Kuroyuri to kage interview (the interview was done along with their first full album)

Interviewer: Your band name feels really unique, could you please tell me about the origin of the name?

Karasuna mei: We didn’t want a band concept that was casual, something that everyone uses. So we decided on having a name that you couldn’t really associate something with. I said “black lily”* and then our label boss said “Mei, when I speak to you it always feels like I’m talking to a shadow”. So from there we took the two words and used them.

Interviewer: Where did you get “Black lily” from?

Karasuna mei: I forgot. I just thought that it’s a flower that is generally disliked so I thought it would fit our band

Interviewer: In your CD’s, you’re not credited as a vocalist but as “Feeling expresser”**, what does this actually mean?

Karasuna mei: Instead of singing in a good way, I am the type who likes to focus on my self centered feelings and just expressing them. So I think it matches me.

Interviewer: So you’re not just a vocalist then

Karasuna mei: Instead there are times when I will think it’s okay to not sing

Interviewer: What kind of band is Kuroyuritokage?

Karasuna mei: Like I just said, when I’m asked “What kind of band is this?!”, I feel like it’s not important for us. We feel like there is no need to have fixations on what our band is supposed to be like.  For example, if we were to have a concept that felt really out of order for us, would it really be important or needed? I don’t think so. And if it was something that don’t fit us as a band we don’t want it. We just don’t want to focus on that. If people can think whole hearteadly “wow, that’s a cool band” about us, then that’s enough for us.

Interviewer: Did you have a theme for the album “hinikuna tane no hiktsu na me” that you guys just released?

Kuro: Like Mei just said, we are trying to not have a real concept for our band, and as this is our first album there was no concept at all. Since we are just a live band, we’re kinda formed the album after our live setlists. From straight up rock songs to more ballad like songs, there’s a huge variety of songs so as I said there is no real concept but in the end there kind of is, as the songs in the album doesn’t really “tie together”.

Interviewer: Did you put any thoughts to the name “hinikuna tane no hiktsu na me”?

Mei: This is also kinda the same. We wanted to make an album where you can’t imagine what songs are going to be on it just by looking at it or hearing the name. So we decided to not use any harsh words so people wouldn’t know what to expect. In the end there is no meaning behind the name of the album. Also when we decided the track order we just put them in, and it all felt good so we just went with it. There is no thought behind what track comes first and last.

Interviewer: So please tell us a bit about track one “yokusou”.

Kuro: This is the first song we made as Kuroyuri to kage. We wanted to make a song that made you all feel like “this is where it all begins”. We wanted it to have some kind of ethnic or “racial” theme to it, something that doesn’t sound Japanese. We wanted it to be a “silent” song but still “moving” in a sense. At the same time we wanted it to be kind of violent and for all those emotions to intervene with each other. That was the goal when we first made this song.

Interviewer: The first impression is that you have a really cool look at the world, but how do you actually manage to create a song like this?

Kuro: All five of us write songs, but normally I start to write songs. I do melodic, rythmic and all guitar parts. Then I send it to the rest of the members for them to give critique and then we change whatever needs to be changed to fit the band. Normally I’m inspired how to arrange the song first but lately I am making songs without having any second thoughts on pre-verse, verse, chorus and so and and simply make the songs in a ‘story and composition’-development kind of perspective, as well as how I feel a song should be. At the first glimpse it may seem as the songs end result may change quite a lot from how I first imagined them to turn out but once we’ve listened to them a couple of times they usually turn out pretty good and gets a kind of addicting feeling to them, like you want to hear more.

Mutsuki:  For most songs this is the case for me. When I first recieve a song from Kuro I do kind of loud and obnoxious drum parts to match his songs and from there I gradually remove parts that I eventually don’t consider neccesary. So in the end I remove a lot of my drumparts to make it as simple as possible. This song (refering to Yokusou) was made by Kuro as well and I exactly as I explained with this song as well.

K:  At the demo stage I try to compose it as close to the end result as possible with a strong impact. But with this song, as it’s pretty long it turned out pretty funny so I decided to make it more simple. We decided to put in some synth’s as well which was pretty fun so in the end I think it will have a strong impact as a long song.

Koyomi: We’re using twin guitar for the song and relying a lot on yunizon phrase and hamoru phrase and the intro party is really quiet. So after thinking over it a while I decided that “quiet” and “moving” are the theme for the song, and something we value in it. So to match that there are some parts in the songs where I decided not to play.

Interviewer: The clean tone of the guitar really leaves an impression!

Koyomi: Well, that’s the main point of the song, as well as the “ethnic” feeling and the feeling of contrivance. We’re trying to make it feel as you’re going through something difficult. I tried to make the song so it has a very beautiful guitar tone on the right side (of your headphones) during the chorus.

