kuroshitsuji role play

One Hell of a Star (Closed RP)

Christian leaned against the doorway entrance to the main studio, as he and a few other guests watched the cast of Kuroshitsuji take photos for the upcoming film Book of the Atlantic. The film was a success in Japan, and now it’s time to see how well it will do in the Western community.

The demon mostly kept his eyes on the main star of the movie, he chuckled with every pose he did and how he interacted with the photographers and other cast members.


“C-Ciel.” The little blonde sniffed, trying not to break down before her cousin. The little boy sat down beside her, reaching out a hand and wiping the tears away before they fell.
“Please don’t cry, Lizzy. I don’t like it when you’re sad.” His own deep blue orbs held great concern for the sweet girl who was smiling only moments before.

Black Butler Reaper

I just finished the entire manga finally, well other than volume 22 which isn’t out in english yet but I have to say the reapers that showed up in Germany are hardly talked about. I admit the guy was a little blasé, but Sascha was great! She was funny, excitable, and she pretty much gave away that things were gonna get really good. Idk as a reaper I loved her as much as I love Grell and that is saying a lot. I MIIIGHT rp her. I loved her energy and it seems there are not enough girls. Anyway, that’s my two cents for today. I love you all! <3