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Aw I loved that ideal date hcs, can I request the same for Kuroo, Yaku and Iwaizumi? ^^ please and thank you!


  • despite looking like a trash kitty, kuroo would love to have a study date with you
  • quite, relaxed, and he gets to read
  • plus; kisses behind books, maybe some making out breaks, reading random facts to each other, holding hands across the table
  • he 10/10 lets you wear his hoodie
  • kisses amongst the letters he could never put into words


  • beach date beach date!
  • he lives for the warm summer and ice cold drinks, and of course he packs a picnic
  • kisses that taste like raspberry lemonade and sand
  • him dunking you underwater 
  • finding sand everywhere days later and smiling at the fond memories


  • a simple walk around the botanical gardens would be the ideal
  • holding your hand and excitedly pointing out colourful flowers and beautiful plants as you walk around
  • him handing you his jacket when you get cold
  • kissing on a bench next to a pond
  • him picking a daisy from the path to put behind your ear

These boys are too sweet! I love them too much!

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here’s a fill for an ask from my personal fanfic blog, @casper-and-their-sick-fanfiction

here’s a fill for a prompt i got on my personal fanfic blog, @casper-and-their-sick-fanfiction, before i switched over here to take prompts!

this one is long overdue, but i’ve gotta be straight with you, anon: the whole “kissing to surprise/reduce panic” thing really rubs me the wrong way, so i didn’t do that part.  i know that i personally would only panic more if that happened, so that’s why it makes me uncomfortable =/  i’m sorry i couldn’t fill the prompt exactly, and hope this is okay anyway!  

- cas

WARNING: descriptions of vomit, emetophobia, and panic attacks below the cut

It had been years - at least three or four - since Kenma had thrown up.  He had a debilitating fear of doing so, and as a result, he could suppress the urge fairly well, even when the random panic attacks he got made him nauseous.  This time, however, the nausea was not lessening in the least.

Kenma squatted off to the side of the gym, a little ways away from where everyone else had just seconds ago stopped running their laps, attempting and barely managing to suppress gags.  The panic attack had come on quick this time, and very unexpectedly, seemingly entirely unprompted, but brutal as ever nonetheless.  Indeed, this one, the first one Kenma had ever had while practicing with Nekoma, seemed worse than usual.

Kuroo was by his side in an instant, and the rest of the team was in chaos as their captain tuned the rest of them out.

“Kenma,” Kuroo spoke his name softly.  “Is it okay to touch you?”

Kenma shook his head and put a hand over his mouth as his stomach muscles clenched.  He whimpered, and felt tears pricking his eyes.

“Oh no, Kitten, just breathe-“

“Kenma, don’t dieeeee!”  Lev’s shout overpowered whatever Kuroo was trying to say and scared Kenma so bad he almost lost it.  Kuroo sent Lev a killer glare that the younger boy completely missed.  The team captain was about to abandon his post by Kenma’s side when Yaku stepped in for him.

“Everybody!  Get!  Out!  Now!”

Since Yaku was mad, and Yaku was scary when he was mad, everyone listened and left the gym almost immediately.  Kuroo sighed and expressed his gratitude towards Yaku with a smile.  The other boy grinned and gave a quick thumbs up before following the rest of the team out of the gym.  He had to shove Lev out, too, blushing slightly because the younger boy had come back to wait for Yaku and make sure that he got dinner.

Meanwhile, Kuroo had turned his full attention back to Kenma.  “Hey,” he whispered.  “It will be okay, I promise.”

But Kenma was shaking his head frantically.  Kuroo knew what that meant.  He sighed, not out of frustration or impatience, but because he hated not being able to help the terrified, shaking boy in front of him.

“It will be okay,” he repeated, just to let Kenma know he was still there as he got up and quickly retrieved a small trashcan from the locker room, which he set in front of the younger boy.  At the sight of it, tears spilled from Kenma’s eyes, and his breathing became even more ragged.

“It will pass, Kenma,” Kuroo soothed.  “I promise.”

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So I have a question for you guys! Who do you guys ship with Kuroo? I have FALLEN very hard for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with Kuroo in it OMG Its the worst!!! (this mostly happened because of this blog I'M BLAMING ALL OF YOU!!!!) My faves are BoKuro, SemiKuro, TenKuro, OiKuro, KuroYaku and KuroSuga! Any favourite poly ships with him in it? (ANYTHING I just really love him in any type of ship and am really curious what you all think ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !!!)

admin amber: i ship kuroo with almost all the third years! my fave kuroo ships are bokuroaka, bokuro, ushikuro, kuroyaku, iwakuro, kuroshou, kurosuga, bokurotsuki, bokuakakurotsuki, captain’s poly, oibokuro, iwaoikuro aand oikurodai

admin jess: i love me some kuroyaku, bokukuro, and bokukuroaka

Admin Wolfie: Good ol’ Kuroken, Kuroaka, Bokukuro, Bokuakakuroken, Kurosuga, Kuroyama, n Kuroyachi

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こんにちは!  Hello!! I was wondering if you can do a senerio where Kuroo, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Bokuto, and Akaashi are head over heels for a half American half Japanese girl( she's bylanguel). Btw I love your blog!! ありがとう!