Interviewer: The outro is really cool as well!

Koyomi: It starts very calm (the song), gets heavy in the middle and in the end it gets very quiet and calm again. We didn’t want to rush the outro, or make it heavy, instead we wanted it to go back to the beginning to end the song in the same way it was started. 

Mei: Lyrics and art… well, not only that but movies and stuff as well. In general stuff that has and ending. Sometimes the ending are kind of being forced there, I really hate that. I like big differences, such as if the listener is crying or laughing. Inside of me I can feel like “Yes, this is it!” sometimes, but isn’t that just forcing something? I mean, the listener may feel completely different, no? I like to leave it completely to our audience.

Interviewer: Please tell us what parts of the MV that’s important!

Mei: The fact that we shot it at the exact same location as the famous movie Juon (The Grudge in English).

Mutsuki: There’s a part where (Mei) is crawling down from the staircase. I think it will probably leave a strong impression on some people. 

K:  More than “a specific scene”, The parts where we all play and sing individually is what I want you to pay attention to. I want you to feel the atmosphere and feel that these parts are important. I want you to look closely and pay attention from the very beginning to the vert end and grasp it as an entire product.

Koyomi: It’s a horror PV that’s supposed to make you feel ill. Like “wow this is scary”, and “it feels like they’re cursed or something”. Well, we did film it there and in my private life I’m not really a good guy so I’m probably cursed, haha.

Kuro: In the outro there’s a scene of me playing guitar in the bathtub. It’s the first time EVER that I play guitar in a place like that, and let me tell you… it’s much colder than you would think, haha!

Interviewer: Please tell us something about the 10th track, “Gesshoku”.

Kuro: It’s an up-tempo song with cool guitar riffs, with a sense of that you’re kind of riding in high speed. The chorus is very easy to play and that’s kind of a trademark for visual kei songs, and with that in mind we made this song. I wonder if we managed to express that entirely…

Mutsuki: Well, the drums are very simply and at times it may seem as I am uninterested in this song while playing it. I kinda sing along to the song inside my head though. Anyway, I do actually play whole heartedly and that’s enough for me. 

K: Well, as kuro said it’s supposed to have a high-speed feeling to it which I think was really cool. There are some heavy parts here and there and I think it’s cool that we decided to include that as well.

Koyomi: It’s a very simple song that includes fretting as well. It’s really cool. Simple is best! (Said in broken English)

Interviewer: There seem to be a lot of times where you guys are all together in the songs, in contrary to everyone having separate parts.

Kuro: I guess that could kinda be our band concept? When we decided to make this band there was a lot of changes in fashion (in visual kei). We want to express the 1990′s visual kei sound today. The era we used to love, the era when we actually were kids and the sounds we listened to as kids. Nowadays a lot of bands are relying on funny sound, cute clothes and stuff. We don’t want to do that. So we also don’t want to rely on all 5 members being together. The rhythm parts are made separately, and we never use more guitar in a song than what’s needed. With that in mind we continue our song writing and in the end we’re not relying on that.

Interviewer: How is the word for backpack connected to the song Gesshoku? (In gesshoku Mei sings about a little girls backpack at some parts).

Mei: The first name for the song was “Red backpack” but we changed it to Gesshoku. I really don’t remember the reason.

Interviewer: Are you also leaving it to the audience to interpret your lyrics?

Mei: Bands of our kind rarely write about love songs and stuff, but sad stuff. But I really wanted to write a love song. At first I did write lovey-dovey lyrics for the song with a happy ending. But then I though “Is it really okay to leave the song like this?” In the end I didn’t end up changing it.***

Interviewer: What about the PV for Gesshoku?

Mei: It follows a story and we hired a little school girl to be part of the video. She said “Are you really gonna go this far with a little school girl? haha” but in the end we did it and everyone worked well. If you think of Yokusou as an old film, than this is the counter part. More like a real film with good quality. 

Mutsuki: For me personally, I really like the part where I do Tam mawashi (musical term that I don’t know how to translate) right before the last chorus. I’m lifting my leg there

K: Haha! Mutsuki is really in high spirit at that part of the PV, for sure. Mei just said “like a movie” and if you read the lyrics at the same time I think it will really leave an impression. So I think it will be fun if you read the lyrics as you watch it.

Koyomi: When I’m alone on the screen I look kinda self-satisfied. And the camera man said “It doesn’t matter, just play!” to me, haha. 

Kuro: There’s a lot of flashback scenes but try to feel the story and listen at the same time and I think you will like it!

Mei: The school girl is really cute!!

Interviewer: Recommend me a song from the album!

Mutsuki: I like “Hesonoo”. It’s a ballad. The first time I heard it I felt a very nostalgic feeling and got very calm. I think you can listen to it at any time and still appreciate it.

Interviewer: It’s a really great song!

