Youme Cafe x Book of Circus (resale) Merchandise Orders

These are the same items sold from Youme Cafe in their 2014 BoC collab. The waiter designs are Hong Kong-exclusive official merchandise and cannot be found anywhere else.

So I will be making at least 2 trips(probably 4 in the end lol) to the cafe in June/July. I am happy to take orders from you guys, simply fill out the following Google Form and you’re all set!

1. Fill out this form (<<<price also listed, note the random items are not guaranteed, I can only try my best to make sure everyone gets something in the end);
2. Wait for my confirmation message/email;
3. Provide your address and pay for your order;
4. Wait for shipment to arrive.

Transaction via Paypal only.
I only accept payment in Hong Kong Dollars, please convert the total to your own currency.
I ship worldwide. Free shipping by air mail for ALL purchases. Registered mail (with tracking code) is another 15.5HKD.

For Book of the Atlantic merchandise, see here.


Kuroshitsuji Book of Atlantic movie new visual! From Oct 29, advanced ticket on sale with B2 poster as present!
More information: kuroshitsuji-movie.com/ticket/

New Cast for Kuroshitsuji Book of Atlantic!
Charles Grey: Kimura Ryouhei
Charles Phipps: Tomoaki Maeno
Viscount Druitt: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
More information: kuroshitsuji-movie.com/cast/

November 5th and 6th, new character illustration from various merchandise of Kuroshitsuji BoA on sale Aniplex Booth on Animate Girls Festival 2016 in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro !
More information: kuroshitsuji-movie.com/sp/news/?article_id=40445

Complete premiere “Black Butler CRUISING PARTY ~ the Butler, sailed ~” on January 14th and 15th, 2017!
Ticket sale starts on October 22nd at 12 pm!
More information: kuroshitsuji-movie.com/cruising_party/


At the Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Cafe at THE BLACK BAR on THE CAMPANIA at Omotesando, Shibuya. I got Snake and Grell print coasters, ordered alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling wine (the one with raspberries is alcoholic and the blueberry one is non), a Scotch egg and wagyu burger, fish and chips with dill hollandaise sauce, the rest are merch and artwork plus some free fliers! It was a lavish experience but surprisingly inexpensive (less than ¥10000 for the meal and merchandise all together). I had to cancel my next reservation because of upcoming Utapri and DWD events but if I had the chance I’d go a million more times!

anonymous asked:

It'd be cool if I could buy a real life version of the Bitter Rabbit dolls. I also want to have Kuroshitsuji Undertaker merchandise, things like keychains, posters, figurines, and a plush doll of him.

Real life versions? Do you mean… like real animals? XD If you just mean the plushies, there are some that you can buy. And there’s also a lot of merch for Undertaker, just try google it. ;)


Who else thinks Kuroshitsuji merchandise should feature more characters? I have a lot of stuff and only one item has Elizabeth and the servants on it. I’m honestly considering having a shirt printed with some of my fav characters. Lizzy and Undertaker especially. I know Sebastian and Ciel are obviously featured on everything but other characters need merch love! I just saw the images for Funtom cafe too, I’d love to see more characters around there! But I only see Sebastian and Ciel on the wall.


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I’m Sorry, Everyone

My translations have been taken down by alleged copyright infringement. There is nothing more I can do. I thought that maybe since the picture posts were separated, that they were fair use, but they were not, and have been removed by tumblr. 

I didn’t really think of translating and posting my translations as “illegal”, but I suppose nothing really lasts forever.

I encourage everyone to support Yana Toboso and purchase official Kuroshitsuji books, translations, merchandise, etc from Square Enix/Yen Press/etc.

I’m sorry I can no longer post my translations. It hurts that I can no longer share the new chapters with everyone. But I want to thank everyone who has ever read my translations and/or supported me and Kai. It was very fun. 

I will still use this blog, so I’m not going anywhere. Don’t worry, I’ll be here, albeit bored to death, but don’t worry. I’ll have Kai here with me too, chained to me by handcuffs. 

I’ll buy GFantasy every month, so if you have questions about it I’ll share some secrets if there are no translations out, although I have a feeling they’ll come out either way, manga website or other tumblr users.. I won’t say names, in case Yen Press is still on the hunt for fan translators. 

But thank you, everyone, and I’m sorry it had to be like this.


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