Headcanon of the Reapers

So.., we know the reapers all commuted suicide to become reapers. And it is in my head so that they probably fear the way they died… For example Grell: she’s speculated to have ended her life by drowning. If so she should by that be terrified of water. But Grell wants attention and is terrified of being abandoned and not loved. So maybe she in fact was someone famous when living, and died as a result of trying to always keep up with her fame and reputation, ending her life by trying to be enough for everyone and still keep herself together as a human? Like many famous stars of our time, maybe she died of a result of trying to numb out the feeling of not being enough? William: Will seem to be afraid of not following the rules and strictly do what is expected of him. Then maybe he passed on as a result of not following the rules? Maybe the living William T. Spears was a rebel kid, and as a reaper he knows the consequences of not following the rules, so he is now terrified to break them? William may just as well have ended it all when he realized no one liked the rebel outsider he was, and now he enjoys being the one everyone has to listen to, but he is secretly scared they will make him an outsider again… Ronald: our dear blond reaper appears to be one of quick, sassy comebacks and every woman’s dream. So he may be afraid to be the dork in the corner to shy to speak? Because maybe that’s who he was as he was living? Now he is living all the reasons he ended it out as he can now be confident and he realizes he won’t be rejected, and he holds power over people’s lives. But inside he remembers his old nicknames the other kids gave him when alive, and how he sat in the corner in school trying to read, and every girl rejected him. So his deepest fear is in fact to be rejected and disliked…

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What if Bill and Sebastian met? just...
  • *Bill and Dip time-travel back to 1889*
  • *B+D find Sebastian and Ciel*
  • Sebastian:?!
  • Bill:My God, it's been centuries! How ya been? Why have ya been so busy??
  • Bill:*looks at Ciel* OOOOH!! Ya been pickin' up chicks lately, huh? Where's ya hooker boot-
  • Ciel:wHAT?! SEBASTIAN YOU WERE A STRIP- *clears throat*
  • Ciel:Who are they?
  • Sebastian:
  • Bill:
  • Bill:I was his fuck budd-
  • Sebastian:Young Master, we're leaving.
  • Bill:*dying of laughter* waiT I'M SOrrY SteVE O H GOD

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HCs of Sebastian, Grell (if you'll do her), Undertaker, and Joker dealing with a deaf!S/O?


-He is experienced in a great many things and had been taking care of his master for years. It won’t be long until he learns how to properly take care of a deaf person.
-Let’s be honest, he is not the most sensitive man around. There will be times when he can get annoyed/impatient with your handicap and can sometimes be harsh. Of course he will reflect on it if he truly loves you and will apologize and accompany it with a lot of pampering for the day.

Grell Sutcliff:

-She will be very impatient and grumpy about the whole thing to be honest and there is a good chance she will avoid having a handicapped person as a lover simply because she loves someone who is strong and somewhat abusive towards her.
-If Grell does happen to really fall in love with a deaf s/o, she will spend time throwing playful/irritated insults, but would still assist her s/o.


-This reaper will be extremely protective over his deaf lover. Undertaker is already protective of his loved ones to begin with behind the shadows, but with a human defect that will hinder his s/o, he will be even more protective and a little clingy.
-Undertaker being himself will not be able to resist cracking a few jokes/puns and learn sign language to communicate it to you.


-Joker will be even more protective and devoted than he already is. He will spend every minute of his free time dutifully learning sign language and proper care for you.
-He will put even more effort into pampering and making you laugh.

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(Baron anon) Do you have any Mey-rin/Finny headcanons? They're a fav pairing of mine in kuroshitsuji, but it seems that they aren't popular enough in the fandom. Even though the pairing seems really obvious for me (´-﹏-`;). It's really cute though. Even a headcanon on whim is fine! ヾ(≧^ ≦;)ノ”

For me they throw this really cute big sis/smol bro vibe, but sure, why not! (I think people don’t ship it because she’s 17-20 and he’s 16, also Mey-rin is definetly the kind of woman who likes’em older…)

  • They snuggle a lot. Sometimes Finny (or Mey-Rin) have nightmares. It all started because Bard was dealing with his own demons too and didn’t have the time for him, and Finny went with Mey-Rin instead. She was very shy but she let him come in and they slept together that night. Now it is really hard to sleep without the warmth of the other. 
  • Mey-rin loves how gentle Finny tries to be, how much he cares for her. (But she secretly likes how strong he is, the fact he could destroy her with his bare hands… yeah, that’s interesting to her, lol). 
  • Flowers! Flowers everywhere! Mey-Rin has her bedroom full of flowers, and she has flowers in her hair. Ciel is kinda pissed that Finny only does his work correctly if it is a present for the woman. 
  • They’re so sugarly everyone has cavities around them. 
  • Finny has no self-control and he touches her all the time. It’s really innocent but Mey-rin really doesn’t like it. (she likes it, she’s just too shy).