kuroshitsuji 92

Kuroshitsuji chapter 92 reactions

a rather late one (⌒-⌒; )

So the chapter starts with a short flashback of Finny. I thought for sure that the whole chapter was about him and was a bit disappointed about it but thank goodness it was not :) I like Finny but I want to read the continuation of the last chapter. This new arc excites me a lot!

I only realized in this chapter how the character Finny is well-thought about. gosh am I so slow Initially, I thought that him being a gardener who has superhuman strengths and destroys all the plants instead of taking care of them is only a comic-relief character Yana Toboso made. But NO!!!!! I should’ve thought deeper and this chapter made me realize it. For someone who can only destroy stuff, to be able to take care of life is really wonderful. Somehow in Finny’s mind, he feels a lot less of a monster working at Ciel’s. It (atleast for me) shows hope for people yearning to start a new life. Bravo Yana-sensei :3

For the past chapters, I thought that Ciel seemed to have lost his mind or went back to the time he was kidnapped and this chapter shows that he fully remembers everyone. He is conscious and knows he was attacked by a werewolf. When it came, Ciel became frightened again. So what does he fear? He knows Sebastian and doesn’t want to be near him. Why? He also mentioned Ciel again as third person but was cut-off by Finny


“Ciel he…” If who we knew as Ciel Phantomhive isn’t the Ciel Phantomhive then he might not want Sebastian to be near him because it was the real Ciel who sacrificed and probably had summoned Sebastian??? Or that he used the real Ciel to summon Sebastian and used his name??? If that’s what happened then our Ciel really burdens a great sin. It might be what keeps him scared these past few chapters and if that’s the case then there’s a possibility that Sebastian might not get Ciel’s soul???

I’m getting confused by my own thoughts

Sullivan seems to be not the bad guy (or girl) in this arc but she definitely knows what happening. What is this “source” of the werewolves? She said that it’s almost complete??? What happens if it’s complete? Is the werewolf which Sebastian and Ciel saw not part of the protectors/guardians of the village? Finny seemed not to be affected when the werewolf attacked him. Why are they angry anyway? And what would happen to that snake spying Sullivan? Will it get caught or not?

One thing’s for sure, Sebastian’s getting annoyed of Ciel’s condition. Lol :3

I’m really starting to get annoyed with Ciel. I get that something’s happened, amnesia or whatever, but the way he’s acting right now is too annoying. I mean, I don’t feel sorry for Sebastian, even though I love his character, I just find Ciel’s attitude strange. Plus, it makes me worried. If Ciel is so afraid of Sebastian and ordered him to not come near Ciel, how is their contract not void? I mean, it seems to me, that this sort of personality, new arrangement or whatever would void their contract. 

Plus, the place is reeeeeeeeally shady. Why hasn’t Sebastian started kicking butt yet? I’m getting a bit tired of him working from the shadows or gritting his teeth and collecting information.