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Title: NekoNekoXConcerto
Artist: Omega2-D [ follow them on twitter!]
Pairings: Kuroken
Download: [ dropbox

Translation by: @sweetily and @yoeko
Edit by:
@mgqr [ LJ ]
Proofread by: @helwolves
Raw Provided by: pinkbunny

sorry for the long wait!!!!!
thank you to sweetily and yoeko for the translation, mgqr for editing, helwolves for proofreading and pinkbunny for the raws!!!!! 


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데님집에서 그린 쿠로아카쿠로 무용수 쿠로오랑...|| 덕됴 [@dio_carpe]
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spaceboy-lance  asked:

Do you have any kurotsukkiyama hc??? I love your blog!


  • Kuroo and Yamaguchi take turns teasing Tsukki
    • Between Kuroo’s smug knowing teases and Yamaguchi’s “innocent” comments, Tsukki is utterly defenceless
  • Omg because of this post http://imagineyourot3.tumblr.com/post/147004171732/for-happy-trenchcoated-impala-imagine-one
    • Tsukki gets hiccups, cue him looking like he’d rather die than grt help
    • Yamaguchi tells Tsukki to hold his breath and Kuroo tries to kiss him until he stops. It does not, of course, work
    • Kuroo continues to come up with stupid ideas like trying his new lines on Tsukki
    • Yamaguchi actually tries to help by suggesting that Tsukki drink some water
    • But Kuroo ruins it all by making the two of them laugh until Yamaguchi also gets the hiccups
    • Tsukki eventually stops, and he tells Yamaguchi to recite the english alphabet very calmly
  • Yamaguchi’s always the first one to fall asleep, and he falls asleep like a brick
    • On more than one occasion EACH, Kuroo and Tsukki has caught the other just staring at Yamaguchi’s sleeping face
    • If Kuroo’s the one who tries to wake Yamaguchi up, there’s a 89% chance that Kuroo’s gonna go back into bed and cuddle with Yamaguchi
    • And then Tsukki comes in and either forces the two of them to get up, or submits to both of their pouts and slots back under the covers with them
  • (dude the three of them as a 3-person team when playing volleyball is like, the ultimate block team)
  • Kuroo and Tsukki shares a lot of lounge wear, cause they’re so freaking tall and stuff
    • when Yamaguchi accidentally grabs one of their shirts or pants, he puts them on anyway cause they just look long on him
    • Tsukki and Kuroo doesn’t tell him, but they find it ridiculously hot when Yamaguchi wears their clothes
    • Yamaguchi totally knows though
    • cue him surprising Tsukki and Kuroo by wearing one of their shirts. nothing but the shirt.

we also had a really cute post on them from here!

anonymous asked:

Hello! Is it okay if i get Kuroo, Lev and Akaashi headcanons in trying to court a s/o who doesn't trust/love ppl as much due to the fact they have been manipulated by other ppl and dunt rlly wanna love n get heartbroken again.


  • He understands where you’re coming from, he’s never experienced it, but he can definitely sympathize.
  • He genuinely hates the people who messed with your head.
  • He slowly has you open up to him, small steps whether its allowing him to kiss you or allowing him to take you out to lunch. 
  • He always tells you how much you mean to him and how grateful he is to have you in his life. 
  • Doesn’t push you to do things, if you want to do it, then he’ll be just as happy. 
  • Writes you love letters because he knows you enjoy them.


  • Doesn’t really understand the feeling, Lev has never really dated anyone. 
  • When he meets you, he just knows you would be the person he wants to marry in the future. 
  • Respects that you need time to adapt and accept, so he doesn’t force you into being with him or doing things with him.
  • He accustoms to your pace in the relationship.
  • You had never seen anyone get so angry at the past boyfriends who really broke your heart until you saw Lev get angry. 
  • He is very gentle with you, treats you like a thin piece of glass that is set on a spike. 


  • Relationships with Akaashi are just naturally slow, but because he knows your past, its even slower. 
  • It would take him months to kiss you, he understands that you’re hurt from the past and doesn’t want it to seem like he’s only there for your body and stuff.
  • Tries to always compliment you on everything you do.
  • Supports the pace you wish to go at with him, and doesn’t complain about it. 
  • Lets your mind free, he doesn’t force you to do anything, or be anyone, its you and only you.
  • Always talks about you when you’re with him and even when you’re not with him, he loves telling people are great you are and how much he loves you. 

anonymous asked:

kuroken hcs?

