hey, just tiny reminders if u take anxiety med or antidepressants

  • don’t eat citrus related fruits as it can take away the effects of your medication or make them worse. if anything, try to take small quantities of citrus
  • same can be said for a variety over-the-counter medications like tylenol, ibuprofen, mucinex, etc. and the no-brainer: alcohol. alcohol has a tendency to ramp up the effects of medications. small quantities will not endanger you but the ideal is to abstain from them. if you absolutely need to take otc medication for whatever reason, half the dosage. it’s something my pharmacists have been telling me
  • keep yourself cool and well hydrated. these type of medications can dehydrate you faster and overheat you. a common side effect being heat flashes. so be careful if you plan on being physically active outside! keep cold water with you!
  • they will make you a lot more tired. a symptom of depression mostly, a person will feel a lot more tired yet restless. while taking antidepressants, you will feel drowsy or dizzy. one way to combat this is to give changes to your diet by eating something at least every three hours. it doesn’t have to be a meal, but something so your stomach isn’t completely empty. exercise helps combat this symptom of the medications too as well as a good sleeping schedule!
  • these medications are volatile. that sounds like an extreme word to use but remember that these meds are very new to the market. make sure to speak w/ pharmicists and doctors if you need other medication while taking antidepressants or anxiety meds, especially antibiotics. 
  • if you’re unsure if you took your med for the day, just skip medication altogether. double dosage isn’t necessarily a bad thing but everybody’s body is different and may react mildly to severe if you take a double dose by accident (i.e. your heat flashes get worse or you get dizzy more frequently throughout the day)
  • please talk to your doctors to plan something safe if you want to get off medications. cutting meds cold turkey will lead to nasty withdrawal symptoms such as aches, pains, and symptoms similar to a heart attack. this is possible if you happen to detox yourself while trying to keep hydrated from stomach infections and viruses. it’s not fun, but it’s not life threatening. it’s just your body being on alert over the sudden disappearance of certain chemicals 

Ppl complaining about how moira’s design is too generic and that she’s ugly af are weak

Theyre the same type of ppl that want not conventionally attractive characters but the second they get one, they chalk it up to poor character design and that the character shouldn’t be part of shit like????

Not everybody’s a model? Let moira be sharp, pointy, and not drop dead gorgeous

im just hoping that in the new fire emblem game that’s coming out for the switch next year


we finally get a variety of skin tones for our personal unit. im still bitter that it wasn’t a thing in awakening and MORE SO in fates 

idk what it is about mexican culture in particular that makes people flat out start wars if they find out the people writing animation projects about mexican culture are non-mexican

like…hey. don’t try to make a not actual mexican issue your issue? and what i mean by that is that folks tend to forget about diaspora and focus on the collective concept of All Mexicans. what mexico as a country thinks is one thing unrelated to the more important concerns of the diaspora living outside of mexico. even then it’s not a damn excuse to talk over diaspora and spread misinformation to ruin the reputation of a project that meant well

b/c if anything came out of the whole coco fiasco (aside it being highly recommended to watch) is that people need to chill tf out sometimes and listen rather than speak over diaspora

btw if there was anybody interested in commissioning me, i’m temporarily closed! paypal updated their ToS that is weeding out digital artists b/c they want goods to have a shipping label and will keep money for a certain amount of time before releasing it to someone so!!

i’m looking for alternatives until then. if anybody knows any good suggestions, i’d love to hear it

my favorite headcanon is mizuki actually being of latin american descent and that he may or may not shit talk about other rib teams in spanish or portuguese 

maybe he serenaded aoba once with a popular song sung by mariachis leaving aoba incredibly confused like tf are you singing
what does that mean

it sounds like you’re singing about grandmas