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Kurt Wagner + "Let's skip dinner and go straight to dessert."

“Kurt?” you ask from across the table where he sat, his eyes skimming over the menu.

“Ja, mein Liebling?” his amber eyes glance up to yours,meeting your eyes that were filled with such love and something dark.If it had been anyone but him, they would have recognized it as lust.

“How about,” you pause to lick your lips and lean closer to him, “Let’s skip dinner and go straight to dessert.”

“Dessert?” Kurt can only wonder why you would want that so early in the evening but he doesn’t argue. He grins as he reaches out to you and takes a hold of your wrist and teleports you both away.

You look around, expecting to be in his or even your room but your outside standing on a sidewalk.

“Kurt, where are we?”

“Munich. Zhis is where some of zhe best ice cream is!” he says excitedly, tail whipping behind him, almost knocking a pedestrian down.

Although it was’t quite what you had in mind for dessert, you take his hand in yours and let him lead you to the ice cream shop across the street.

Fic: A Little Time

Post ep 6.05.

thanks to Corinna xo

If tumblr isn’t working try it here on AO3

Kurt grew up on classic Disney and the Golden Years of Hollywood. His pre-teen heart beat to well-worn romances. The boy met the girl, there was wooing, there were misunderstandings and eventually the pair overcame every complication and heartache and fell deeply in love. After that, they kissed. Kurt always blushed and hid his face when they did, but he knew what it meant. One perfect kiss and the lovers already had their happily ever after.

He’s in his 20s now. He’s grown up. He’s learned that no matter how complicated the story, no matter how deep the love, the kiss is not the happily ever after.

“So that’s all you needed to do?” asks Rachel. They’re sitting side by side on the edge of the stage after the invitationals, looking out at the darkened auditorium. “You just needed to kiss Blaine and the hideous Sue puppet thing would let you leave.”

“Rachel. There is no just about it.” He’d expected kissing Blaine to bruise his already aching heart. It was worse than that. Kurt touched his lips to Blaine’s, shared Blaine’s breath - he forgot himself and curled helplessly into Blaine. And he did it knowing that it was the last time. This wasn’t the happy ending, it wasn’t even a new beginning. He can still feel Blaine’s fingers, sweet and sure at his neck, a reminder of everything Kurt had and threw away.

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Fic: Start Spreading The News

Kurt and Blaine have a surprise for Kurt’s parents. <3
~1090 words, PG, fluff fluff fluff and also fluff.

“So, what are you really doing here?”

“Not even gonna let us get in the house, Dad?” Kurt responded, dropping his heavy suitcase on the floor in the entryway before moving forward enough to let Blaine come in, too.

“I would’ve accosted you right at the airport, but you two had that taxi pre-booked,” Burt said, ambling in from the living room instead of just shouting across the house again. “Which is also weird, I gotta say. Are you guys smuggling drugs or something now?”

Blaine blushed a deep red as Kurt said, “No, Dad. God. A couple of kids can’t come visit their family without being accused of drug trafficking anymore?”

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A Song For...

Written for the Klaine Writers Challenge prompt: Blaine or Kurt trying songwriting

Kurt could just make out the sounds of Blaine singing as he approached the loft, however, it wasn’t until he hauled the door open that he realised exactly what his fiancé was singing.

“Glitter rock vampire…” Blaine looked up at the sound of Kurt’s bag hitting the ground, his fingers pausing over the guitar strings. “Hey you,” he grinned.

“I take it Elliott was here,” Kurt said, pressing his lips to Blaine’s cheek before settling on the couch next to him. 

Blaine nodded, looking down as he plucked at the guitar strings. “Glitter rock vampire,” he murmured, and then lunged at Kurt, nipping at his neck, “Gonna bite ya!” 

Kurt laughed. “Should I be concerned that you love singing this song so much? You know, considering that it was inspired by the one and only Starchild.”

“Hmm, well, then I guess I am just going to have to write a song about you…” Blaine paused for a few moments, his brow furrowed. “How about this?”

