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Can I get an nsfw scenario with Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto and Ushijima? Where their s/o has them handcuffed to the bed, and they're completely under their control. Lots of orgasm denial and begging please ;>

Sorry its so long… I don’t know how to shorten stories 

Toru Oikawa

Today you wanted to spice up your sex life with Oikawa, so you decided to handcuff him to your bed railing. “_____, I can’t touch you like this,” Oikawa huffed as he watched you pull his pants down. “Well thats the point baby. I’m in control today,” you smirked as you grabbed the neck of his rod and slowly started to move your hand up and down; getting him hard. Closing his eyes, Oikawa tilted his head back as long hot breaths started to escape his lips.

Watching his reaction closely you then decided to replace your hand with your mouth and continued your motions. Slowly bobbing your head up and down, and playing with his tip, you noticed that he started to get more squirmy and started breathing faster. Usually when he get like this, it means he’s about to release anytime soon. Picking up your pace some more, you heard Oikawa let out that last breath and you quickly removed your mouth and had a tight hold on Oikawa’s rod.

“WHAT THE HELL ____!!!” Oikawa yelled as he couldn’t release. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at his reaction. He started to move more and let out a couple of curse words as he started to get frustrated.

“Toru your so cute.”

“This is not funny, please let me cum.”

“Tour your overrat-”

“I mean it!!!” Oikawa snapped, cutting you off as his breath was still fasten.

“Ask nicely,” you demanded, still holding a tight grip on his rod, but slowly moving your hand as if you were about to let go of it. Completely powerless and not trying to argue back, Oikawa gave in to your command and started begging. Happy of what you were hearing, you gave him what he wanted and finally let go off his rod, as his climax was finally released.

“Lets just do it the normal why now,” Oikawa panted as he was trying to change his breath. “Agree,” you said as you kissed him softly on the lips and released his hands.

Tetsuro Kuroo

Lately, Kuroo has been going a little overboard when it comes to taking the dominant role. And today you figured you would teach him a lesson on taking over someone. So taking matters in your own hands, while Kuroo was sleeping you handcuffed his hands to the bed rail and pulled down his boxers, since he only sleeps in his boxers and a tank top. So as Kuroo was sleeping peacefully you started fondling with his balls. You noticed that he was feeling something since soft moans were starting to escape his lips. But since you were mad at him you weren’t trying to please him to much.

Grabbing the head of his rod, you roughly started to move your hand in a fast pace. Moving you hand up and down on the neck of his rod, you noticed more moans started to come out of Kuroo’s mouth and even your name slipped out from his lips. “Are you awake idiot?” you said as you stopped your motions. Only opening one of his eyes, Kuroo tilted his head  and watched you.

“Why did you stop?” Kuroo asked, not really sure what was going on with you.

“Because I am going on your command. I will continue when I feel like continuing,” you said as you watched him close his eye again.

“Well are you going to continue soon.” Kuroo added as you started to get mad with his reactions.

“You like this kind of stuff do you,” you asked. Kuroo opening both his eyes this time and laughed at your question. He may be trying to blow off the situation he’s in, but the body never lies. You can see the little pre cum that was slipping out, after just doing little strokes. And because you been with him for a while you know how he acts when he’s getting ready to release.

“Just say the magic word,” you said as you licked the pre cum that already escaped.

“Oh baby… please just give it to me already. I am all yours,” Kuroo said as he went on and on. You really wanted to make him suffer, but who could stay mad at him, he’s basically admitting that he his your slave and wanted bad. So granting his wish, you placed you mouth on his rod and gave him the best blow of his life.

Kotaro Bokuto

You and Bokuto were already in the middle of making love, since your parents were out of town this weekend. Y’all were in the cow girl position where you were riding him as he laid down on the bed. But in the middle of your movements, you paused as a thought can into your mind. “What’s wrong?” Bokuto questioned as his words came out in mid moan. Getting from off his rod you ran to your parents and quickly came back with handcuffs and one of your fathers ties. “____, you know I’m not into that kind of stuff,” Bokuto rolled his eyes, as it felt like he wanted to go crazy, since you stop in the middle.

But you ignored what he was saying and still continued to cuff him to your bed.

“Can we just continued the way we were doing?”

“Nope, we are changing it up,” you smirked as you placed the tie over his eyes.

Bokuto hesitated as he wanted you to at least touch him again, but you weren’t doing nothing, just watching.

“____ are you still there?” as he body started to shiver. When you stop, Bokuto was already getting ready to release. Which wasn’t you initial plan to have him go through a denial, but for some reason you wanted to hear him beg for it. “I’m still here,” you said softly as he fingers started to trail his stomach. Bokuto jumped at the sudden touch, but it wasn’t exactly the touch he wanted. “_____ please.”

“Please what?”

Bokuto breathing started getting heavier. You noticed and decided to get back on top of him, but not completely sitting on his rod.

“You want me?” you asked as Bokuto quickly shook his head to answer you.

“I can’t hear you,” you teased. You can tell that Bokuto was getting a little embarrassed as you saw his blush reach his ears. But you wanted to hear him say it and even beg for it.

“_____ please, I want you so bad,” Bokuto finally moaned as a smirk came across your face. Pleased to hear his words you got back on top of him and removed the tie from his eyes. “This is what you wanted,” he smiled, slowly placing his rod back inside you and continued with your motions; as it didn’t take him long to release.

Wakatoshi Ushijima

You and Ushijima had just finished making love together and y’all were just chilling naked on the bed. Today he had decided to use handcuff on you, which made you a little mad, since he didn’t let you do it to him. But you were determined. One the side of you, Ushijima was on his phone looking through social media.

“Oh baby,” you whispered to him as you climbed on top of, placing a tender kiss on his lips, and taking his phone out of his hand and placing it by the handcuffs. Ushijima had followed along with you, not noticing that you grabbed the handcuffs. As he got ready to get back on top of you, you quickly reacted and cuffed his hands to your bed.

“_____ what did I tell you about this,” Ushijima snapped as a little blush started to come though on his face.

“Your so cute when you are embarrassed” you smiled as you started to position yourself back on his rod. Ushijima stayed quiet at he watched you carefully. Getting in a good position you slowly sat on his rod that was going deeper and deeper inside you. Ushijima quickly gotten hard again as his body started to remember your insides. But as soon as he released that first moan you quickly came back up, as his rod was completely out again.

“Really _____, we’re going to do this?” Ushijima said as he was completely hard again. You gave off a little smirk as you slowly placed his rod back into position and slowly come back down on it. Only to remove it another time. At this point Ushijima started to get frustrated as he tried to break free to pin you down.

“My love please don’t struggle,” you said as you went back down. This time you didn’t get back up and sat there for a while, squeezing on a little on his rod. Taking matters in his own hands, Ushijima started to move his hips a little, but you quickly flicked him on the nose to make him stop.

“_____ I’m done playing this game,” Ushijima huffed.

“Well I’m not… Just beg nicely and may be.”

“No, I’m serious.”

“Me too or you just want me to get up a leave you in this situation,” you teased as he waited for an response. Ushijima laid his head back, as he started to feel a build up from below. He really didn’t want to beg for something like this, but it seemed like you had got him in your complete control.

“_____ please don’t stop, continue and don’t stop,” Ushijima moaned as he looked you straight in the eye. Lust filled in his eyes as he was getting ready break. Music to your ears, you started to move your hips again as he as well was moving his. Coming to an awesome climax for the both of you.