Hi! So this request stumped me for a while because I wanted to write individual scenarios like you wanted, but I just couldn’t make them different enough to really make them enjoyable. So I wrote headcanons instead, but please send me another ask if you want me to turn any of the headcanons into a scenario because I will gladly do so! I really enjoyed these headcanons, and I tried to do as much research as I could, so I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for the request!


  • First becomes friends with you out of curiosity
  • And then he becomes obsessed with American culture
  • You can barely get him to leave you alone long enough to go to class
  • He just wants to know everything
  • When he asks you out, at first it’s just a casual meeting to learn more about your life since you understand both Japanese and American cultures
  • But on the date he realizes that he actually really likes you
  • You hardly talk about your heritage at all while on the date, instead you both simply talk about what you like
  • After you start dating, he doesn’t quite lose his interest in finding out everything he can about the mix of the two cultures
  • He chills out a bit about it
  • But when he meets your family, all bets are off because he’s going to be crazy about it again (especially if your family lives in America)


  • Acts like he knows everything about every country on Earth
  • Spoiler alert: he does not
  • His first interaction with you is you correcting him about something wrong he said about America
  • He pouts for hours after that before he asks your name
  • After he finds out you’re half American, he apologizes if he accidentally offended you by being wrong
  • He looks at you just as you laugh and smile at him, insisting it’s okay
  • After seeing your smile, he’s gone
  • He’s smitten
  • He’s convinced he’s in love, and Iwaizumi has to remind him that he only just met you
  • He tries every way possible to see if you like him back
  • Every way besides asking you out
  • Finally, Iwaizumi offhandedly confesses for him
  • You were taken by surprise, but accepted nonetheless
  • He pretended like that was his plan all along, and asks you on a date
  • But the joke’s on him because you were just as smitten with him as he was with you, you had just been waiting for him to ask


  • At first he doesn’t seem too interested
  • He doesn’t really take notice of the fact that you’re half American
  • But you like to go watch his volleyball matches, and he starts to notice you there
  • And then when you start cheering for him, he really starts to notice you
  • He starts talking to you more at school instead of just a wave or a hello
  • He wants to know more about you
  • And you can tell he really likes you
  • But it still takes him nearly six months to ask you out because he’s convinced that you’re not actually interested in him
  • He’s extremely formal when he asks you out and it makes you laugh
  • Until he gets completely flustered by you kissing his cheek
  • And then he’s convinced that you like him back and everything is smooth sailing from there


  • He’s just like Kuroo, except 10 times more excited
  • He wants to know what it’s like being half American and half Japanese because any combination of two cultures is the coolest thing ever to him
  • He’s super interested in your life, almost to the point of annoyance
  • He wants to be able to take part in your combined culture, so you try to tell him everything about how your family is different from his all-Japanese one
  • On your birthday, he’s out of control
  • He wants to make sure he hits every tradition like it’s a checklist
  • It takes two days, but honestly you just love watching him be that excited
  • He’s very respectful of all the cultural differences between his upbringing and yours
  • He just really loves sharing both of your cultures with you


  • Like Iwaizumi, it’s not a big deal for him
  • The coolest thing to him is the fact that you’re bilingual
  • He’s always wanted to learn another language, and the fact that you’re fluent in both Japanese and English is really cool to him
  • He knows a fair amount of English, but he’s nowhere close to fluent
  • He gets closer to you by asking you to help him with English
  • And he talks to you a lot about being bilingual
  • Eventually, you all stop talking about languages and start talking about other things when you realize he doesn’t need help at all in English (he passes English class with high marks every time)
  • He asks you out after a month
  • He doesn’t really see much reason to wait any longer than that
  • After that, he doesn’t mention your half American heritage very much at all
  • Except for the occasional question about English
  • Because he still thinks being bilingual is the coolest thing ever

Some initial outfit/armor concepts for my fantasy Haikyuu au HERE ヽ(・∀・)ノ they’re all going to change later probably heh.

It was pretty challenging trying to get all of them to fit their mascot (or in this case, their kingdom’s deity haha), so it’s a bit sloppy but at least it was fun to do. And I totally copped out on drawing their head gear lol. I’ll do one for the royals next though (oikawa/goshiki/kenma/kageyama).

Some quick background on the designs below the cut, if you’re interested:

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