Guess who is in my wall now?? Yeah that’s a wall :’C this only shows how sick i’m QnQ but i can’t stop LOOK IT!! IT’S SO CUTE!!!! D’: gah! Oh! C: i will paint it some day xD C’: and draw Nat… and Kevin… and Edd…. and R! Kevin…. and R! Edd…. and joshua….. and Samson…. oh my god, what i’m doing with my life??

((Sorry if my english is bad or something xD))


I’m working in other of this, but my coloring and drawings are a total disaster! ;-; I really love this design ♥

Estoy trabajando en otro de estos, pero la forma en que coloreo y dibujo es desastrosa ;-; Realmente amo este diseño ♥

Rave belongs to Kirakurry :3

:‘DDD siento que fallé en todo lo que podria haber fallado xDD C: pero aun asi me gustaria compartir este fanart de Rave xDD C: espero les guste (jlsndfhasiudhf por que su cabello me da problemas siempre POR QUE?! QnQ) :DDDD a decir verdad estaba muy confundida ya no se si ponerle James Rave Cute o James Rave Castellano xDDD dios que subnormal soy ahahahha C: asi que decidi dejarlo en Cute.

Parece ser que subo un fanart por dia caray :I ni yo me creia capaz de eso, um bueno xDDD

Rave © Kirakurry 

While on eyugho (kirakurry) tumblr...

I was looking the ‘Facts about Rave’ tag and suddenly I saw this

And then i was laughing so hard because I’ve imagined how would it be that Rave slap AE for being sweet and nice while saying quidditch so I’ve made a gif

OMG I COULDN’T RESIST, kirakurry has some awesome art and OC, check her/him out :D

The one on the right is Rave, OC of kirakurry (eyugho)

The one on the left is AE, OC of mine 

the gif is so shitty dammit