kurt x dave

And finally, How to Draw Nightcrawler.

Nightie’s face is always in shadow. It’s an effect he creates himself. Do it like Wally Wood dramatic lighting, but from the front view the whole forehead is dark. 

Nightie has fangs, upper and lower. Be subtle, just leave white ‘breaks’ or ‘gaps’…big, blatant teeth make him look ridiculous!

Nightcrawler stands about 5′10″ but may look a bit shorter because he doesn’t stand up straight.

Nightie’s hands are the same size and proportions as normal human hands. The fingers are thick, & spaced wide apart. 

The tail is connected to the base of the spine…it DOES NOT grow out of his ass!

The tail is prehensile, by the way…

When drawing Nightie from the front DO NOT connect the tail directly to the crotch. You’ll give the code fits & John Romita ulcers!!