kuroshitsuji photos


My aesthetic is Ciel and Sebastian looking cute together in official art\sketch. and a big thank you for @lovemyciel​ for letting me use the scan photo.

Sebastian’s made like 50 fake accounts with Grell’s face
(The worst part is it works and people actually slide into the DMs he is shooketh)

Kuro Meta Struggles

Me: “So on page 14 of the 44th issue, Charles Grey searches Sebastian’s room and stumbles across *this*– a white feather. In a truly remarkable side note, Ms. Toboso explicitly marked this as Sebastian’s most prized possession. The fact that Sebastian considers a white feather his most prized possession cements my headcanon that he is indeed a fallen angel, still filled with longing for his old existence in heaven, struggling with a complex inner conflict …”

Friend: “That’s a cat toy.”

Me: “… Goddammit.”


Here’s a photoset from the modern Ciel and Alois photoshoot that konekocosplay and I did awhile ago! The pictures turned out gorgeous (our photographer rocked!) and this isn’t even half of the photos! So look out for more to come- I can’t wait to share the rest of them with you guys really soon :)

Alois- konekocosplay (Kai)

Ciel- hipsternerdlove (ME!)

Photographer- work-in-roxas

Edited by me!