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  • would be super, super excited
  • probably suggests taking up ballroom dancing because he wants to see you in a long dress
  • wants to be spooned and would be very pouty about it
  • probably wants to compare finger and leg lengths
  • would be very proud of the few centimetres/inches that he has over you
  • teases you for still being shorter than him


  • many failed piggy-back rides because Ushiwaka is awkward and forgets your height sometimes
  • him following you around moaning about how you can’t join the team
  • “You would be a great addition honestly..”
  • is a bit scared that you would appear taller than him
  • “How about you wear those heels? They look way nice in my opinion…”
  • is what he would constantly say, blushing heavily


  • suggests dressing up as a abnormally tall ghost for Halloween
  • finds a way to sneak your height into any conversation
  • “You can reach the box yourself though.. Why don’t you get it?”
  • those comments are always followed by a sheepish smile
  • he knows you can smack him hard, so boy is careful
  • leaning his chin onto your shoulder because it’s comfortable


  • he sometimes get teased for having a girlfriend who’s almost as tall as him but he always says that he loves everything about you, including your height
  • classmates sometimes make fun of because you’re so tall 
  • but Bokuto always appears as your knight in shining armour and protects you, hissing at them
  • he wouldn’t mind you seeming taller than him at all
  • he’d actually really enjoy showing you off to others
  • he wouldn’t also care about you height when he swoops you off the grounds and carries you bridal style
  • even if you tell him to put you down, he insists to carry you and runs around with you in his arms since it makes him feel strong and like a knight ✨✨


  • hates it so much when you wear heels since you’re already taller than him
  • feels the need to always be tough and buff around you
  • when he actually finds out that you like him being a soft, he is very surprised
  • whenever he comes with his height difference talk from time to time, you’d always suggest him to wear heels
  • one day he actually would
  • he put on the brightest red stilettos with the highest heel
  • he’d laugh as he saw your wide eyes and do a little pose
  • while strutting around the room, one of the heels snaps and Daichi falls to the ground
  • “This event will go unmentioned”
  • he never wore heels again


  • yells “Long legs!!” enthusiastically every time you wear something that reveals your legs
  • even though he’s slightly shorter, you will always be sitting on his lap and not the other way around
  • really digs the “bad girl” look on you and always suggests going for that 
  • you two would pull off the “double trouble” couple look very well
  • but in reality, you’re a giggling mess
  • would refuse to get any help with getting things from higher places


  • he hides behind you constantly because he feels safe then
  • you fixing his hair since you’re the only one who can reach
  • in exchange Asahi braids your hair
  • a lot because he’s actually really good at it
  • Asahi sometimes feels useless because you can reach high places without his help
  • he wants you to rely on him more often with things like that
  • whenever you feel insecure about your height, wishing that you were smaller at times, Asahi would tell you that you’re perfect the way you are
  • during those times of insecurity, he would make you flowercrowns and tell you that you are so pretty in his eyes 


  • probably low-key intimidated because he is Smol™
  • he may be smol but he will kick ass if someone hurts you
  • still demands to always be the big spoon
  • Suga probably has stand on his tiptoes to kiss his girlfriend
  • whenever you would tease him about his height, he’d pull your face closer to his and kiss you on the lips leaving you dumbfounded
  • lots of forehead kisses that he’d love
  • he’d love it when you lie in his lap, so that he can stroke your hair and pat your head and finally feel taller;;


  • never-ending teasing where he would hold an object above your head out of your reach
  • would keep on teasing until he gets smacked e.e
  • him being terrified that you would grow taller than him
  • hence the constant height checkings
  • “I’m still 2,6cm taller!!”
  • wouldn’t mind you wearing heels however
  • whenever your height is pointed out at some events, he comes back with condescending remarks
  • “As you can see, she’s wearing heels, of course she would be taller than me then”
  • is what he would say most, raising an eyebrow

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Can we get more single dad Kuroo with baby Keiji? I am in desperate need of the cute fluff

Alright I am here to deliver

“Can Bokuto-san read me a bed time story?” Keiji asked as Kuroo tucked him in to bed. He paused when Keiji asked this.

“Bokuto isn’t even here right now. I can read you one though.” Kuroo asked, continuing.

Keiji made a face and hugged his owl to his chest, “Bokuto-san does it better Papa.”

Kuroo gasped and clutched his heart, “Betrayed?! By my own son!! How cruel. That’s it, I’m going to have to get rid of Bokuto.”