ah yess pardon me if these are a little cat-centric :3c

  • kenma is selectively cuddly. one second he plops down and curls up in kuroo’s lap, the next he prefers to keep some space between them, although he likes to touch kuroo in some way – like putting just his feet in his lap – almost 24/7 
  • despite this kenma is very affectionate with kuroo and likes to mess with his hair, since kuroo can’t seem to get it under control. one day he put his hair five pig tails of varying size
  • kuroo unabashedly went to school like that and everyone complimented kenma’s handiwork (”it’s such an improvement over the way he usually wears it!”)
  • kenma’s favorite way to play is with his back against kuroo’s chest so kuroo can watch what he’s doing, and sometimes kenma will explain his strategies to kuroo, who makes a pleasant rumbling sound that’s a lot like purring
  • one thing kenma never gets sick of is having his hair played with. kuroo knows how to braid, and when kenma’s hair gets longer, he learns how to fishtail. sometimes he weaves wildflowers into the braids. kuroo is so proud of himself and he sends pictures to everyone he knows
  • a headcanon that i will die with is that kenma does that kneading thing
  • kuroo knows all of kenma’s passwords (kenma tells him, of course, because trust has never been an issue) and doesnt need to write them down or ask kenma to tell him again. he just remembers
  • kuroo tamps down his extroversion a lot so that he doesnt make kenma uncomfortable or put him in awkward situations, but kenma also accommodates and makes an effort to go out with kuroo sometimes
  • but both of them actually prefer to stay in and play video games or sleep or watch a show; they’re low maintenance people who dont need to be out and about all the time
  • kuroo loves manga and he recommends some to kenma, who gets kuroo into video games, so sometimes they swap for a day or two, or do the same thing together. they are invested in each other’s pastimes and never spoil anything bc that’s a sin why would you do that
  • they bicker about where to eat so they have to write places down on colored popsicle sticks and draw them from a jar when they come to an impasse. they always end up drawing at least six times 
  • kenma has ridiculous upper body strength and can lift kuroo up for a few seconds

imma stop bc im all out of steam. thank you for the ask :*

anonymous asked:

Kuroo with a really, really bad stomach flu, pretty please?

There was something excessively frightening in seeing Kuroo as sick as he was. It boiled down, for the most part, to the fact that Kuroo had a strong immune system and a stronger personality. Not much could knock him down, and even so he was never down for long. Kuroo was the sort of animated person who seemed to radiate an energy that never dimmed, even in the lowest pits of his own health.

Yaku was sure he’d never seen Kuroo this sick before; sick enough to leave him sobbing, fever-ridden and clutching their toilet bowl like a drowning man in a flood, while his stomach forced itself inside out.

“It’s okay,” he soothed, patting his boyfriend’s back from where he kneeled at his side. Kuroo responded with a thin whimper, curling in on himself further and pressing his forehead against the toilet seat.

“It’s not,” he gasped, and gave a sharp hiccup. “It’s really… not… it hurts so much…”

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anonymous asked:

May I please request a really fluffy scenario for Kuroo and his wife who is pregnant? Maybe some belly kisses/touches/talks because he's so excited to be a dad, thank you!

The day Kuroo found out he was going to be a dad was possibly the best day of his life. Eight months later, you had a baby girl sitting in your stomach and a cute belly to match, one that Kuroo was sooooo damn proud of. 

You were laying down and Kuroo had just gotten home from work, not even bothering to get up, you stayed laying down. Soon, Kuroo walked into the room.
“Tadaima, ____-chan.” he said. Walking towards you, you were expecting a kiss, instead he went straight for your stomach.
“Real nice.” you said, bluntly. 
“Oh, my bad.” he said grabbing your forehead and kissing it. Going right back to your belly, he started to rub it and instantly, he and you felt a kick.
“Ah shit.” you groaned. “That was a good one.” you said, grinding your teeth. 
Kuroo widened his eyes and started to kiss your belly. “Atta girl.” he said. 

“You only have a month or so left, my love. We still don’t know what to name you.” Kuroo cooed
“I cant wait to meet you, you’re going to be daddies little princess and I’m going to spoil you rotten even if mommy complains, because you’re going to be daddies little princess and what you say goes.” he continued, looking at you and winking. You couldn’t help but rub the back of Kuroo’s neck and smile at him. “God, he’s going to be a great dad.” you thought grinning. 

“You’re going to be the cutest little thing and uncle Kai is going to babysit you along with uncle Yaku. Maybe I’ll even let that monster Lev play with you too.” he continued. 
“And of course uncle Kenma too.” he said kissing your belly. 

“But no boys. You’re not allowed to have a boyfriend until you’re married.” he demanded

“But how–” you started saying.

“Exactly. No boyfriend to start with, no marriage and no boyfriend at all.” he said, smirking. 

Rubbing your stomach, you whispered “Its okay, mommy has your back when you start dating.” Making Kuroo look at you in betrayal. 

“Traitor.” he said

“Happens.” you said bring his face to yours, kissing him.