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Fic: What You Need

Skank!Kurt/pocket!Blaine, inspired by this picture. ~1670 words, PG-13, fluff.

“Oh, goddammit,” Kurt said, staring down at the narrow yet surprisingly deep crack in the pavement below the bleachers. He had fumbled his lighter while pulling it out of his pants and dropped it, and from the looks of it, that lighter was going to be gone forever. “Great. Amazing. Just what I needed.”

He took a seat on the low concrete divider that helped support the metal seats, wondering what would be the fastest way to get his cigarette lit. Most of the Skanks were off in Columbus for what they were calling “Senior Ditch Day,” like they needed an excuse to ditch class, while the few that hadn’t gone were nowhere in sight. Kurt was mentally debating whether he should go buy a new lighter from the closest 7/11 or try to hunt down Quinn when a bright flash and a loud crack startled him from his thoughts.

“What the-”

“You need help?” A warm voice asked. Kurt whipped his head around trying to determine where it was coming from. “Down here!”

Kurt nearly fell off the wall and cracked his head open.

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There You Are

Author: @hazelandglasz

Rating: G

Status: Completed in September 2014

Word Count: 3,624  

Summary: animateglee prompted: There’s a Broadway event and newcomer Kurt Hummel finds out at the entry gate that he needs a plus one, since he has said that he would come with a plus one to begin with. Kurt spots a random fan who’s wearing a tie and grabs him out of the crowd–who else but Blaine Anderson, Broadway afficionado?

Tropes/Genre: fluff, Broadway!Kurt, AU, alternate meeting

Lynne’s review: Absolutely adorable!

Read at: AO3

michael knows what’s up


Author: authorwithoutanoutlet

Rating: G

Status: Completed in May 2017

Word Count: 21,442

Summary: When Blaine discovers that there is a Broadway convention on a cruise ship that leaves Miami in three weeks, he knows that his law firm won’t approve of him going. He knows it’s incredibly short notice; that it’s a bad idea. Everyone tells him the smart thing to do would be to wait for the same cruise the following year. And yet, something inside him makes him feel like that ship, leaving in just three weeks, is where he needs to be.

Tropes/Genre: Lawyer!Blaine, Writer!Kurt, alternate meeting, soulmate!Klaine

Lynne’s review: Very sweet, slow build from friends…to more…

Read at: AO3


The Thing (1982) Dir. John Carpenter, Cin. Dean Cudney

“If I was an imitation- a perfect imitation- how would you know if it was really me?”

The Chase

Author: @a-simple-rainbow

Rating: G

Status: Completed in April 2017

Word Count: 8,115

Summary: Kurt is a college freshman showing up to campus on a sweet ass ride. He doesn’t care what others think (hasn’t since he was a sophomore and discovered the wonders of steel tip boots and detachment), but if he did, he knows they’d think he looks equal parts intimidating and cool. Badass with class.
And that, right up there on the sidewalk walking towards campus, is a great ass he has class with. And since Kurt has a class with that guy, it’s not considered catcalling or sleazy to slow down and take off his helmet (for better view) and say something, is it?

Tropes/Genre: fluff, college!Klaine, alternate meeting, skank!Kurt

Lynne’s review: Silly, fun and fluffy - LOVED. IT.

Read at: AO3 or Tumblr


I was so fortunate to work with those three men, because I was around so much support, and I learned so much from each of them. Milos is a fighter, he doesn’t give up. I love that about him he’s so brave, and in this world it’s hard to be brave.”


Black-spotted sticky frog (Kalophrynus pleurostigma) 

Picture by Kurt G (Orionmystery) , taken in Selangor, Malaysia.