kurt and blaine are in a colouring book

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[sigh say goodbye]

I sit by the harbor
The sea calls to me
I hide in the water
But I need to breath.

2.5k, G, AO3, warnings: body dysmorphia (Blaine’s a selkie!), theft, probably others that I can’t think of?

Blaine’s people come ashore every autumn for their meet. When the morning breaks, Blaine’s skin isn’t there. What comes next is longing and sadness, and then hope…

Blaine sits on the the rocks above the shore, his cardigan pulled tight around his body as the wind picks up off of the ocean, rushes up and over him, bringing with it the crash of the waves and the call of the gulls and the distant and always fading sound of the seals as they disappear into the deep again. He presses his lips into a thin line, and closes his eyes as he listens, and then he opens his mouth to let out a sound from deep in his chest, eerily reminiscent of the song of the sea. He waits for the echo of his name to return. It’s faint when he hears it, but it’s there. His seal name, caressing his skin and warming his heart. The waves do not forget.

As the dwindling sun turns the sky to umber and pink and makes fish scales of the clouds, Blaine pushes himself from the rocks and walks barefoot to the tideline, lets the ice cold waters of the north Atlantic lick between his toes, and he makes the same promise he’s made every year, promise stacked upon promise, to return. When the sun finally disappears, he turns and makes the same slow walk home that he always does.

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One Foot In Front Of The Other

Rating: G
Word Count: 1,500
Warnings: None

Summary: “‘Starting at a new college is scary, man. We all get that.’”
6x11 reaction. In which Blaine’s first day at NYU isn’t too great, until Elliott shows up. Near future fic; technically canon compliant.


On his first day at NYU, Blaine’s hands shake so bad that he drops his phone on the concrete and cracks the screen right down the middle.

Obviously, it’s an omen for how the rest of the day will roll out.

When Blaine began teaching at Dalton, it had felt incredibly foreign to once again be surrounded by adolescent boys who didn’t know what to do with their hormones. And apparently it doesn’t matter which generation in question, because the New Directions will always be a sharp shock to the senses. But he got used to them soon enough, adjusted to the hyperactive pacing of show choir competition – and now that’s gone again and he’s back surrounded by academia. The changes have been so fast, so sudden, and once again Blaine feels just that little bit off centre, like the floor underneath him is uneven and rolling and doing everything it can to topple him over.

But he’s not going to fall this time.

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