My little closeknit group of tumblr friends;

ie, Kurosaki-Senpai, MaigonoKokoro, Jacqui, Kenni, Mandi, Daisy, Kuro, Rin, Lin/Mommy, Puraido, and Sparkle…

I imagine us all like

In a college dorm room one day

Being that weird group in the corner with all their laptops, all the junkfood, and yet the only ’ clique ’ having fun while wearing goofy pajama pants and tank tops.

Maybe the little bit of optimist in me is showing.

Also: Edited; added Puraido, Daisy, and Jacqui since I am exhausted and not ready to sleep yet and forgot on accident.

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“Ooh~!” Nagi shot up from the lounge couch of the studio, he had been getting rather bored and the presence of another living person could easily change that. “Ugh,” he sighed, “it’s only you.”  slumping back onto the couch he put on a distinct pout. More people connected with STARISH… Why did they keep popping up everywhere? It was like they were on a social media site surrounded by a fanbase of only one show where no one else dare tread out of the fear of catching whatever strange disease the fans obviously had.

How boring…

[ so much for a family ]

“Hee~eeey, Ranran~.” Happily prancing in their shared apartment, the brunette finally found the other when he slid into the livingroom; head tilted to the side before he nuzzled into the ball of fur in his arms. Ramone was such a cute addition to their ‘family’ as Reiji liked to refer to their current status. Even if a certain bassist flipped all of the possible tables whenever the older man brought up that word. Or… lovers, in fact. “Mama Ranran~” –

And there went his gigglefit. It was amusing to tease Ranmaru! Flopping next to his l o v e r, Reiji let out a happy sigh, his hand gently guiding the kitty’s paw to poke at the bassist’s cheek. “Ooouu~ nya~."