback is welcome and very wanted! A Jonathan x reader fanfiction will be up next!



@noeypiiepiie:  Can you please do 2 for Kurt Wagner (x Female reader)

2. “Did.. Did you just touch my butt?”

(idk if this should be tagged as nsfw??? but things r just a lil steamy in the beginning)


Kurt’s tongue glided against your lower lip, asking for permission. You complied without hesitation. Tangling your hand in his hair, he let out a small moan.

It was very rare that you and Kurt shared moments like this. He preferred to take things slow, and you, of course, respected his wishes. However, it was he who initiated things this time. You didn’t question it though. You were too distracted by the feeling of his hands gripping your waist, keeping you steady. You threw your head back, while he started to kiss down your neck. He began to nip on the skin gently.

And then he paused, as if contemplating his next move. You could sense his hesitation. You were about to ask what was wrong, but then you felt it.

“Kurt..” You started. “Did.. Did you just touch my butt?

He blushed profusely.

“Uh, I, vell, I,” he stammered. “P-Peter and Scott said z-zhat girls like zhat stuff, so I-”

You kissed the tip of his nose, silencing him.

“You actually listened to Peter and Scott?” You laughed.

“V-vell, yes. I-I just didn’t want you to be bored, so I-”

“Kurt.” You spoke, cupping his cheek. “We do things how we want to. Not how anybody else says. Alright?”

He nodded, giving you a small smile.

“But just in case you’re wondering, you are always welcome to touch my butt.” You winked.

You had never seen a blueberry turn so red.


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Hide, Seek and Kiss

Anonymous requested: “Hiya! Can I please request a Nigthcrawler (X-men) imagine? Something fluffy if possible?”

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting this request for another month, and even though I have other requests, I had sudden motivation to write this (and I may have gone a bit over the top with other 1000 words). Who needs revision anyway? Enjoy!

Summary: Nightcrawler x Reader. You get convinced to play hide and seek with the kids at the manor and you and Kurt find yourself in a compromising position. Should you admit your feelings and go for it? Why not?

Word Count: 1,183 Words


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Temptation. [Kurt Wagner Oneshot].

A/n- I worked really hard on this, so any reblogs/likes are really appreciated!

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Title: Temptation.
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader.
Words: 1803.
Rating: M(Mild Smut).

The passed few minutes seemed like a giant blur for you. If asked when you tore off your boyfriend’s bright, orange, Thriller inspired jacket, you couldn’t specify, but you could tell them that it was dangling on the lamp, perched on the side table beside his bed. You couldn’t even remember what spurred this sudden make-out session in his bed either. You could have been arguing over something pitiful, something childish, or you could have just been bored.

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Wordcound: 1,092

Summary: Your boyfriend Kurt gets a little jealous of Pietro flirting with you.

“I’m gonna punch him straight on his nose!”  Kurt groaned as his tail moved from one side to another while you tried to hold him back, placing your hands on his chest. He sure was a cinnamon roll. However, he wasn’t fond of people messing with him, or something he thought belonged to him.

“Kurt, you have to relax! You know he only likes to tease you!” you said, trying to calm him down.

“Nein! Das hurensohn-“ he got cut by you, placing a kiss on his lips. That sure should make a difference.

As you prepared yourself to pull back, he grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer once more.  After a while, he pulled back from the kiss and pressed his forehead against yours.

“Sorry, mein liebe. It’s just not fair Pietro goes around flirting vith your like he has the right to do so” he pouted as he looks down.

“I think it’s just a little revenge for you pranking him nonstop, Kurt” you cup his cheek to make him meet your gaze. “And I think making his hair go green went straight to his pride” you chuckle as you recalled Pietro’s expression when he met everyone at the mansion with his new green hair. Kurt laughed a bit, remembering all the fuzz.

“Ja, I guess you’re right. Still, he should take it on me, not on you… Vhat if you-“  you cut him again by kissing him once more.

“Whatever you’re afraid of, it’s not gonna happen. I’m with you, Kurt, not with Pietro” you smiled kindly at him. “Let him have his revenge. If he goes over the line, I’ll stop him. I promise” you assure him.

“Ich liebe dich, mein liebe” he kissed softly your forehead.

You sat with Kurt to watch a movie at the mansion, enjoying finally some time alone between your responsibilities and Kurt’s missions.

“I’m going to get somezhing to drink. You want anyzhing?” he said as you move, backing from his shoulder where you rested your head.

“Just some water, please. Will you pause the movie?”

