kurt would probably not actually wear that

Peter Maximoff Headcanons:

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-Soft speedy boy

-If Peter noticed you were down he’d zip outside and grab as many flowers from the garden as he could (much to Charles dislike) and hand you them

-If you wanted food….at 3:00. Late night runs to the store

-PiGGy bACk RIdes

-Honestly would probably fight anyone who talked shit to or about you

- “1v1 me bRo!” 

-Kurt and Scott being wingmen

-Fast nose kisses are his JAM (come on and slam and welcome to the jam)

-Jamming out to music. Top volume

-Pink Floyd for days

-wearing his band tees

-cuddling when he gets back from missions

-Making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid

-”Yo (Y/n) Scott dared me to see if I could fit my hand inside my mouth so watch me win 20 bucks!” 


-On the rare chance he’s actually tired or calm you wrap him up in a blanket and cuddle while watching movies

ML Heathers AU

Hear me out.

Marinette as Veronica
Lila as Heather Chandler
Chloe as Heather McNamara
Sabrina as Heather Duke
Kim as Kurk and Nino as Ram
Alya as Martha
And of course, Adrien as J.D

But here’s where it’s different.

It’s not like most AUs, instead it’s a Musical/Actor AU where said characters above are in the Musical Heathers. Now let’s go through some headcanons.

•Well for one, Marinette’s voice is beautiful already so of course she was the star of the show, chosen to play as Veronica Sowyer.
•Adrien looks fan-fucking-tastic in black so that’s a no brainer on who he was gonna play as.
•Chloe, Sabrina and Lila are already mythic bitches so that was also a super easy choice for the director.
•Kim is already the jock character so he fits in perfectly as Kurt and Nino is only Ram because Alya is Martha. (This is for my own enjoyment sorry)
•Ms. Bustier would probably play as Mrs. whatsherface because they couldn’t cast anyone else.
•Now getting past the casting details, the actual story itself.
•Adrien plays the role of a genocidal mentally ill emo kid wayyyy too well to the point it’s almost unnerving, especially since his mom may actually be dead so… yeahhh
•Marinette looks fucking dope in her blue outfit, wearing her hair down until the very last song.
•Chloe insisted being Heather McNamara since she gets to wear the yellow outfit even though she fits the role of Heather Duke wayyy better.
•Also cue the distant squeals of fangirls during the songs; Seventeen, Our Love Is God and of course, Dead Girl Walking.
•Marinette is SUPERRR not ready for the D.G.W scene, to the point where she almost can’t do it.
•After a few encouraging words (and let’s face it, demands from Chloe) Marinette finally gets the guts to nearly fuck Adrien on stage. Yeahhhh you can see why she’d be nervous.
• ^^ Alya having to resist from filming the whole thing.
• ^^ Additionally, Nino telling her “That’s porn you can’t record that, perv.”
•It takes them nearly three weeks of rehearsals to finally get through that scene without; laughing, forgetting their lines, messing up in general and getting the actions down.
•After like a week of rehearsals, their “stage kisses” turn into real ones, not that anyone really notices or cares.
•Kim and Nino killing themselves laughing during the scene where they get killed in their underwear, even Adrien can barely keep a straight face during his solo.
•Kim and Nino also probably laughing way too much during the song “Blue”.
•Messing up/forgetting lines and having someone off stage shout them out. Marinette is the most forgetful person when it comes to lines.
•She also is super clumsy so accidents of running into people and tripping during dance scenes in “Big Fun” and “Shine a Light” are a given.
•Not long after the live shows begin, Marinette and Adrien actually start dating.
•A running joke that the cast has backstage is they all burst into song singing at the top of their lungs (yes even the girls) “YOU MAKE MY BALLS SO BLUEEEE”
•And sometimes when they’re doing a scene and one of them messes up, they’ll just whisper really softly under their breath “Well fuck me softly with a chainsaw” and have to retry the scene.
•Another one that Marinette likes to say that makes Adrien laugh every time is “SON OF A BITCH”
•Basically the cast just likes to quote lines during rehearsals.
•Every freaking time they run the song “Shine a Light reprise” where it’s Heather McNamara trying to commit suicide, they always have a entire container of tic-tacs that they all share.

This is getting too long but you get the gist!

Klaine one-shot - “Kittens and Cuddles” (Rated NC17)

While Blaine helps his Dom sort through some boxes of old “toys”, he comes across something that he’s never seen before…and Kurt decides it’s a perfect opportunity to teach his sub something new.

(Written for my Take Me Over verse, but can be read alone…and I think if you’re interested in true D/s relationships with any kind of variety, you should read this as it covers a lot of D/s aspects that are not often seen - an older-than-in-their-twenties D/s couple, a Dom and sub engaging in something closer to ‘play’ than hardcore BDSM, Blaine identifying more as a switch, Kurt being a dominant but an acknowledgement that he plays the switch for Blaine, Kurt using verbal commands to keep Blaine bound instead of cuffs, and Dom Kurt initiating pet play with the use of a tail. Also, pseudo-genderfluidity on Kurt’s part. And then 69 with Kurt’s cat persona.)

Read on AO3.

“Okay”- Blaine looked at the line of boxes Kurt had taken down from his closet, accompanied by three, brand new, empty boxes waiting to be filled – “what are we doing here?”

“Well…” Kurt crouched low, labeling the first of the three empty boxes with a black Sharpie while he explained, “I absolutely have to lighten my load here. I have discovered that I’m a sex toy hoarder.”

Blaine chuckled. “And that’s a bad thing why?”

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fic: Want To Fall Inside Your Ghost

{skank!kurt/badboy!blaine au - a sequel to this} Because Kurt finds it hard to get to grips with the fact that he has someone there. // AO3 ~5.6k 


There are some days where Kurt can stroll down the McKinley school corridor, a smirk on his face and head held high as people turn their backs to him and avoid his gaze. Where Kurt gets a sense of pride as he strides through the school and people cower from him. There are some days where he feels powerful.

But there are other days when Kurt finds it hard to put one foot in front of the other as he makes his way between classes and when he cannot stand the looks he receives from his classmates and the whispers behind his back (because they’d never say it to his face). He wonders if it would’ve been better if he was one of those singing, dancing, ‘be true to yourself’ glee kids, but then he’ll turn a corner and see one of them with a face full of ice cold slushie and is so very glad that he is who he is; that ‘skank’, Kurt Hummel, friends with that Fabray girl who got pregnant sophomore year and was never the same since.

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Prompt: klaine au wheelchair kurt dog owner blaine at thr park

~1700 words, PGish, fluff of the highest water.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” Kurt mumbled, navigating around clusters of people with children and pets as he made his way through Central Park. A typically easy task, yes, but not for someone currently confined to a wheelchair, which Kurt unfortunately was.

“Why did you think this would be a good idea, Hummel?” he asked himself as he finally got to the paved-over pavilion he’d been rolling toward for a solid twenty minutes. “You didn’t think to bring your painkillers, it took you twice as long to just get out of your apartment building, much less make it here, and for what? To sit and watch people give you pitying looks while they- ack!”

Kurt’s epic soliloquy of discontent was cut off by a giant golden retriever bounding up to him, placing its front paws in his lap, and starting to lick his face merrily, heedless of his flails and weak shoves.

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