Commissioned by our test reader.

Based on one of the mysterious top secret joint projects by us, BlastedKing and Ligeia Maloy.

We decided that a story about a pair of twins, their friends and their band is too delicious to draw either a comic or write their story.

So expect both.

Artwork supported by fiction, fiction supported by artwork to tell a story filled with drama about love, friendship and passionate music… and other things that deserve a mature content warning.

Reclaimed is a popular bandfounded by the twins Michael and Gabriel Lewis and their friend Dave Johnson and soon completed with their drummer Dylan Newman and sound producer Jude “Juudge” Willson.

Their hard, rocking sound made them popular among lovers of music. But the handsome faces, the cold and distant aura of Gabriel and the mysterious Juudge behind the soundboard who hasn’t revealed his “too cute to be metal”-face drive those parts of the internet ruled by fangirls crazy.

The story starts three years after their breakthrough and goes haywire when one band member discovers the dark side of his fans’s fantasies. The consequences lead to more chaos and confusion than their every day life already has in store for all five band members when private and professional lives clash.

Artwork, story, fanfictions, fanart - learn more about it on Reclaimed’s own webpage for free!

Soon. Q1 2014.

So – patience, darlings, patience.

Until then enjoy the teasers we’ll upload for you once in a while to keep you entertained. And curious.