kurt hummel 1x1


“We can get through this.”

Hey there everyone! I am a Sebastian Smythe Roleplayer and I am currently looking for a Kurt Hummel Roleplayer for either a Kurtbastian Kik or Tumblr 1x1 based off of the Glee episode Shooting Star, only it will involve both the New Directions and the Warblers.

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Feeling lonely // Klaine

Blaine had been feeling terrible lately. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. It had been happening for about two weeks now and he thought that it was the flu at first. He’d gotten medicine for it but it hadn’t worked. Kurt had been texting him and Blaine told him that they couldn’t meet up because he was sick but Kurt wasn’t buying it. Granted, Blaine still had been going into work, only having to stop a few times to go into the bathroom and throw up. He’d gotten a talk from his manager about the fact that he kept running in and out of the bathroom throughout his shift. He’d been off for a few days since then because she had made him until he got better. He’d gone in that day only to be sent home again because of how he looked. Instead of going back to his place, he went to Kurt’s. He was standing outside the door, hands shoved in his pockets. Taking a breath, he took one out and knocked on the door, waiting for Kurt to answer.


“You’re wrong if you think I’m leaving.”

Hey there everyone! I am a Sebastian Smythe Roleplayer and I am currently looking for a Kurt Hummel Roleplay for either an AU!Kurtbastian Kik or Tumblr 1x1 where Kurt joins the Warblers and a fire starts in Dalton. While everyone escapes, Sebastian is the only one that runs back inside to save Kurt. When Burt and Kurt invite him to stay the night, it all goes terribly wrong when the younger Warbler collapses and has to be rushed to hospital.

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School Scare || Kurt & Will

After the New Year started things had been pretty hectic and busy in Kurt’s life. Being a straight-A student, a promising rising star at the Glee Club and having the most loving boyfriend in the world, although he couldn’t tell anyone, occupied his life almost entirely, and he couldn’t be happier about it. Added to all that, there was the fact that his father announced his upcming marriage to Carol Hudson, ironically enough, the mother of his first crush. But things were good between the boys now, and they couldn’t be happier for their parents.

Of course, Kurt took upon himself to be the self-proclaimed wedding planner to that event, and to such an end, he pulled out the wedding scrapbook that he had been keeping and updating ever since he turned 10 years old, knowing for sure he would find some good ideas there. For days he mulled over it, dedicating almost his entire time to come up with the perfect ideas, and so that day in the lockers, just right after Cheerio practice and when he was done showering and changing, he was so distracted thinking about things that he didn’t notice Dave Karofsky stepping up from behind him and shoving him against the locker.

“I told you, the girls’ locker is across the hall.”

What happened next was a big blur, a mist mixed with hot headed words and insults, and then it happened. The way in which the bigger boy clashed his lips against Kurt’s knocked the air out of his lungs, and although he was able to shove him off, it was already done. Tears ran down his cheek as the other boy came up to him with his closed fist hovering over his face. “If you tell someone about this… I’ll kill you, you hear me?” He was gone as soon as he had came, and Kurt stood there shaking and sobbing quietly, his lips hurting from how hard the kiss had been, and feeling despair.

He grabbed his bag and almost tripped over the bench as he ran out of the lockers, trying his best to make it out of the hallways without being seeing, and wanting to make it to the parking lot at least so he could bolt away. But as he turned the corner, he bumped into a solid body that almost made him to fall back. “Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going, sorry…” He looked downm trying to hide his no doubt puffy eyes and face, but when he realized who that was his whole body deflated. “Wi- … Mr. Schue…”

A Night To Remember || KURT & WILL

Kurt took a deep breath as he took one more look at himself in his full length mirror, making sure that every possible feature in his outfit was down to perfection. He had worked hard and long to get his outfit right, a sort of rendition to Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, but with a lot more taste to it, white shirt, typical green and red stripped kilt, with all the accesories necessary to the effect, all made by himself. Kurt was pride of the fact that he could say it wasn’t something that he bought but made, though it all had a bittersweet taste to it, since he wasn’t going to be able to attend such a special night with the person he truly wanted to. The honk outside his door snapped him back into reality, so he quickly grabbed his phone and wallet and stuck them inside the sporran over his lap, then he opened the door and walked up to the car that was waiting, with Blaine inside, to take him to the school’s junior prom dance.

L.A. Bound || KURT & WILL

It was actually easier than he thought, to convince his dad that he would spend a long weekend in L.A., looking at the so-called places where he could go to college; it was odd for the other man the fact that Kurt was looking at other place that wasn’t New York, but he also figured that it was good for him to keep his mind open about different places. Kurt felt bad about having to lie to his father like that, but it would be the only chance to be alone with Will during the whole summer.

So when the day they had to travel arrived, and having agreed they would meet at the airport at the boarding area, he said goodbye to his dad and ran inside to check his luggage in; after, he wan towards the airport and looked around the boarding area when he got there, looking for his boyfriend, while carrying his personal bag on his shoulder.