Author’s note: Heard Haruhi from Ouran laugh and all I could think of was Ciel laughing like an idiot and this just kind of happened.
First Kuroshitsuji fic, yay! Boy, lemme tell you that writing Ciel and Sebastian is definitely challenging omg. I think this is about as fluffy as it’s gonna get between these two x’D  

Summary: Takes place during Sebastian’s “training” as a butler. He has to learn how to touch a human without hurting them and Ciel has to learn how to accept touch. Apparently this also includes a ticklish touch and Sebastian’s very intrigued.

Months. That was how long it took before Sebastian started getting close to becoming a good, human-like butler. Ciel would never forget the first time he bathed him with extremely hot water and scrubbing so vigorously at his damaged body that he had kicked him out. Of course Sebastian still had to get accustomed to having a human body himself, not to mention that he had to learn how to treat other humans properly.

However, Ciel barely had any patience with him and kept telling him off. It wasn’t hard to miss Sebastian’s irritation, but he couldn’t care less about that. Things weren’t easy for him, either since he still flinched a lot in the beginning whenever Sebastian touched him. Not only would he get flashbacks, but his fragile body wasn’t used to innocent touches anymore and would automatically go in defense mode.

Seeing that this also took months, Ciel guessed both of them had to get used to living a normal life again and Sebastian was doing a poor job just like him.

It took a couple of days for Sebastian to get the hang of dressing him without ripping his clothes or grabbing his chin too forcefully when he had to tie a ribbon around his neck. Ciel would snap at him every time and send him out to do it himself. One time Sebastian had even tied his eyepatch too tightly (or that might have been on purpose, Ciel couldn’t exactly tell), which earned him a kick in the shin.

On day five, Sebastian came in with fresh tea, the newspaper and clean clothes. He had worn that signature smile of his that Ciel had accepted and dressed him as gently as possible. This time, no clothes were ripped up and Ciel’s limbs didn’t get bruised. On the contrary, when he laid his foot on Sebastian’s thigh to get his shoes on, the touch was so soft and light that—

Ciel quickly pulled his knee up to his chest, eyes wide.

Sebastian stared up at him, eyebrows knitted together. “Was I too rough, sir?”

Finding that would be the easier way out, Ciel nodded. “Yes. I’ll put my shoes on myself. Go prepare breakfast.”

“Right away, sir.” Sebastian bowed and left without saying anything else.

That touch… Ciel shivered and quickly put on both of his shoes to distract himself.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to forget about the whole thing because it happened again on the night of another nightmare. 

Ciel was bundled up in his huge blanket, trembling uncontrollably, his heart racing against his chest and his breaths uneven. There was no doubt he had screamed and that Sebastian would check on him soon as usual. He had to calm down, but he psychically couldn’t.

“Young master?”

The door opened and Sebastian’s glowing eyes met his own. “No one’s here?”

“No, it’s just you and me in this house,” was the quiet reply. “It’s a quiet night.”

Instead of giving a response, Ciel wrapped the blankets tighter around his shaking body and let out a relieved sigh. The memories were still too fresh for him to take Sebastian’s word for it, but according to the contract, the demon could not tell a single lie, so it was safe to believe him. Sebastian stopped every single intruder and killed them on the spot, he told himself, it was practically impossible for someone to get in and take him.

A gloved hand was about to come in contact with his face. “Don’t touch me!”

Ciel’s hollow eyes stared up at Sebastian’s. “… Don’t.”

Not after that nightmare.

Not after someone had dragged him out of his cage.

Not after seeing that knife glistening in the candle light.

“It’s only me, sir,” Sebastian replied with a soft undertone in his voice.

“Just… stand over there and wait until I fall asleep.”

There was a quick silence between them until Sebastian bowed. “Of course, sir.”

It took about three months before Ciel finally accepted his touch after a nightmare. Sebastian would try every now and then, sometimes he’d even get smacked in the process, and this time, he succeeded. He had curled his fingers back and carefully laid them against Ciel’s pale cheek, watching him with those blood red eyes.

“No one is here but you and me, young master,” he murmured and Ciel nodded in response, closing his eyes. “Would you like some hot milk with honey?”

The hand on his cheek didn’t move and Ciel was grateful for that. “Yeah.”

Then, a single finger caressed his cheek and Ciel flinched away, his lips twitching. With a small frown, he quickly scratched his cheek to get rid of the tingling feeling and averted his gaze because he could feel Sebastian’s eyes on him.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you. Your body must be more damaged than we had assumed,” Sebastian spoke up, neutral yet questioning. “Should I call your doctor after breakfast?”

“It’s fine,” Ciel brushed him off and laid back down on the bed and waved his hand lazily towards the door. “Go.”

