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it’s a new year and therefore i need more blogs on my dash! also i’ve just unfollowed blogs that have been inactive for 2+ weeks which is suprisingly a lot of people so my dash is super dead. if you are an anime blog (please be at least 75% anime) and post any of the following, please reblog:

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I am merely stating facts, Ciel! Once, I get you going….you’ll be begging for it!~

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Like, seriously, here’s the thing. It literally doesn’t matter to what extent a character being a trans woman is canon or not.

Linkle has no direct “evidence” to support her being trans, other than being a “gender-swapped” (ugh I hate that term) version of Link. So people fight me about it.

Samus Aran has some direct “evidence” that she’s trans - a developer comment in particular. And people will fight tooth and nail to “prove” that this bit of “evidence” is irrelevant.

Grell Sutcliffe has literally been confirmed as trans by the creator of the series. And yet people outright refuse to acknowledge it, considering anything less than the fictional character saying the exact words “I am a trans woman” to not actually be canon.

People don’t care. They will do everything in their power to ignore the presence of trans women in the media they love. So why the hell should I have to wait for Nintendo to decree a character as trans (which they will, in all likelihood, never ever do) to consider it the truth? Why should I have to label every character I consider trans as a “headcanon” when there is no more evidence in the media itself to suggest cissness than there is transness?



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