K: In contrary to what you probably think, we actually do these kinds of songs a lot. The song is very cool but there’s conflicts at times as well. The lyrics starts with XX. ****

Mei: I don’t think lyric sheets are necessary. 

Interviewer: What about you K?

K: Actually a song I started myself, “Chihiro chan no gankyuuname”. I wanted to have slap part (music term) in a song. But I only wrote the bass, the rest I left for the other members. What they sent back to me was really nice though and then Mei had a funny title to it. So disregards if you like it or don’t like it, it’s a song we all made together. 

Interviewer: It’s a pretty intense song title, who’s Chihiro chan?

Mei: At first I wanted to use the name Midori instead of Chihiro. But it got a bit complex so I decided not to, haha. When it comes to “eyeball licking” I thought of who would be a good target for something like that. It seems eyeball licking is popular in elementary school and people using eyeball bandage (I can’t think of the real word) has increased. That’s basically the origin. 

Interviewer: Don’t you think there could be like a lawsuit or something over this?

Mei: No.

Koyomi: I wrote enogu mamire but I agree. I would recommend Chihiro chan no gankyuuname as well. I think it’s a good song and the fans love it at lives.

Kuro: If you would ask “Which is your best song?” I would say Yokusou. But if I had to choose in the album I’d say Tokage. It’s a pretty intense and heavy song with entwining guitars and bass. Nice vocals and guitar solo as well. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the song and to this day it’s the hardest one to play live. *****

Interviewer: The song sure changes a lot during the progress!

Kuro: Mei actually says “Yokusou” in the song as well, does it have any connection to the song?

Mei: I forgot.

Interviewer: Now that’s a smile that seems to be hiding something, what about you Mei?

Mei: Kimi no kusuriyubi wa boku no stew. It’s a nice song in all ways.

Kuro: Of all the songs we released on the single, Misui is the only one that is the same. So listen carefully and it might be fun!

Interviewer: You’re going on you’re tour “Dangai jikoku no sanban shoubu” what do you think it’ll be like?

Kuro: We have only been playing here in Tokyo since we started the band, so our first gigs outside will be one-mans. With that in mind I have a feeling that special things may happen.

Interviewer: Your first time outside of Tokyo huh! I bet there’s a lot of people who have yet to see you guys live, what can they expect?

Koyomi: Violent and suspicious feeling with Mei being crazy.

K: As we have a feeling expresser in our band, you can expect all lives to be different and unique to the next. So Mei will probably do unexpected stuff during our gigs as well. As these are one-man lives I really want you guys to come and watch us. I realised we are more of a live band as we haven’t released much yet, while we consider you guys listened to our CD’s important as well we really believe that our lives are more important and that there will be stuff you will never twice happening. As it’s our first time outside of Tokyo I mean this especially for the Nagoya and Osaka gigs. 

Interviewer: If you miss out on that as a fan…

K: Well, as I said we won’t do the same thing twice. We do gigs with “this is the only time” in mind.

Interviewer: Well then, can you leave a message for all your fans reading this?

Mei: No.

*黒百合と影 translated becomes “Black lily and the shadow”
**Mei is always credited as 表現者 “The person who expresses feelings”
*** As you know it’s not really a love song, but about someone raping a school girl. I think Mei is just messing with us. Also he says she’s a shougakusei so she’s assumely between 8-12 years old.
**** XX means “symbol used as a placeholder (either because a number of other words could be used in that position, or because of censorship)” in this case.
***** I guess he means he likes the single version of Yokusou more? I don’t get it lol.
Everything in brackets “( ) “are written by me and are not part of the interview.

黒百合と影 ー すてきな唄 (A cool song)

あー 嫌いだ。あんたが嫌い
あー 嫌いだ。目を潰したい
あー 嫌いだ。耳チョン切りたい
あー 嫌い。顔がヘドみたい
Ahh, I hate you. I hate you
Ahh, I hate you. I want to smash your eyes
Ahh, I hate you. I want to cut off your ears
Ahh, I hate you. Your face is like spit

あー 偽善者ぶりなの嫌い。
あー 虚言癖者なの嫌い。
あー 自意識過剰が嫌い。
あー あなたを逝かせてみたいなぁ! 肉棒
Ahh, I hate hypocrites.
Ahh, I hate liars.
Ahh, I hate self-concious people.
Ahh, I want to kill you! COCK!*

嘔吐しよう ※※※※※※※※※※※
You will surely hate this, so you will disagree to this song
You will surely hate this, so this song will only have a bad meaning to you
You will surely hate this, so you will disagree to this song
Let’s vomit

My neighbours daughter got a tumour on her knee
And they cut it off with a saw and decided to keep her at home.