“Very well. I will be back with your milk in a few minutes.”

But of course he couldn’t hide it forever. Sebastian was bound to find out someday since he dressed him, caught him every time he fell off his horse, cut his hair, leaned over his shoulder when he had to translate texts and washed him every single day. The latter was what finally gave it away.

Sebastian had been massaging his scalp and moved to his shoulders. Usually, Ciel was able to relax and enjoy his touch, but this time his entire body jumped as Sebastian’s hand brushed over the back of his neck. It was so light that it had almost felt like a feather had teasingly swiped over his baby hairs and Ciel’s body had reacted out of impulse.

“My apologies, sir,” Sebastian said right away and continued to scrub his arms. Still, it didn’t stop Ciel’s brain from being on red alert and his shoulders standing stiff. This, of course, didn’t go unnoticed by his butler and the hands stilled. “Are you quite all right?”

“’m fine,” Ciel uttered and shrugged it off.

“I can’t help but notice that every time I touch you in certain places, you panic. Are you still having flashbacks?”

With a small groan, Ciel let his body sink underwater because he wasn’t going to explain this stupid concept to a demon, but Sebastian instantly reacted by grabbing his underarms and pulling him up.

“Young master! What are you—?” A small pause.  “Sir…?”

Ciel had clamped his arms to his side and was now curled up in the bathtub, hiding his face in his knees. His cheeks were already flushed from the hot water, so maybe Sebastian wouldn’t notice that they had darkened, but since that demon noticed everything he’d probably be unable to hide it. Sebastian’s hands had retreated and Ciel breathed out against his kneecaps, trying to calm down.

“Don’t touch me there,” he said stubbornly to avoid the subject.

“But it would be unhygienic to not wash them. I’ll be very gentle.”

“No!” Ciel instantly turned to him, eyes still filled with panic. “Don’t be stupid! I’ll wash them myself.”

Not impressed by his master’s antics, Sebastian merely raised an eyebrow. “With all due respect, young master, you were the one who told me to be very gentle the first night I washed your body. I am being as gentle as I possibly can and your body still convulses. Are you still hurting?”

“No. I just don’t want to be touched there.”

“You’re being silly. I’ve been washing you for months now and you didn’t have any problems until now. May I ask what has changed?”

Oh, for the love of all that was holy and everything else Ciel didn’t believe in. He wanted to drown himself on the spot. Sebastian could always tell whenever he was lying and he wasn’t going to let this go apparently. It was so stupid and Ciel had actually forgotten the entire concept of it and things would have been so much easier if Sebastian hadn’t been so incredibly light and gentle with his touch.

“It… it…” Ciel started lamely and felt his face becoming even redder and saw Sebastian frowning in response. This was going to be harder than he thought. It was so incredibly awkward and he wanted to get out of the tub and go to his room, but Sebastian would probably nag him if he didn’t speak up right now. Of course Ciel could simply order him to stop talking about it, but it was so dumb and idiotic that it would be a waste. “… It tickled.”  

The most awkward silence that Ciel had ever experienced followed after his words. Sebastian stared at him as if he had grown a second head and Ciel blinked in response, not knowing what to say. Apparently Sebastian had never heard of it and if he was going to be completely honest with himself, it wasn’t that surprising. It was such an innocent thing, after all. Sebastian was only familiar with killing and torture, not all the other silly things that humans did to each other.

“Tickled?” Sebastian echoed and leaned in closer, fascinated. “So you’re ticklish?”

Shit. He had heard of it. 

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ok but who here has tried sorting the kuro characters into their appropriate hogwarts houses?

like of course ciel and vincent and basically the direct phantomhive clan would be slytherins

but im thinking lizzy would be gryffindor because she’s really brave? but she’s also just as cunning and ambitions to her causes (being the best wife of the watchdog and all that) so she could be a slytherin…also she managed to trick everyone into thinking she was just a cutesy airhead but that is totally not the case lmao

and soma’s got to be ravenclaw because he’s smart af, but i’d put agni in hufflepuff…maybe edward can be hufflepuff too??

idk does anybody else have opinions on this or any of the characters

Kuroshitsuji II

Just finished the second season of Kuroshitsuji, and while I admit that I love that plot twist very much (and definitely not in the Ciel x Sebastian shipper sense) but because duh, Ciel as a demon and that’s like he triumphed over the original contract (Sebastian cannot take his soul) for me—even though it wasn’t his doing, I am very much confused?

Can someone explain it to me?

  • How will that mesh with the supposed next arc, Book of Circus?
  • How should I view the second season? Like a spinoff? Or an alternate universe? Or a fanfic?
  • Just—how?