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Little doodle I did of Rip’s imp-self awhile ago at work.

He always says “omfuk” and I told him it sounded like someone meditating and going “ohhhhhhhhm fuuuuuuuck”, and he said he always thought it sounded like a sneeze. THUS—SHARK BOOGERS.

…so much for never finishing this I guess? Still never finished the line-work, but when Tumblr died early this morning I went ahead and played coloring-book on it instead.

OH AND FOR THE RECORD THOSE ARE BURNS, FYI, skdjfn some people have mistaken them for cutting scars and I just want to clear that up because…nope.

Oh my god, sdfjh third half-assed picture of this butt uploaded today, I am so sorry.

Uploaded this to the wrong blog before, I am stupidly endeared to this shitty little pen sketch because I can’t look at without making stupid nyam nyahhm gremlin noises, because he looks so fucking stupidly bird kooky, sldkfn. Like: evo

Oh hey Gale welcome to new Jersey TIME FOR YOU TO DRAW REALLY BIZARRE SHIT, ENJOY YOURSELF, sjkdfsdnk. Quick sketch of my matryoshka Russian doll girl thing. She and her brother/keeper/doll-maker/creator steal people’s names. Go figure I don’t know her own. Braaain-butchers.

From my sketchbook—slkdfnm ignore the bad color correcting and erasing in photoshop. Picture from the next page was showing through like whoa.

MORE DARK EDEN SKETCHES [one of Rip’s stories]!! <3 On the left is Jeremy. I’ve finally settled on a design for him and I’m happy.

On the right is Carmen before she “went to sleep.” I really wanted her to be sort of round-ish with a little belly and wide hips and thighs, but now I’m not so sure that’s working for her as a character? She’s a srs bzns knight so she’d probably be more muscular; though I still can’t shake the idea that she’s just a really tall, large woman. Eh. I still need to figure her design out better.

Jeremy and Crash. Jeremy [in orange] is mine, Crash [purple fellow] belongs to Rip, and both characters are from his Dark Eden story. THEY ARE THE BESTEST BEST OF FRANS, and their dialogue is based off of when Rip and I were hanging out once and we rolled down a grassy hill.


tried too.

We both somehow manged to miss and just rolled across a flat part. :|

posted these in my main blog

But they belong here, so here we go.

The top pic is Tristan [little doodle-response thing I did for Pillz when we were singing “Tristan” by Patrick Wolf. :,D]

Middle picture is Rip’s guy Jack. Unless I’m drawing him really cartoonily I have a hard time making Jack look like Jack SO I’M PRETTY DARN PROUD OF THAT SKETCH, YUP.

Bottom picture is Harper Merinski being Harper and Merinski I guess. :|

Oh hey you asshole, I haven’t drawn you in a solid 4 years. Decided to fix his dumb hair redesign his appearance on a whim.

Guys, meet Vaal. Probably the most magnificent villain Alex and I ever had. And by magnificent, I mean wow, this guy is a terrible person. He makes Kristof look like a morally sound gentleman. No. Vaal’s the worst.

Besides Eugenia.

But we don’t talk about Eugenia.

We don’t even DRAW Eugenia.