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“Halftime” - Kurt/Blaine

because Blaine loves football and Kurt loves scarves

and because I’m a helpless little monster

self-indulgent (as helllll) fluff about Gaga’s concert at the sports thing. thank you @whatstheproblembaby​ for info about the actual game lmao 

1500 words | AO3

“Mark my words, Anderson: you’re gonna owe me $50 when this is all over. Falcons have the lead and they’re not letting it go.” 

Blaine shakes his head and sets three cold beers and a fresh, warm bowl of cheese dip on the coffee table as he rejoins his in-laws in front of the TV. “Oh, I’m just ‘Anderson’ when there’s a game on the line, huh?” 

“You’re just ‘Anderson’ whenever you’re in a Patriots jersey,” Burt laughs, elbowing Blaine just hard enough to tip him over a little on the couch. 

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Fearlessly Day 2

We’re back for day 2 of Fearlessly’s SPOTLIGHT. Happy reading. 

Day 2: Recs!

It was really hard choosing the stories I wanted to recommend because all the fic in my catalogue are special to me for different reasons. And, I would like all of my stories to be read, so coming up with a list of only five was tough. Anyway, without further ado and in no particular order:

1. Anywhere You Want to Take Me - Series

I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) single out any particular story from this dom!Kurt / sub!Blaine series, so I am recommending the whole lot of them. Currently, there are ten instalments with many more to come. The thing I like most about this series is the dynamic between Kurt and Blaine. They are in an established relationship, very much equals, irrevocably in love, and really enjoy their playroom.


Inspiration has come from all the wonderful dom/sub fanfiction I have read. D/s is a favourite trope of mine, so naturally I wanted to try my hand at writing it, and found that I enjoy it very much.


Kurt arrived in the loud and still very crowded club to find Blaine lying on top of the bar shirtless, with an array of women and men surrounding him. He had a wedge of lime in his mouth and a trail of salt from his navel to the low-rise waist of his pants. A pretty blonde was just about to lick the salt off when Kurt squeezed her shoulder and dragged her off of him. “Party’s over! Shoo!”

The crowd scattered reluctantly. Kurt’s eyes darkened as he looked down at the mess that was his husband. His chest was wet with saliva and alcohol. His curls were dishevelled and decorated with confetti, which would have been cute under different circumstances, his eyes were shiny and glazed over, and his pants had wet blotches from spilled alcohol… — taken from the sixth instalment, You and Me .

 2. The Road Not Taken

 his neighbours!Klaine story was written in response to a prompt in the Glee Prompt Meme and in correlation with Five Years of Klaine. What I like most about this story is the fact that neither Kurt nor Blaine is perfect. They make mistakes, but at the same time, won’t settle for less than what they really want – which is, each other.

Inspiration: Inspiration came from bird_in_a_cage’s fabulous prompt:

“Kurt moves into the apartment across from Blaine’s, and they are both immediately intrigued by each other. Trouble is Blaine got engaged just the week before Kurt’s arrival.”

I would also like to point out that she offered a “bonus for wall-sex scene”. Who was I to deny that?


It took a while for Blaine’s brain to register that Kurt was talking to him because, Holy Mother of God, was the man in front of him a sight to behold. The sheen of sweat that covered his pale skin made him look even more radiant. The white tee shirt he wore was a little grimy from the boxes, but that added to the appeal. And that throat … that milky throat, which moments ago was on full display working as it swallowed water, made Blaine forget all about the fact that he was an engaged man because all he wanted to do in that moment was push Kurt into the wall and fuck him senseless.

3. Our Life

 This was the very first daddies!Klaine fic that I wrote, so that alone makes it special to me. What I like most about it is that it follows Kurt and Blaine through their ups and downs, starting from when their first child is born to when their children leave the nest and become young adults themselves. Another reason I like this one is because it is the first fic where I involved other Glee characters and ships as supporting storylines. It was a fun one to write and I’ve often thought about creating a series of one-shots to compliment it.

Inspiration: After watching “Dreams Come True” and seeing that Klaine remained loving husbands, had successful careers, and were about to become parents, I knew I had to write my version of the events that followed, because even though we got so much Klaine in the series finale, there was so much that was missing.


