kurt rampton

As an industrial design consultancy, we work collaboratively with our clients’ marketing and R&D teams, helping them realize their vision. With Gigs 2 Go, we had a chance to execute a vision that was entirely our own. This gave us an opportunity to express with clarity a concept that is not market driven, but idea driven. And we were able to infuse our values into the product, like sustainability and collaboration. We never imagined it might end up in a museum design store, especially one as venerable as MoMA. But we always aspire to create products that can be admired for their beauty and cleverness in addition to their utility.
—  Kurt Rampton on his Kickstarter-funded Gigs 2 Go being in the MoMA Design Store. Gigs 2 Go is one of 24 products highlighted in a collaboration between the MoMA Design Store and Kickstarter.