kuroshitsuji 84

Kuroshitsuji chapter 84 reaction

The end of School Arc.

I was a little (a LITTLE) bit disappointed thinking, that was all? That was the whole School Arc? No battles? But then again I think that this arc was about relationships :)

When I first saw the raws, without understanding a word, the one that struck me the most was the expulsion of the (former) P4. IN the last chapter, it was shown how happy the P4 when they became prefects and their first days as one and now in this chapter, they’re out of the school. It’s actually a GOOD thing that there were no battles that lead to a tragedy (the only tragedy in this arc is what happened to Derek, his friends and the vice principal though it’s kind of not ‘cause that happened way before these events and way before the Campania Arc). All involved are innocent so it’s just not right to hurt them or stuff :) and plus Lizzie’s brother was there so anything Ciel does is crucial to his image. Anywho, going back to the (former) P4, it must have hurt leaving the school they once protected (?) by doing a gruesome thing to leave it. And another thing that also struck me the most what when Edward first stepped on the lawn now that he is a prefect. Being able to step on the lawn was a privilege, out of hundreds and hundreds of students, only 4 are allowed to do it. But even though he got that privilege, he was not happy.

But now that I’ve read the translation, my favorite part is the one on top. I kind of got the idea that Sebastian was somehow hallucinating that the Undertaker again got Ciel and that Sebastian got scared of it when I read the raws but it turns out he was imagining what would happen if he went straight to attack the Undertaker, he sees that because of that move, he might lose Ciel so he instead runs to Ciel and lets the Undertaker get away. At this point, (for me) Sebastian is still ONLY interested in his food which is something I like ‘cause it makes the character and the story more imperfect meaning more realistic.I mean, he’s a demon, he should not have sympathy to anyone. Still I like him <3 He worked hard manipulating Ciel’s life so he should eat.

The theory that Undertaker might have something to do with the Phantomhives just becomes more and more plausible. That line he said to Sebastian that they have different goals suggest that he either wants to do something bad or something good to Ciel. And he seems that he knows the whole family of the Phantomhives. That just arouses more curiosity to what he is in the story.

And the Queen, oh the Queen, I can see her and the Undertaker working in the future.

I look forward to the next arc :)

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But seriously…that’s it? That’s the entire School Arc? I was expecting more but whatever; it’s Yana’s project, not mine. I really enjoyed it though <3

And who’s that prefect next to Clayton? WHERE HAS MY CUTIE HARCOURT GONE??? QAQ

Stahp, Victoria, just stahp. Just don’t even think about it :O

I swear, this series.