Kurt, Blaine, and Zavier stood in their living room and watched as Dalton and Jeremy descended the stairs. Kurt already had tears in his eyes and, when he saw the couple all dressed up, he couldn’t stop them from falling. Blaine, who was equally emotional, put his arms around Kurt’s shoulders as he saw the boys in their graduation suits. They were both perfectly tailored – of course; Kurt had made sure they were. Their suits were black with crisp white shirts. Jeremy’s was accented with a plum coloured tie and kerchief. Dalton had chosen a deep cherry colour.

“You guys look so handsome,” Kurt whispered. “Come. I need to get a picture.” Dalton and Jeremy clasped hands and stood at the foot of the stairs. By now, they knew the drill. Kurt liked to get multiple pictures from every angle possible. They posed and smiled while Zavier, in true Zavier fashion, photo bombed them at every opportunity he got.

4. My Greatest Joy

I chose this story to share with you because it was a pretty difficult one for me to write. I am proud that I was able to finish it. Also, it ticks a lot of different boxes – there’s a big dose of “romangst” - heavy on the angst, as well as hurt / comfort, daddies!Klaine, and a few kick-ass supporting characters, including Auntie Tina and none other than Lord Tubbington.

Inspiration: I’m not sure any particular thing or person inspired this story. I think it was just my desire to write a dose of (fictional) reality and some angst.


They sat beside each other in silence, but with their hands clasped together. It had been a long time since they held hands. Blaine really couldn’t remember the last time. He had always loved the feeling it gave him – of love … of friendship … of belonging. The physical union was a symbol of them belonging to each other. It reminded him of a time when they had been best friends. They laughed. They kissed. They made love … they were in love.

And then it all changed. He knew that the hand holding wouldn’t last. Once the doctors told them that Bea would be okay and Kurt felt safe again, he would take his hand away and that would be it. Blaine knew, but right now his husband’s hand was clutched in his and he wasn’t going to let it go until Kurt forced him to. He squeezed it just a little tighter and caressed his thumb over Kurt’s knuckles…

5. Let Me Hold Your Hand

This fic is one of my favourites of mine. It is heavy on the Blangst, hurt/comfort, and has a nice dose of the biggest Klaine shipper of them all, Burt Hummel. It is also the first fic in which I used / wrote flashbacks.

Inspiration: This story idea stemmed after I re-watched “A Wedding” and wondering what would have happened if Kurt had said no? What if he hadn’t agreed to spontaneously marry Blaine? That was the seed of the story and it just grew from there.


Kurt knew those eyes by heart. He knew when they were happy or excited or sad or in pain – but he had never seen them like this. He saw pain but also something so much worse - devastation.

Blaine cried unabashedly. His voice was pleading and hysterical, “Kurt, this is it. Everything… we’ve worked so hard for… ends right now. Is that really what you want?”

His hazel irises searched for any signs of recant from Kurt. When Kurt remained silent, he added with a sob, “Because… I love you… so much - but if you walk away from me now… know that it will be for the last time.”

Blaine struggled to stay upright. He could barely breathe but forced himself to continue. “Because my heart will not survive this time; I will never be able to love again – not you, not anyone.”       

Klaine fic - “The Summoning - Part 2″ (Rated NC17)

Kurt has just been jilted by his long-time boyfriend for the last time, and he’s going to do something about it. (2851 words this chapter)

So, I know that this story has kind of been on hiatus, but after seeing Darren Criss as The Music Meister on The Flash, it kind of kicked my brain back into gear. I hope to have more of this up when I can, but I hope you enjoy this second part. Let me know in the tags. The more comments I get, the more I’ll write <3 Inspired by the photo above. Warnings for sexual content, what might be considered dub-con but not entirely, and mention of Finn (alive and well).

Part 1

Read on AO3.

“Who … who are you?” Kurt pulls his hand from the man’s grasp and a strange spark of pain arises from letting go. Kurt’s hand wants to go back, wants to hold this man’s hand. Still, Kurt takes a step back, then another as he thinks of a way to escape. What spell can he use? What incantation will distract this man so he can make a break for it? “Why are you here?”