“Wait, you’ve come up with-” Kurt stopped as Blaine started strumming the guitar.

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Klaine Advent Week One

I haven’t been able to keep up with the daily drabble prompts, so I just smooshed a week’s worth into one longer fic instead. Because that’s how I do things: sorta late and not quite right.

Ache. Balance. Cloud. Dessert. Evening. Fall. Grace.

“Santa isn’t real,” she says, matter-of-fact, arranging her peas on her plate in arching lines like a rainbow of only green. She looks up at Blaine and he can tell by the wobble on her bottom lip that’s she not as casually unruffled by this information as she would like him to believe.

Blaine falters, and she watches him falter, stuttering out an, “Uh, um,” before looking to Kurt. Kurt cuts his chicken, gives Blaine that look where his face is impassive save for that one arching eyebrow. The look that sometimes says, Really, Blaine? or Those pants are a travesty or just an all-encompassing straight to the point, What the fuck?

This evening it plainly says, This one is all you, buddy.

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Am I too late to prompt you with that delightful "I’m on a really shitty blind date and you got fed up with the asshole I’m with so you dump water on their head and ask to take me on a better date. I totally accept", for Klaine? Thanks for your fics, dear! *mwah*

Never too late, and I’m still riding that romantic coattail ;)

Kurt hates this.

Not working at the diner, even though he’s exhausted and feels like he’ll never get rid of the smell of fried food off his clothes.

It’s not the most glamorous job, sure, but Kurt finds some solace in the customers being happy and satisfied.

But this?

Watching this poor guy–who Kurt may or may not have had a cdrush on the moment he stepped into the restaurant–on the worst blind date in History?

Kurt hates this.

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Fic: Featherbed Jig

For the Klaine Advent Challenge Day 4: Dessert

Blaine climbs the stairs up to the loft as quickly as he can manage, eager to get home and let the weekend begin after what has truly been a hellishly long week. He’s tired, sore from dance class and stage combat and just being on his feet running around trying to juggle work and school and friends all week long, and all he wants right now is to be home, the safety of the loft and the blissful prospect of an entire weekend doing nothing (except homework, but he’ll worry about that later).

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Fic: Wait Til I’m Home

anon prompted: a fic where Kurt usually comes home late (around 9 or 10) but one night Blaine waits and waits and he doesn’t come home and it’s past midnight and Blaine starts worrying and then panicking that Kurt was hurt again while walking home, and by 1am Blaine finally decides to go out looking for him but he opens the door and to leave and Kurt is there, completely oblivious

~980 words, PG, sappy as hell.

“Perfect,” Blaine said quietly. He straightened up and surveyed his handiwork, pleased with the table display he’d managed to pull together on short notice after deciding he wanted to surprise Kurt with cheesecake from the fancy bakery a couple blocks away as a nice midweek treat. They’d already had some fresh flowers from the stand at the end of the block, and their artfully mismatched vintage plates shone in the light from their silver candlesticks, making the dessert look even more appetizing than usual. Blaine couldn’t wait to dig in.

Unfortunately, he had to wait at least another fifteen minutes for Kurt to get back from his rehearsal, and that was only if everything went smoothly. They were ironing out staging and sound issues, so even though Kurt was supposed to be home around 9:30, it was likely that he’d be closer to 10:30.

Blaine wasn’t too concerned, though. Kurt had sounded optimistic about their scheduled run-through, and there were plenty of DVRed episodes of Face Off for him to watch until Kurt got back. Dessert would keep.

One episode turned into two, which turned into Blaine getting up to refrigerate the cheesecake and blow out the candles. He tried to ignore the rolling feeling in his stomach as he bustled around the kitchen.

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advent drabble challenge: #4. dessert

title: Dessert (look at me being so original)

summary: After a text message from Kurt, Blaine can’t wait to get home and see what his husband has in store for him. (794 words)

warnings: none!

From: Kurt ♥
Hey, when will you be home?

