Helping Their Daughter

Anon prompted: I have a prompt, Kurt and Blaines teenage daughter gets her period for the first time and has major cramps because of it. They try and help her.

Kurt and Blaine do their best to help their daughter be comfortable despite feeling miserable due to her first period.

782 words.  Rated: PG

Kurt knew that as his oldest daughter approached her teenage years that there were some things about female puberty that he’d have to learn about.  It was all part of being the father of a teenage girl.  He’d have to learn about bras and periods and other stuff of the sort.  He knew that one day, his baby girl was going to come to him because her body was changing.  Before he knew it, that day crept up on him.

Elizabeth quietly snuck into her dads’ bedroom one Saturday morning.  She didn’t feel too great, not to mention that when she woke up, her underwear had been soaked in blood.  Thanks to school and an awkward talk with her dads, she knew that she had gotten her first period.  What to do from here, she wasn’t quite sure.

Kurt and Blaine had made it very clear to her that whenever she needed something, she could go to either one of them, but for some reason, going to Kurt seemed less embarrassing.  She shuffled over to Kurt’s side of the bed and gently shook him awake.

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You Belong with Me

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by darrechri

Blaine Anderson is a chef at a successful restaurant in NY. He is secretly in love with his boss’s husband, Kurt Hummel. Blaine doesn’t expect something to happen between them, he is happy just looking at Kurt’s smile. But things slowly change when they find out who Kurt’s husband’s really is. Chef!Blaine, Age gap Klaine.

Words: 3631, Chapters: 1/17, Language: English

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Kurt Hummel has just graduated high school and incurred his first heartbreak.  Resolving not to let that happen ever again he becomes a regular at his dad’s bar despite being underage.  Everyone takes notice of this gorgeous young man including the new bartender Blaine Anderson. Despite Kurt’s plan of just having fun and maybe leading on some of the bar patrons, one look at Blaine and his plans change even before he realizes it.


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