kurookano shijima


Shijima Kurookano

Shijima likes Pokemon with sharp claws: deadly Pokemon.  No one knows how she got a hold of a fossil Pokemon.

Kouichi Aizawa

Trainers sometimes let Aizawa’s sweet demeanor trick them, and it’s a mistake they rarely recover from.  He has a clear affinity towards flying types, and he knows how to use them.

Raimei Shimizu

Raimei trains mercilessly alongside her Pokemon, and as a result she’s become an imposing challenger despite her young age.  Never, ever, underestimate her.

Raikou Shimizu

A trainer known for flamboyance, Raikou appears to select his Pokemon on random whims.  However, that does not mean he is a trainer to be trifled with.

Gau Meguro

Well known for his short temper, this trainer is never seen far behind Raikou.  The two create a formidable pair, but Gau is plenty strong on his own as well.

Kazuhiko Yukimi

It always comes as a surprise for his opponents when they realize Yukimi actually knows what he’s doing.  His fighting style may be unconventional, but it’s also astonishingly well-rounded and effective.

Tobari Kumohira

Tobari fights defensively and prefers Pokemon that don’t like traveling.  He’ll wear you down with status conditions, but he doesn’t like making Pokemon faint if he can avoid it.

Miharu Rokujou

Miharu tends to be apathetic and lazy.  However, he also possesses untold and boundless strength… if he feels like fighting.


This mysterious trainer fights using Pokemon they can relate to, hence a tendency towards dark types.  Yoite’s got a cutthroat fighting style and doesn’t seem to care how much damage they or their Pokemon suffer.