To: Kurt ♥
I’m at that dinner with some coworkers, but I should be back by 8. Is that okay?

From: Kurt ♥
That’s fine. Just know that I’ll have dessert waiting for you ;)

Blaine swallows upon reading Kurt’s text and glances at the people around him, hoping that none of them have noticed that his cheeks have probably gone pink. Luckily, they’re all paying attention to their various conversations, so Blaine takes a deep breath and joins in as they wait for their appetizer.

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Honeymoon Holidays - Chapter 1:  Anniversary

Klaine, 1450 words, A03

Kurt and Blaine’s first winter holidays together as a married couple fall so quickly after their wedding that sometimes they almost seem like a continuation of their honeymoon.  But not always.

A story in the “Season 7” series that looks at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine, written in connection with the Klaine Advent challenge.  The name of each chapter is the prompt.

November, 2014

“You’re not really going to celebrate every wedding anniversary with Brittany and Santana, are you?” Burt asks, leaning back in the kitchen chair, which squeaks in protest.  “Because to be honest, that sounds kinda weird.”

“God, no, dad,” Kurt scoffs, handing his empty dessert plate to Carole as she clears the table.  “And how did you even get that idea?”

“Brittany called me.  Said she couldn’t talk long, because Santana was waiting for her on a sunken ship-” Burt frowns in confusion and shakes his head “-but that she wanted me to be there next year to officiate again.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Kurt says.  

“You’ll tell her you don’t need to actually get married every year on your anniversary, right?”

Blaine smiles, brushing his hand along Kurt’s shoulder as he gets up from the table and goes over to the sink to help Carole.  Their honeymoon had gotten cut short with the news of the fire at Dalton, but a comfortable Friday night dinner at the Hudson-Hummels is helping to calm them both.  It’s good to see Kurt with his dad as they laugh together and trade stories.  While Blaine is looking forward to going back to New York City next semester, there has been something awfully healing about having this time in Lima with their families.  He’s glad they aren’t going back to the city until after the holidays.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Carole says when Blaine offers to dry the dishes.  “But there’s really not much left to do.”  She looks up at Blaine and then glances over at Kurt and Burt, who are chuckling over another Brittany-related memory.  “Come on, there’s something I want to show you.”

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"The Anderson Rose" - Kurt/Blaine (6/24)

(See the masterpost for the full summary/notes/overall warnings.)

Blaine Anderson is heir to the ruling seat of Westerville and, from birth, has been destined for an arranged marriage—he must father an heir in order to ensure the line of succession. When it becomes clear to his parents that his affections lie with his own sex, they make it their mission to find him a suitable—and potentially happy—match with a carrier who can return his interest.

Kurt Hummel is the son of Burt Hummel, Westerville’s most well-known engineer. Though he has grown up far from the Andersons’ manor in a small village to the north, his family has worked with the Andersons for generations, providing them with transportation vehicles, engines, machines, research, and repair work of all kinds. After the tragedy of losing his wife, Burt takes it upon himself to explain to Kurt that, since his birth, he has been sought after by the Andersons as a potential future husband for their son, because he is a carrier.

Kurt is at the manor for half a day by the time that Blaine and his mother make it home for the festival.

They’d sent word ahead that a blocked road would delay their return, so he’s been keeping himself busy. At the moment he’s being tailed by half of the manor’s children in a strange game of tag that involves little apple-shaped sticky-backed papers, the rules of which he doesn’t quite understand but seem to involve children planting the papers on him wherever they can reach, shouting “you’re it!”, and then disappearing instantly. He grows tired of the chase and decides to go on the offensive, pouncing a gaggle of children in the foyer, armed with dozens of the paper apples. He labels them one by one, and then declares loudly, “No, you’re it!”

Which is, of course, the exact moment when Blaine and his mother walk through the doors. Several of the children scream “Blaine!” and abandon Kurt on the spot.

