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Updated: August 7th, 2017

** = new

Peter Parker

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A Better Spider-Man -Y/N and Peter are on a date, he sees trouble and tells her to stay, but she followed and gets hurt

Best Friends -Y/N is best friends with Peter, they both have untold feelings for the other

Chemistry - Y/N has a major crush on peter and they turn out to be lab partners

Cute Fall Things With Peter Parker Would Include… -Kinda self explanatory I guess

Deal With The Devil - Peter discovers that his new neighbor Y/N is the city’s new villain

I Love You - Y/N thinks that Peter is cheating on her so she goes to his home to confront him about it, while learning about his secret

**Kissed By An Angel- Peter kisses one of his best friends, Y/N Stark, but her father catches them

Love Conquers All -Peter and Y/N keep their relationship from her dad, Tony Stark

**Lost - Y/N is saved by her friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, realizing that the hero is her boyfriend 

Midnight Talks  //  Part Two  //  Part Three - Spidey decides to visit Y/N late at night, listening to her vent about her crush Peter

Rivals?   //   **Part Two- Peter’s hatred for Tony Stark’s daughter, Y/N, isn’t what it seems

Savior - Peter learns that his lifelong best friend is a superhero after a night of fighting crime with her alter ego

Snacks and Roses -Y/N decides not to go to Homecoming and her crush, Peter Parker, joins her

Spiders With Books   //  Part Two - Fate pushes Y/N and Peter together, along with a handful of books

There For You - Peter had noticed how distant Y/N has been and had decided to confront her

Unbearable - Y/N Stark thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, Liz Allen

**Warmth - Peter has a nightmare where the Vulture kills her. H runs to her apartment in search for some form of comfort 

Webs - Y/N has lost her new dog and has been distressed until Spider-Man gets her pet back to her

1-800-Spidey   //   Part Two  -Y/N Stark began to fall in love with Spider-Man, Peter slips up and she discovers his secret identity 


Alex Summers

Yes you idiot! -In which Alex proposes 

Hank McCoy

burnt toast -Hank tries to make is girlfriend breakfast, and fails

Logan Howlett

when you steal his clothes

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