Think about it for a sec people

Our Ciel’s real name might actually be Alois. Dunno why but Alois in the anime sort of foreshadowed some things. There is still a lot we do not know about Ciel so what if Alois’ backstory save for Claude’s involvement might actually be Real Ciel’s backstory or part of it. Because there are some things Our Ciel has nto said about that night or the day Sebastian saved his ass.

  • Ciel loses Sebastian: Lack Butler
  • Sebastian doesn't do his job: Slack Butler
  • Sebastian becomes an ax murderer: Hack Butler
  • Sebastian does cocaine: Crack Butler
  • Sebastian begins collecting porcelain cats: Knick Knack Butler
  • Sebastian becomes a faulty salesman: Quack Butler
  • Sebastian in canon: Frick Frack Butler
  • Sebastian has the sudden urge to hit things: Smack Butler
  • Sebastian makes Ciel his tea: Snack Butler
  • Sebastian returns: Back Butler
  • Sebastian puts things in a bag: Sack Butler
  • Sebastian goes crazy: Whack Butler
  • Sebastian puts things in piles: Stack butler
  • Sebastian lives in a hut: Shack Butler
  • Sebastian wears noisy shoes: Clack Butler
  • Sebastian offers you a mint: Tic Tac Butler
  • Sebastian becomes a popular children's toy with a clown that pops out of a box: Jack Butler
  • Sebastian plays a wind instrument: Sax Butler

secretwerewolfexpert  asked:

two questions. first, which other ships/fandoms do you like? Second can you draw Kurama? thx!

Heyyy! Well i have quite a few though, i’ll just name some:
Gintama: Hijikata x Gintoki
One piece: Zoro x Sanji
Tiger and Bunny: Barnaby x Kotetsu
SNK: Levi x Eren
Haikyuu: Iwaizumi x Oikawa, Kageyama x Hinata
Free: Haru x Rin

Some other fandoms like

-D gray Man (i kinda like Yullen and Yualma
-Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki
-Hoozukino Reitetsu
-Fullmetal alchemist 
-kimi to boku
-Space Dandy

a lot more but i just i’ll just stick to all these hahaha..

and lastly Baby Naru and Kurama for ya!