Two remain, clinging to Kurt’s apple red tunic—one has a sticker over his left eye, and the other has four stickers in her hair. She looks at Kurt and says, “Don’t worry. We think you’re prettier, Kurt.”

Kurt puffs up before he reminds himself that he should probably not encourage them. “Thank you!”

“Is that my Kurt under these naughty children?” Blaine asks, his hands on his hips.

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Case Study ~ January 2011 ~ Dessert

October 2010 ~ November 2010 ~ December 2010 ~ January 2011 ~ February 2011 ~ March 2011 ~ April 2011 ~ May 2011 ~ June 2011 ~ July 2011 ~ August 2011 ~ September 2011 ~ October 2011, Part 1 ~ October 2011, Part 2 ~ October 2011, Part 3 ~ November 2011 ~ December 2011 ~ January 2012 ~ February 2012 ~ March 2012 ~ April 2012 ~ May 2012 ~ June 2012 ~ December 2016

Warning: These stories all revolve around an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education.  I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction.  There will be some angsty parts and some happy parts and many parts that are in-between, and I don’t have a definitive plan in mind other than a happy ending.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors.

This part is G, 800 words

January 2011 ~ Dessert

Kurt knew it would happen eventually, because as good as Blaine was with the schedule, he wasn’t Kurt.  He didn’t understand the benefits of planning his time, didn’t need to do it like Kurt did.  So when Blaine burst into their room one day too-late, at precisely 3:33 when Kurt was studying—and why was that so hard to remember?—Kurt was resigned rather than surprised.

That didn’t stop the irritation, biting at his throat, itching at his tongue, demanding Kurt snap at him.

Kurt bit his lip instead and glared.  He glared at Blaine’s smile, and he glared at Blaine’s shoulder bag, tossed carelessly on his bed instead of hung on its hook where Blaine very well knew it belonged.  Of course, Blaine didn’t seem to notice the glaring.

“Kurt, Kurt, Kurt!” he said, with all the enthusiasm of a five-year-old on the morning of his birthday.  “Guess what guess what!  Sam and Jeff and Nick are going sledding tonight, Kurt, and Mr. Francis is taking a bunch of us, and they want us to come!”

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Fic: Saving Gracie

Klaine Advent Drabble Challenge Day 7: Grace.

This is my formal apology for yesterday’s angst-fest. 593 words.

Blaine wasn’t sure if he was losing his mind or if he really was hearing barking coming from the alleyway right next to the street he was trying to cross. He had made up his mind to ignore the noise when one particularly loud, high-pitched yap convinced him to turn away from the corner and try to find the dog that must have been nearby.

Just as he moved closer to the pile of boxes marking the front of the alley, he heard a car come speeding through the intersection like a bat out of hell, thankfully not hitting anyone but definitely causing a disruption.

“Oh my God,” Blaine said to himself as he started digging through the boxes, unearthing a very tiny, shaking brown puppy with curly fur. “That car would’ve killed me if I hadn’t decided to come looking for you, little pup.”

The puppy let out a heartbreaking whine that made Blaine’s lip quiver involuntarily. He checked between its legs quickly to determine its sex before speaking again.

“Shhh, shh, little girl,” he said, unbuttoning the top couple buttons of his shirt to make room for the dog to get warm. “I’ve got you. You were my saving grace, so now I’m gonna be yours.”

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Shelter - Ch. 8 of 8 - Complete

Klaine; A03. WC: 3600/18.6k. NC-17
TW: sexual assault, non-con (aftermath)
Read from the beginning on A03.

What begins as an uncomfortable game of Spin the Bottle turns into something horrible. A story of how love can carry you through even your worst nightmare.

In this chapter, Kurt plans a special evening. Blaine has told him he’s ready; Kurt doesn’t know why he’s the one who’s nervous.


It was a Saturday night, and Kurt was circling the kitchen table, adjusting the silverware, replacing the midnight blue napkins with the cerulean striped ones, trying to find the ideal placement for the candles. He wanted everything to be perfect – but at the same time, he didn’t want to make too big a deal out of the evening. He recognized the irreconcilable differences in this position, but he was helpless to fix it. His thoughts had been involved in this kind of ridiculous spiral all day long.