あー 誰々なんちゃら言及
あー 素人見当違い
あー今日も一日素敵だなぁ! 肉某
Ahh, a reference to someone
Ahh, I misdirected you to someone who’s not a whore
Lining you up along with your toys
Ahh, today is a nice day isn’t it! COCK!*

嘔吐しよう ※※※※※※※※※※※
You will surely hate this, so you will disagree to this song
You will surely hate this, so this song will only have a bad meaning to you
You will surely hate this, so you will disagree to this song
Let’s vomit

* Cock as in penis, not the animal.

Eve Official Blog 160724

Please look at the real me! I want to meet you!
I don’t look very excited in the first photo but I liked it anyway,
Platinum Happy’s Eve!

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Haaaaa it has been a while…
How is everyone doing?
I’ve been really busy with college lately ;; lot’s and lot’s of works and it’s my last year and everything is a mess www
But it will be ok… somehow…. ^^”

In good news there’s a lot happening in the idol world! So many groups I like are releasing things…
There’s Zenryoku Shoujo R with their first single and MV; Magical Punchline major debut mini album; Black DPG ended activities and 3 of their members became a new idol unit Kuroyuri along with 2 new members; Natsu no Mamono new member and album release announcement and TIF participation; Takoyaki Rainbow new single and MV; Let’s PocoPoco members leaving and members joining and album release announcement; POP changing their name to Gang Parade and a new single; BiS is back!… I could keep going but I wouldn’t shut up… I also didn’t even talk about them too much ww ahhh !! ~
Oh and there’s Love Live Sunshine! and Aqours! and Shinnyyyy!!!

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This is random, but some recent outfits! It’s so coooold ;; Everyday near 0ºC… but at least is sunny most days! \o

A couple of weeks ago there was a Weekly Happy question about what would be our image song and I said I would talk about it in my next blog, so….
The song I chose was Yellow Yellow Happy by Pocket Biscuits.
They were a group from the 90’s and I love them even now ww I still follow Chiaki’s works as much as I can!

I really like the lyrics, specially 3 parts I want to share today!

もしも 生まれ変わっても また私に生まれたい
この体と この色で 生き抜いてきたんだから

Even if I could be reborn, I want to be born as myself again
Because I kept living with this body and this color until now

リアルはいつも 嘘の中にある
Reality is always inside a lie


I don’t need a sweet medicine to drive me mad
Everyone is just pretending to be unhappy

These 3 parts are my favorite and somehow I always cry…
I wont go into the reasons I like those lines because it would be either too emotional or too long,
but I wanted to share them with you!
Please listen to the song if you’d like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1zIF7pBBxo

One reason I took so long to make a blog post was because I wanted to write one today…
Today I was born years ago ww
I never really liked my birthday… I never felt different and it never felt special.
But it comes every year and even with all the things I hate
in the end I’m still happy about the messages I get.
The most important thing about them for me is the feeling in them. The feeling that makes me think that I wasn’t forgotten. Someone remembered me. Being remembered makes me happy, makes me feel alive somehow.
I am very grateful to all the wishes I get ^^ !

I’m still awkward but please,
look at the real me ! \o/ www

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Specially today,
let’s Evening!!! ^^

Rules: Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people at the end!

1. Artist: Avenged Sevenfold.

2. What is your gender?: Streets.

3. Describe yourself: Until the End.

4. How do you feel?: Warmness on the Soul.

5. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: Bat Country.

6. Favorite mode of transportation: Flash of the Blade.

7. Your best friend: Crossroads.

8. Favorite time of day: Radiant Eclipse.

9. If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?: This Means War.

10. What is life to you?: Danger Line.

11: Your Fear: Buried Alive.

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What’s your plant personality?
Take this quiz and post your results (repost, don’t reblog!)

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Echinachea: A protector. With an amazing blend of optimism, nurturing and goodwill, you lend your strength and energy to those in need. Your seemingly infinite goodwill and boundless supportive energy make you the one people turn to when times are tough. Your greatest strength is, of course, also one of your weaknesses, especially if you neglect to take care of yourself. At times like these, it’s a good idea to take a step back and focus some of that protective energy on yourself.

Passionflower: Deeply concerned about others and the world around you, you have a developed sense of what’s right and just. You’re a bit of an idealist and strive to see your vision of perfection realized in the world. On occasion you get out of balance, and you may feel a deep sense of unease and be prone to worry—especially at night, tossing and turning over all that is wrong or that needs fixing.

Slippery Elm: Let’s just say you’re a vocal person. Sure, that might mean you’re chatty. But it also means you’re the one humming in the hallway, singing in the shower, speaking your mind, standing up and shouting if need be to get yourself heard. You’ve got a voice and you know how to use it. Inclined to speak up for the voiceless, defend the defenseless or simply bring joy to the joyless, you may have a tendency to overuse your voice.