hehe, i’ve been wanting to do this since a long time ago. it’s so fun~! ^//w//^

* the POP style is a parody based on Roy Lichtenstein’s famous artwork titled “Drowning Girl”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Roy_Lichtenstein_Drowning_Girl.jpg

*for the Doraemon panel, i use one of Suneo’s expressions for reference ^^

*for the Old Manga panel, i use the style reference from Rose of Versailles/ Berusaiyu no Bara by Riyoko Ikeda ^^

as for the “Shonen” one is a scene from a yankii manga, coz i’m a sucker for yankii mangas like Crows & Worst lol 8)

sorry i suck for drawing the realistic one lol :‘DD

hope you enjoy! ^//w//^

Meme template in English: http://chibi-child-kiki.deviantart.com/art/PIXIV-style-meme-186673406

Original meme from Pixiv:
i tried to link it from another person in DA who got the link but apparently it’s already deleted? pls let me know if you happen to know the Pixiv link so i can post it here :)


CHANCES ARE - PART 1 : http://kuroneko3132.tumblr.com/post/97875117183/chances-are-part-1-chances-are-part-2

CHANCES ARE - PART 2 : you are reading it :)


 Hi everyone! :D

A year ago, I drew a Gerita doujin for a Hetalia Anthology with Aphin123 and forevermedhok and sold them. Now a year had passed and I really, really wish to share this one doujin (my part) to the Hetalia fandom :) 

But of course I thank you very much for those who bought this doujin from us a year ago and support us! :)

I will break this into two parts since there are more than 10 pages. Hope you all enjoy it! :D

Sorry if some of the drawings look bad, coz well, deadline lol XD

Enjoy! :DDD

Francis with Britannia angel’s wand @ Brighton Pier, UK.

i think Francis kept it in his jacket while carrying a drunk Iggy home, and forgot to return it to him :D

actually i didn’t really draw the background. The background is taken from Christophe Maé’s ‘La Rumeur’ videoclip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HXFoOw5mBs&ob=av2e

It’s taken from min 1.03 of the clip. I screencapped the scene, traced the background for lineart and recolor it : ) i think it’s a very beautiful clip :’D

drew this for a scene from my friend’s RP (kyokyo866.deviantart.com). Here’s the RP part from which the scene is from:

Germany scowled, knowing that his former patient was experiencing something obviously caused by the shock therapy. He could probably feel imaginary electrodes traveling through his veins at that very moment …..

“Italy, you’re safe right now. You’re not going to be hurt.” Germany said, bringing Italy’s hand up and pressing his lips gently against it, a soft blush crossing his cheeks at the gesture he dared to make. “Say my name, Italy …. You will not be hurt. Not tonight.”

Italy’s muscles twitched under his flesh, not used to soft touches after the weeks of rough treatment. Am i safe?… am I safe?…. “..Ger….German…y?…” Italy mumbled softly, the last part coming out more of a squeak than a letter. His fingers curled more into themselves in instinct, still bracing himself for a feeling that wasn’t going to come until the next morning… which his body didn’t
let on to knowing that was the case to his dismay.

Germany smiled ever so slightly, glad that he was at least getting a little bit through. “Yes …. I’m here. You’re not going to be hurt tonight, I promise.” Germany kissed the back of Italy’s hand again, shifting a bit closer to the young man. “I’m going to get you out of here ….. I don’t know how, but I will. This isn’t going to last forever. Just ….” the psychiatrist looked down at Italy’s thin digits, brow furrowed with worry. “Just …. don’t forget what you are ….. Hold onto it just a little longer … understand?”