Kurt was lining up the spoons along the sides of the knives – they were obstinately refusing to stay straight - when Blaine got home. Before he could let go of his obsession with the silverware and make some pretense of suave confidence Blaine was there, warm and solid against his back, his scent suddenly surrounding him. Blaine gently put his arms around Kurt and stilled his hands, then planted a soft kiss on the side of his neck. “Honey, I’m home,” he sing-songed softly.

Kurt closed his eyes and relaxed back into Blaine’s hold, taking a moment to marvel at the inadvertent double meaning of Blaine’s comment. Blaine was his home, his safe place, his security. He turned in Blaine’s arms and kissed him deeply, thankful beyond words that Blaine was still here, whole and healthy, still his. That Barton hadn’t kicked him so hard that he bled out in the alleyway, or knifed him when he resisted, or…. The possibilities were endless, and Kurt had thought of dozens of them. But those thoughts were not for tonight.

He shook his head, and tried to focus.

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Case Study ~ March 2012 ~ Uniform

I’m not overly happy with the ending, but my plane leaves in a couple hours to fly back home and I wanted to get this out to you guys :-)

October 2010 ~ November 2010 ~ December 2010 ~ January 2011 ~ February 2011 ~ March 2011 ~ April 2011 ~ May 2011 ~ June 2011 ~ July 2011 ~ August 2011 ~ September 2011 ~ October 2011, Part 1 ~ October 2011, Part 2 ~ October 2011, Part 3 ~ November 2011 ~ December 2011 ~ January 2012 ~ February 2012 ~ March 2012 ~ April 2012 ~ May 2012 ~ June 2012 ~ December 2016

Warning: These stories all revolve around an AU world where Kurt and Blaine both have serious mental health disorders and end up rooming together at a boarding school geared towards special education.  I work in mental health, so I’m familiar with this stuff and will try to be as accurate as possible, but please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction.  There will be some angsty parts and some happy parts and many parts that are in-between, and I don’t have a definitive plan in mind other than a happy ending.

Also, Kurt and Blaine are in the same grade here, both juniors at the start of the story.

This part is PG, 1515 words

March 2012 ~ Uniform

They were fifteen minutes early—exactly as planned—when Kurt pulled into the parking lot and killed the engine.  Blaine was asleep in the passenger’s seat, looking heart-breakingly adorable as usual, and Kurt was almost grateful when he began to stir because he couldn’t bear the thought of waking him.

He reached over to tuck a stray curl back into place, fingers brushing softly against Blaine’s forehead.  “Did you have a nice nap?” he asked.

Blaine yawned, stretching his arms up until they banged against the roof of the car.  “Yes,” he answered, finally blinking his bright hazel eyes in Kurt’s direction.  “Where are we?  Are you gonna tell me now?”

Kurt smiled.  “We’re in Westerville,” he said.

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Fic: Who You Are

The issue of names comes up during the reception. Set during 6x08 (“A Wedding”). PG-13.

Blaine basks in the post-ceremony congratulations. He thought he knew how his often dreamed of wedding day would go, but now he knows he never could have predicted what it’s like to experience the simultaneous elation and contentment. Lavish plans are nice, and Santana and Brittany have tastes that Blaine can appreciate, but what he loves most is the sheer volume and intensity of support from their loved ones. It’s the best daydream-from-an-isolated-teenager come true. He beelines toward the cake – in the midst of dancing and toasts he misses out on eating – and each step along the way there is someone new offering a hug and a wish for a happy future.

“Congratulations, Mr. Anderson-Hummel,” Jane says sweetly when he reaches her. She radiates hope, and though Blaine has long forgiven her for switching from the Warblers to the New Directions, perhaps she hasn’t realized how silly holding a grudge would be.

Blaine almost feels bad for balking. 

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