Daily YYH Headcanons

Kurama still looks for Kuronue reborn even though he knows the chances of actually meeting him again are slim to none. Subconsciously sending out energy wavelengths only he would recognize sometimes…perhaps when he dreams too…

Would he recognize his energy? Would he recognize him? Would he accept the person he’s become? Would it be an impossible thing to hope for? Would seeing him again put a strain on the life he’s built or would they meld to each other even with completely different lives than either of them had anticipated? I mean Kuronue would have changed too…

[This one was made for a Valentine’s Day event. I had to choose a main theme. The options were: The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and The Beauty and the Beast and it was mandatory to include chocolate in one way or another. After some doodling and sketching, this idea was the one I liked the most. I’m not into Disney stuff so I worked with what I had in hand by the time (even if not all of their tales are original from them) which tanslates into “a tissue box with Disney princesses printed on it” as a guide and the very basic info I know about it.

Anyway, the main idea here is, our lovely thieves sneaked their way into the fancy-pants party just to see what they could steal. After ballroom dancing for a while, they managed to get their hands on the kingdom’s most valuable treasure: Chocolate, the tastiest in the whole world. They fleed with their little loot and proceeded to eat it comfortably once they were far away from the castle.

All of this was, of course, in an Alternate Universe. Not exactly in YYH’s and definitely not in TB&TB’s either as you can see.]