“Like I said,” the man says, picking debris off the sleeves of his black coat, “my name is Blaine. And I’m here because you summoned me.”

“Th-that’s … that’s impossible,” Kurt argues, walking backward through the door to his living room. If he can make it to the fire escape, then maybe … “I’m … I’m not strong enough to summon a person.”

“Oh darling” - Blaine smiles, sinister but sensual, dangerous yet dapper - “you have no idea how strong you truly are.”

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First Language (Part 8) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

“So… you met each other… when exactly?” Kurt raises an eyebrow, pointing at you and Sebastian; blue eyes squinted. Blaine rests a hand on his boyfriend’s black and white skinny jeans. A hum of agreement echoes through the room.

Biting your lip, you glance up at Sebastian, tilting your head. Should you tell them? He wraps his arms around your waist, fingers gripping the soft pale orange fabric of your sundress. His blue and green rugby shirt scrunches at his firm stomach when he slumps back in the plastic chair. “You… can… dire (say).” he whispers, focusing on his words.

You smile brightly, folding your hands in your lap as you turn. This story has always been your favorite. “Well…” you start, ducking your head, blush forming. He grins, waiting for the story. “Sebastian had just started learning English…”


Sebastian had just started learning English because of the big move to America. He didn’t know a lot of words, so he was at a disadvantage. Frowning, he watched his converse take steps on the musty sidewalk, heading towards the store. They were out of milk at home and his mother thought it would be a good experience for him to go on his own.

When he strutted in, his hazel eyes scan the upper aisle headings. He couldn’t read English that well. At least, not at the moment. Deciding to just ‘wing it’ (he heard somebody say that), he looked down each aisle. Did this…Walmart, have everything? His head was spinning.

“E-excuse moi- I mean, me. Excuse me?” he tapped your shoulder, gulping when you spin around to face him. Oh geez, you were really attractive. Sebastian blushed, suddenly feeling self conscious of his white ‘I <3 America’ shirt. “Erm… you know…where…lait (milk)?” he asked, waving his hands awkwardly. Your eyebrows furrow, creating a small crease. “Mi-lk?” he coughed, tugging his chestnut locks.

Your eyes widened and you open your mouth. “Milk? Where’s t- oh, okay!” you beamed, smiling at him. He laughed, nodding with a ‘oui (yes)’. “I’ll show you!” you motioned forward, striped sweater hitting your stomach. “Are you French? I’m Y/N, by the way.” you grinned, walking towards the dairy section.

“Oui.” he flashed a flirty smile. “I am Sebastian… You are…um…” His face went red. “A cute T?” he tried, watching you laugh. Well, America has one thing Sebastian liked.


Santana fake gags, “Ugh, that was terrible, chipmunk.”

“It is…my…préféré récit (favorite story).” Sebastian whispers, kissing your cheek.

hkvoyage  asked:

The soulmate fic where everyone is covered in a scarf or bandana over their eyes till they meet their mate - I think it might be 'Our Hands Over Our Eyes ' by Idoltina on A03.

Thank you very much!

Our Hands Over Our Eyes Verse by idoltina

Canon UA: Everyone is born blind- literally. Falling in love with one’s soulmate means gaining sight.

Kurt Hummel learns to navigate life, love, and loss both with and without his sight, in black and white and color and every shade of gray.

Blaine Anderson reflects on the most tumultuous years of his sight journey when he finally loses it for good.

Klaine Valentines Challenge Drabble - “Outside In” (Rated G)

There’s a man that Kurt’s been trying to work up the courage to meet, but what Kurt doesn’t know is that there’s a possibility that the feeling’s mutual. (1508 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge 2017 prompt “Your Song”.

Read on AO3.

Oof! Oh my God! I’m so sorry!”

“No, I’m sorry. I should look where I’m going.”