“Nein. Keep watching it, I’ll be back soon” Kurt said right before ‘bamf-ing’.

“Not fast enough” Pietro smiled and winked an eye at you as he placed one arm around you and sat on Kurt’s spot. “What movie are we watching, sweetheart?” he said as he pulled you closer.

“Drei are a multitude, Maximoff. Piss off!” Kurt showed up, eyebrows knitted and tail tense, ready to fight.

“Relax, dude! I was just keeping your sit warm…” he said raising his hands up, like surrendering.  “…Perhaps I’m too big for it” he finished looking at you with a smirk as he got up and disappeared as fast as he appeared.

“Ja, fatass” Kurt groaned as he placed himself back next to you with a ‘bamf’.

“Crap! I forgot my phone inside the car. Meet you at the kitchen!” you yelled at Kurt as you stepped back outside the mansion to get to your car. Once you got it and you began to walk back, you felt like a tornado around you, followed by a light tickle on your left ear. As you touch the source of the funny feeling, you discover a flower. A cute little daisy, actually, decorating and framing your face and head. Pietro ran over to take your hand and kiss it gently.

“The flower looked beautiful before I picked it up. Now it looks jealous of YOUR gorgeous being” he bowed as he took your hand in between his, approaching them to his chest.

You feel your cheeks blushing at his comment. A bit too corny, but it sure took you by surprise. Right before you can say anything, the smell of sulfur fills your nose.

“A daisy? Really? A country full of roses wouldn’t even get close to the beauty you have in front of your eyes, Pietro” Kurt said as he shook his head in disapproval, taking the little flower to take a closer look at it, before putting it again back over your ear.

“C’mon, Kurt! It was a harmless compliment” Pietro excused himself shrugging. “Can you blame me after all?” he said looking at you, straight in the eye before leaving. You tried to avoid eye contact, but you kept it long enough to make Kurt notice and get concerned about it.

Kurt looked a little down, maybe still concerned you could develop feelings for Pietro. You held his hand and gave him a little hug. “Next time, we’ll teach him not to mess with us, handsome… And thank you very much for that compliment. That was very sweet” you blushed again, more intense this time. Kurt smiled and kissed you softly.

“Show him” he said in a rather dark way before chuckling.

“Kurt! Guys! WAIT!” Kitty yelled across the hall as she reached over to you two. “Listen, I overheard Pietro and Scott saying he would try to kiss you to make Kurt lose it. Scott bet he wouldn’t and now it’s more than just personal… I just wanted to keep you guys warned” Kitty finished.

“If he touches you, I promise I’ll splat his ugly face all over zhe floor and use his horrible gray hair to mop the bathroom!” Kurt said, hissing. You raised a hand, which caught his attention. A mean look crossed your face. “I’ve got this. And after today, he’ll never bother us again” you told him with a mean grin, holding his hand.

As you and Kurt chatted with some other X-Men, Pietro rushed over to make a little chaos there before showing everyone a picture taken of him kissing you at high speed while he made a mess there.

“In your face, Summers!” he bragged over to Scott, and pretty much everyone who heard.

“It doesn’t count! It was made fast!” Scott said to defend himself.

“You knew the conditions! I do everything fast!” Pietro bragged once more.

And then, it was the perfect moment to strike back.

“Well, I guess that explains why you can’t keep a girlfriend satisfied, Quicksilver…” you said loud enough to make everyone near aware of your comment.

Pietro looked over at you, embarrassed and flustered. There was no way out right now. Blushing to the very tip of his gray hair, he ran away to somewhere else.

“Told you I could handle it” you smirked at Kurt, proud of your skills.

“And I told you I love you, liebling” he said wrapping his arm around your shoulders, and his tail around your leg.

[Request by @queenbae22. Thank you! Hope you enjoy it! :D]

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AU #2: Telepathy Isn’t Special (3)

lookit. threeeeeee

You stare at the blue boy you’d accidentally crushed, his skin almost glowing matte under the midday sun and you can’t help the flutter in your heart. Trying to force down the feeling, lest your soulmate notice it and get upset, you hold out your hand to the young man now that he’s on his feet.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” You smile, gaping as he sets his hand in yours and shakes it firmly, his smile wide. Three fingers. “That’s so curious!”

“What? Oh.” He frowns, eyeing his hand as if he’d never seen it before and you can’t help giggling softly. Gently and slowly, you take it in your hand, eyeing him for permission and he smiles softly. You trace a finger over his nails, harder and thicker than any you’ve ever seen on a human, let alone his skin and the lack of ten fingers.