Keiji giggled and shook his head, “No, Papa, no! I like Bokuto-san please don’t get rid of him.”

Kuroo hummed and tapped his chin as if he were thinking deeply, “I have one condition though.”

Keiji nodded, “Anything Papa.”

“I’m the one who gets to read you a bed time story. I even had one picked out!” Kuroo held up a Dr. Seuss book and Keiji pouted.

“Fine…” He mumbled and settled against the pillows, Kuroo lying down beside him and beginning to read. Keiji often fell asleep halfway through the stories and this time was no different, face pressed into Kuroo’s shoulder and black hair already wild just like his father’s.

The Friendly Ghost (Halloween Prompt #1)

A/N: As promised these 7 days that will lead us to this year’s Halloween, I will fill my blog with the Halloween prompts you guys sent me, one fic every day! Starting with the Kuroyachi one omg I squeealed when I got this in my inbox! I ship them so haaardd hehe, hope you like it!

Prompt: Person B was unaware of how upset Person A would get when scared on purpose and is now trying their hardest to comfort Person A. 

Word Count: 1075

“Okay guys.. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for…” Kuroo whispered, and for a moment he turned his phone around so he could smile at the camera, even though you could barely see his face.

“Sweet little Yachi’s about to come home soon. She has no idea her sister has let me into her house, and now I’m hiding in her room.” Kuroo paused and tightened the white sheet around him before he climbed into Yachi’s closet. He turned the camera towards his face again and chuckled.

“I’m now in her closet. With Halloween on our doorstep it’s only suitable I scare her properly, right?” Kuroo let out another chuckle and then held his breath, waiting in excitement and anticipation.

Yachi’s sister had left a short while ago, so he was the only one in here. He had turned off the power so the lights weren’t working, and everything was looking good for his little plan. This being their first Halloween together, it just had to be perfect like this.

“Oh! There she is,” Kuroo whispered, and with one hand he pulled the sheet better over him while he held his phone with the other. He could hear Yachi’s humming voice as she walked around the house, and her sounds of confusion when the light wasn’t working.

“Huh? Hmm…” The sound of Yachi’s footsteps came closer, and Kuroo’s heart jumped a little when the door to her bedroom opened, where he was hiding.

“Moment of truth…” he whispered, barely audible, and he listened how Yachi walked around her bed, trying out all the lights.

“BOOOO!” Kuroo jumped out of the closet, spreading his arms enthusiastically and failing to point the camera at Yachi, but her loud screams of terror were definitely hearable.

“AAAhhh!!!” Yachi spun around, but white ghost- Kuroo wrapped his arms around her petite body from behind and hugged her tightly while crying out “boohooooo!”. Yachi jumped and struggled in shock, her arms trembling as she weakly tried to pry Kuroo’s arms off.

“It’s only meeeee!” Kuroo said, throwing off the sheet and aiming the camera at his petrified girlfriend.

“Hey, wasn’t I good? You were toootally sca-woooa!” Kuroo gulped when Yachi snatched his phone from him and stopped the recording.

“T-that was not funny! You scared me to death!” she cried, and she handed him back his phone, stomped towards her bed and fell down on it, her arms wrapping around her pillow in which she buried her head.

“You’re so meaaaan!” she whined, and Kuroo stood there pathetically with hanging shoulders. Oh… Well, making her cry wasn’t his intention. He hesitated before joining her on her bed, sitting beside her and putting a comforting hand on her back to rub her soothingly.

“Were you scared?” he asked, and Yachi nodded, still with her face pressed into her pillow.

“But I’m not a mean ghost,” Kuroo said, and a smirk appeared on his face when he thought of a new plan.

“I’m a friendly ghost!” he sang, and he bent over her and grabbed both her sides, squeezing them teasingly. Yachi squeaked and immediately pulled up her legs, curling into a ball with her arms still wrapped around her pillow.

“And the friendly ghost loooves to tickle!” Kuroo taunted, and he started to wiggle his fingers. Yachi burst out in a hysterical giggle fit, clenching the pillow while her legs kicked softly.

“Eeehehee no stahahap!” she giggled, rolling onto her back but unable to escape Kuroo’s tickly fingers.

“Gotcha nowww!” Kuroo snatched the pillow away from her and attacked Yachi’s tummy with merciless tickles. Yachi’s giggles increased and soon she was howling and making the cutest sounds.

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