“Well, so should I, so I guess we’re both at fault.” Kurt kneels down to pick up his dropped books, a few of them being handed to him while he shuffles through a mess of papers that are part his sheet music and part someone else’s Music Theory notes. He passes the notes along to their owner, peeking up and smiling at a set of hazel eyes he’s seen more than once, a pair of rosy lips he’s envied time and again, and a face he’s wanted to find the nerve to talk to, but hadn’t yet.

This isn’t the way that Kurt wanted to meet this man, colliding with him on his way out of the NYADA campus coffee shop, but he’s not exactly complaining.

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The only thing more nerve-wrecking than your first date ever...

…is you daughter’s first date ever.

Or in which Kurt helps Tracy get ready and Blaine sulks.

“This is so exciting!”

“No, it’s not.”

“Don’t listen to your father, he’s being Mr. Sour Pants.”

“You should be, too!”

“Oh, hush!” Kurt scolds his husband while twisting his daughter’s curly hair into a perfect waterfall braid. “This is Tracy’s first date and you should be happy it’s with a gentleman like Christian.”

“How do you know he’s a gentleman? You’ve never met him,” Blaine says.

“Because our first born has very high standards,” Kurt states matter-of-factly. “That’s something you get from Mr. Sour Pants,” he stage-whispers to Tracy, who giggles.

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“Kiss You There” - Kurt/Blaine

blame whatstheproblembaby for this foolishness

Jon Snow!Blaine and Ygritte!Kurt, inspired by one of the greatest things that ever happened on Game of Thrones. But you can still enjoy if you’ve never seen the show!

Warnings: ye olde inexperienced oral

~2000 words | AO3

Blaine had never put much thought into what it would be like to be someone’s prisoner, but he never imagined that if and when the time came, he would actually enjoy it.

The Wildlings, well… they live up to their name, that much is certain. Their nights are loud and boisterous, like one big begrudging family when they circle around campfires and eat and sing and drink and taunt each other. These nights are more like the dinners Blaine had with his half-brother, Cooper, back at Winterfell, than the dinners Blaine endured at Castle Dalton with his oath-brothers in the Night’s Watch. But Blaine sticks out like a sore thumb in his heavy black furs, the Wildlings’ gray and white coats blending like camouflage in the snow. He is still an outsider, if a benign one they’ve grown accustomed to.

Though the Wildlings—or, the Free Folk, as they call themselves—don’t trust him, call him “the baby crow” and eye him with suspicion wherever he walks, they’ve stopped pulling their weapons on him whenever he gets too close or strays too far. Well, Kurt still pulls his bow on him at random from time to time, or his dagger if Blaine’s close enough and he’s in that sort of mood, but Kurt also calls him “the pretty crow” when he’s feeling charitable.

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Klaine one-shot - “Come to the Cabaret!” (Rated NC17)

Blaine has big plans for his and Kurt’s first weekend alone in the loft, plans that turn out to be a little bit racier than Kurt ever dreamed his sweet, dapper boyfriend would make. Kurt does his best to help pull them off, but they hit one little snafu … (2138 words)

Takes place Blaine’s senior year of high school while Kurt’s living in New York. Written for @sunshineoptimismandangels, inspired by her one-shot Santa Baby, which you should all go and read (after you read mine xD)

Read on AO3.

“Did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it?”

“Hold on, Blaine!” Kurt chuckles, switching his messenger bag strap and his phone to his left shoulder in order to get his keys out of his right pants pocket. “I just got home! I’m not even inside yet!”

“Was there anything outside the door?” Blaine asks.

“No, but there wasn’t anything in the mailbox, either, so Rachel might have brought the mail in before she went to work. I told her after our last call that you would be sending me something so she knew to look out for it.”

“Well, tell me if you see a box anywhere when you get inside.”

“A box?” Kurt slides the loft door open and takes a quick look around. “You didn’t say anything about a box. How big a box are we talking about?”

“Not too big,” Blaine promises. “About the size of small moving box maybe?”

“I don’t see …” Kurt’s search stops in the kitchen. “Wait a minute … yup, here it is, on the kitchen table.” Kurt looks over the box, plain and brown, with nothing printed on it that would give Kurt a clue as to what might be inside. “Please tell me this one’s not full of puppets like the last one.”

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