Designtorget by Kurppa Hoskkurppahosk.com

When it comes to Swedish design, Designtorget is an iconic brand. Founded by architect Jerry Hellström in 1993, Designtorget soon became one of the important drivers behind the Swedish design phenomenon. What Designtorget did – and has been doing ever since – was to cherry pick the best of contemporary Swedish furniture, arts and design and help distribute it to the broader mass. While doing this, Designtorget also became an important stage for young and talented Swedish designers. Today, Designtorget has 16 stores in Sweden and Norway. Kurppa Hosk got the honourable assignment of redesigning Designtorget, giving its brand a contemporary look and feel.


Korshags by Kurppa Hoskkurppahosk.com

In 2014, Kurppa Hosk was approached by a successful family-owned business called Falkenbergs Lax. Once small, local and specialized in smoked salmon, the company had expanded over the years and become an international food player, offering a broad range of fish and seafood products. However, its name, brand and visual appearance still reflected the original small-scale business, which proved an increasing hurdle for continued growth. Kurppa Hosk helped Falkenbergs Lax transform – and become Korshags.