CHANCES ARE - PART 1 : http://kuroneko3132.tumblr.com/post/97875117183/chances-are-part-1-chances-are-part-2

CHANCES ARE - PART 2 : you are reading it :)


 Hi everyone! :D

A year ago, I drew a Gerita doujin for a Hetalia Anthology with Aphin123 and forevermedhok and sold them. Now a year had passed and I really, really wish to share this one doujin (my part) to the Hetalia fandom :) 

But of course I thank you very much for those who bought this doujin from us a year ago and support us! :)

I will break this into two parts since there are more than 10 pages. Hope you all enjoy it! :D

Sorry if some of the drawings look bad, coz well, deadline lol XD

Enjoy! :DDD


Wolf Children Onoda & Manami

inspired by this post -> http://kuroneko3132.tumblr.com/post/103741196193/we-need-to-talk-about-grande-road-ep-8

this idea has bugged me for 2 weeks, so i finally did something about it….i’m a trash….

6 / 10

23 pages. please read it from LEFT to RIGHT.

OMG finally i can finish this doujin in time. gosh.. i’m so pessimist at first since college stuff is never end. but the miracle is happen in the end.. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

super-super thanks for kuroneko3132. she helping me in translating the dialog into english. ahahahaha my english is suck.. i’m not gomen. o)–(

sorry for the sketchy quality, to be honest.., i will do the inking, toning, and put more BG later… and i will print this doujin and sell it in comifuro event on this september. the print edition will include omake R-18, coloring pages, 4 koma, and some guest art. so stay tuned for further information. (⊙ω⊙)b

ah and also i’m so sooorry for my ugly handwriting and small text. hahaha i’m in a rush and i don’t have a time to use photoshop (and too lazy lol). please click full view when you read it. ^^;


Happy MidoTaka day. ❤⃛

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2015 IS FINALLY COMING TO A CLOSE. I actually havent had this blog for a full year yet, but people are following me from before when i was fuckin–mages, and im also making so many wonderful new friends ;v; So, i thought i’d make a follow forever. You all are wonderful and i hope 2016 treats you better than anything!

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Happy new year everyone!