“Walk tall my friends”

Insert ugly sobbing here

I actually cried when Tony sent me this photo. He did such an incredible job and captured the feeling that stood out to me in this game, the bonds you make with those important to you. If you ever get the chance to work with him, please do he has helped me bring every visionI’ve brought to him to life.

The cool thing about this is we found the PERFECT road going to Meteor Crater, so even though the crazy rocks and the signs are photoshopped, the side of the road blended so well into the actual in game shot, we were blown away. We had to shoot here! Even if that meant jumping off the road as cars passed in between shots 😂

Incoming long sappy post.
I am so incredibly thankful for our life, for these wonderful people in these photos that make my crazy dreams come true, for the friends that we’ve made along the way, and for our supportive family. I am so impressed with the amount of incredibly talented and creative people we’ve met along the way and can call friends. There are so many of you and we love you all and are so lucky to create and spend time with you. I couldn’t imagine a different life. Making art and wonderful memories with all of you has meant more than I can express. I am thankful for this life and all of you. I hope you get to spend time, not only today, but in your life with those that make your life worth living.

📸 @tonyjuliusphotography
Prom/gladio @frankandnats
Noct/Iggy us

Prompto, Ignis, Noctis by @ardawigs

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the “cosplay is not consent” trademarking?

Cosplay is not consent was a sort of rallying cry that united the community, sharing their stories and working to protect each other. Cons really stepped up their harassment policies. The term was picked up and used by the community as a short-hand for explaining that a costume does not give you permission to act inappropriately to the wearer, it does not give you permission to touch someone, it does not automatically give approval to take a photo and someone wearing a costume at a con is not the same as someone wearing a costume at a theme park. This term was picked up by the community all over the world and efforts to educate others and better convention policies were carried out by MANY people. It doesn’t really represent a specific brand, a good or service and it never really stood out as one group pushing the term. So it getting trademarked is a little bit weird. 

That said, Cosplay Deviants owns http://www.cosplayisnotconsent.org/ and according to them, they have been pushing the cosplay is not consent movement forward with flyers and panels. I can understand that they want to protect what they have built up and invested their time and money into. They may want to do more with it as well. If I had to guess, they may want to continue their work more directly with conventions; Possibly as guests running panels and a booth or hired on to train staff and develop harassment policies. 

I wonder if it really needs to be protected? I wonder if the added hassle of getting permission to use the term would push cons away from using it and if that could push the community a step back in awareness? I also wonder if they will get more aggressive about protecting the term in the future? We’ll have to wait and see. 

I don’t think it will affect the community too much overall. It is more of something to be aware of, especially if you are a b/vlogger, panelist or conrunner that might be using the term in a way that could be infringing.

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