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OMG these cuties are so adorable >3<  Personally I think this duo fight the most among other ships because they’re so different and mayuzumi is kinda rude and kuroko is too straightforward about it but I also can see them have a close relationship indirectly and well they look like they seem to care for each other a lot like siblings but both didn’t tell each other about it i can only see kuroko being tsundere the most with mayuzumi

Okay, who the fuck do you think you are?  You can’t be stealing my place and looking so damn good doing it.  Who give you the right to be that pretty and take my place?  This is unacceptable.  Why do you have to be hot too?  Lord have mercy, this is unacceptable
—  Kuroko’s thoughts when Mayuzumi appears and does the thing

Physical affection came slowly for Mayuzumi, starting with ‘accidental’ brushing of hands and elbows when they were walking. Kuroko would merely look at him with an unreadable expression (which was becoming readable, Mayuzumi noticed when he understood the slight tilt of his eyebrows) and turn back to the front. Once Mayuzumi understood the set of his shoulders he understood that Kuroko was annoyed.

It was when they were in MajiBa and Kuroko had ordered them vanilla milkshakes (Mayuzumi grimaced but still accepted) that he really looked hurt, even by normal human standards. He had asked that Mayuzumi sit next to him, but, after a noncommittal gesture, refused and instead sat in front of Kuroko. After battling with himself for several minutes during which an uncomfortable silence arose, Mayuzumi smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry. I don’t find it easy to show any kind of… affection.”

Kuroko’s answer was quiet and reassuring, “No need to worry, Mayuzumi-senpai,” but still distant enough that Mayuzumi could feel him slipping away.

“I don’t know why it’s so difficult now. I mean, I’ve had relationships and it’s never been all that hard.” It was spilling out, now, and Kuroko was watching him with the interest a scientist might have when observing a particularly odd species. “I could just hold their hands and kiss them and whatever, but I wasn’t in love with them.” He froze when his words caught up to his brain and knowledge settled in which he hadn’t even started taking into account. He caught Kuroko’s light eyes, which weren’t expressionless, and the light blush on his pale cheeks gave him the courage to continue. “But I kind of am with you. So you’ll have to get used to me not being able to put myself on the line all that much.”

He sighed, and Mayuzumi was somehow aware that Kuroko hadn’t been breathing since his confession. “I would have thought that with your extensive knowledge of light novels you would have come up with a better way to confess.” He sipped at his drink placidly as Mayuzumi glowered.

“Hey, it’s different when it actually happens in reality.”

Stopping when Kuroko smiled, he looked at the table and thought that he would rather like to be laid out dead on top of it instead of suffering this humiliation. “I know it is.”

Kuroko was blushing too, and had joined him in looking at the table rather than at his companion. “When you say that you know…”

“I feel the same.” Mayuzumi let out a long breath and didn’t pull away when Kuroko took his hand, instead focussing on the roughness of his palm and the strength of his grip. “Is this okay?” he asked, meeting Mayuzumi’s eyes.

“Not quite enough.” Mayuzumi reached forwards, cupping his cheek and enjoying the way his cheeks darkened again when he stood up.

“We’re in public,” he complained.

“It’s not as if anyone will take notice of us.”

A slightly impish smile was hovering around Kuroko’s lips before he kissed Mayuzumi, the grip on his hand tightening as he brushed the corner of Mayuzumi’s mouth before—finally—a real kiss which tore the breath from him. This, also, was something the light novels hadn’t prepared him for, the teasing pressure and gentle touch of the tip of his tongue. He almost pulled away to demand how Kuroko had learnt to kiss like that, but suspected that fell under the category of ‘creepy, possessive boyfriend’, which he didn’t want to lay claim to.

Because he knew it would make him laugh (at least inside), when they separated he pulled a face. “You taste like vanilla.”

Kuroko did laugh, slightly giddily, which put such a light-hearted expression on his face that Mayuzumi could only gaze at him for a few moments. “So do you,” he said, sitting back down and picking up his drink again.

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Mayu and 8 please! (I ship AkaMayu (OTP), KuroMayu, and literally just anything bottom!Mayu ... but ... um ... whoever you ship him with ... um I don't what to put here ... at all ... um ... I adore your art ... ) I'm sorry.

Hi anon! Thank youu~ >w<! And since I also ship Mayu with those two, I said to myself, “why not ot3?” So here you have~ (Although I don’t know if this counts as AkaMayuKuro ‘cause I failed at trying to think in bottom!Mayu outside the nsfw/lol).

• Special thanks to strangulated-harlot!! She was the one who gave me this idea along with lots of other amazing headcanons of these three~♥ *hugs tight*

“Mmm… This is really interesting.”