“You’re so pretty.” You murmur, your cheeks flushing at the slip up. “Sorry, uh… It’s true?”

“Thank you.” He smiles, displaying teeth unlike your own and you can’t help yourself from marvelling at him.

“Any reason for this Kurt?” Alex sighs and you glance from him to the blue boy, only to bristle inwardly. Your soulmate is aflutter for someone. Grimacing, you try to keep yourself from shoving at their mind. It’s nothing. You’re soulmates. Whoever this is that they’re all up in arms about, it’s not their soulmate. Before you, Kurt winces mid-sentence and you feel apology burn through your mind, only for the apology to turn sour.

Kurts expression darkens as he finishes the sentence, as if he’s waging a battle inside. Staring at him for a long moment, you realize Alex is speaking again and you haven’t heard a word.

“What do you think?” Alex asks you and you nod hurriedly, forcing a smile and heading in the direction he gestures, Kurt at your side. “You’ll have free rein over the space, we know it’s a big ask but if you could take on some classes, it’d be a great favour.”

“Of course.” You answer instantly, smiling at him. “Most of my work is remotely done so I’d be happy to help out.”

“You’d be reimbursed for your relocation costs.” He adds but you wave him off.

“The people who ask for my services more often than not have deep pockets.” You shrug and he eyes you with a small smile. Kurt seethes at your side and it reminds you of your bitter soulmate. It’s not your fault.

“Here it is.” Alex smiles, opening a door with a frosted glass window and you stare at the completely empty room curiously. “Charles likes to give the faculty decorative rein over their spaces. The student’s rooms and classrooms are all semi uniform but a teachers office is generally just for them, you know?”

“It’s perfect.” You grin, smiling happily at the two men.

“We know as well that you’re quite young, you’ve finished all your schooling?”

“Oh yeah.” You nod, your fingers lacing before you as you move to the middle of the room and eye the space happily. “I finished a few years ahead, I’m about his age, actually.”

You nod to Kurt, who smiles distractedly and you frown at him gently.

“Fantastic.” A pager beeps at his side and he grimaces, glancing at it before offering you an embarrassed and apologetic look. “I’ve got to go. Charles would love to speak with you around three but its optional. And tomorrow you and I can go pick up some furnishings for this room. All good?”

“Perfect.” You smile, stepping closer and capturing the wrist of Kurt. “Kurt here will direct me around.”

“Sure.” Kurt murmurs and Alex hesitates but smiles and waves, hurrying down the hallway. You beam at Kurt, who frowns at you hesitantly.

Still smiling at him, you reach toward you soulmate and you watch his eyes go faraway as your soulmate reaches back.

I’m sorry, you whisper to their mind and a small, sad smile flickers on Kurts lips. You can’t help watching this with fascination, the secret still hidden in your mind where he hasn’t yet reached.

Me too, your soulmate, Kurt if you’re right, answers with a softness.

“What’s your mutation, other than all this?” You ask, gesturing to his outer self casually. Releasing his wrist you cross to the window that faces the door, beaming as you see it looks across the pond in the back.

“I, uh, can teleport.” He answers and you whirl to him in delighted surprise.

“No way, show me!” You order excitedly, nearly shivering with delight. “Is it just you or can you make things teleport?”

He appears across the room in a cloud of blue black smoke and you gape delightedly. “Just me, or someone else if they’re touching me.”

You nod slowly, your lips twitching happily. He’s your teleportation opposite. You, who can move the world but not herself. And him, who can move himself but not the world. “Have you found your soulmate?”

“No, I haven’t.” He sighs, expression falling and your heart suddenly aches awfully.

“Is that bad?” You mumble, your knowledge sticking in your throat even as you see the sadness in him.

“It is quite troublesome; I do desire to meet whoever they are. But we… While we share much, we have never shared our details, for some reason. It has never come up.” He shrugs, staring at the hardwood of your floor and you nod slowly.

“Would you want to meet them, if you could?”

“More than anything.” He answers instantly, a gleam of desperation in his eye that he can’t mask, even as he laughs weakly and smiles. You feel his mind brush against yours, as if reminding himself that you’re there.


Without thinking, you call for him and his head snaps up, glancing toward you then to the door.

“Did you-”

Speak to you? You ask, biting your lip. “I did.”

Shaking his head, he stares at you with wide eyes. Blinking for a moment, he seems to startle out of his stillness and appears in front of you in a cloud of dark smoke.


i know its shorter but suddenly i’m bored lol