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please tell us about your love for kuroo

OHOHOHOHO IM GLAD U ASKED. R u ready tho?!?!?? Because Kuroo is most definitely the love of my life. I would die for him ngl.
The epitome of the perfect being. A king, a God??? Idk but he’s most definitely the dorkiest.

His personality is so ahdehuhdbehskks u know? He’s such a caring savage. He cares so much it hurts my heart. He is definitely always that kind. Always looking out for others and helping them improve. Kuroo is the kid that listens to u when ur talking while others are trying to talk over u or just aren’t even listening.

Have u taken a look at him? That face is The ∞/10!!! His hair is a mess and I adore it so much. I relate to his hair on a personal level lmao. HAVE U SEEN THOSE SMIRKS THO LIKE DAYUM BOI CHILL TF OUT.

He’s also intelligent AF. Pls talk smarty to me @ Kuroo. Roast me using scientific language @ Kuroo.

Wtf this kid is smart, good looking, and has a great personality? Sign me the fuck up brooo!!!!! The complete package 💖💖💖

LMAOOOO u asked for this my good friend. This is so disorganized and I basically just wrote whatever came to mind 1st 😜

Hide Behind - Kuroo Tersurou

//hhhh cute short fluff thing i randomly wrote


You watched your boyfriend tower about you as you walked behind him, gently holding his hand.

You were shy and short, the complete opposite of him. Why he chose you instead of the girls who were outgoing and normal height, you had no idea.

But he chose you and you gratefully chose him back. At events like these you were thankful for Kuroo, he knew people and he did the talking for you. Plus, he rode all the rides at the fair with you.

“______, are you gonna hide back there forever?” You heard Kurro’s voice, “Nobody can see you!”

“That’s the point,” You replied, “I like it better this way.”

“You’re like a little Hide Behind,” He smile, turning to face you, leaning down closer to your face, “Hidden from everyone, but some lucky people catch a glimpse.”

You leaned up slightly and kisses his nose, “It’s not my fault my boyfriend is a tower.”

Kurro’s face lit up, “I know how to fix this! Are you afraid of heights?”

“No…Kurro what are you thinking?” You asked.

Before you could say anything he swooped you up and you were sitting on his shoulders, hands tightly gripped his hair.

“Tetsurou!” You screeched, gaining a few dirty glares.

“Now everyone can see you! And you can see everyone else!” He slightly looked up at you and smiled.

You hated to admit it, but the world did look pretty amazing from up here.

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